Judgement day will be deadline day

slaven-bilic-west-ham-manager-press-conference_3364517I can understand all the frustration and growing anger but as the ” sack the board…sack Bilic… sack the tea lady…sack ANYBODY” cries start let’s just take a hold.

Yes, we appear to be missing out on targets either because players don’t want to leave their clubs (Giroud), the board won’t pay the first price asked  or the personal terms initially demanded by players, or in the case of Inehacho because the manager has decided ultimately he doesn’t fancy a player.

Now let me make something crystal clear from the start: “If we don’t sign a couple of decent strikers this summer the West Ham board and Bilic will deserve everything that comes their way from all of us.

The promises have been made, the money is available and if they fail it will be an epic failure of horrendous proportions.

That said, nobody has yet failed. What’s actually happened – with the exception of Iheanacho and Giroud – is that media inspired targets have apparently fallen by the wayside either because, like Modeste, his club wanted around £40 million for a 29 year old, or the player hasn’t fancied joining West Ham for his own reasons.

The game’s not over – it’s only just started and whilst shouting from the sidelines is all well and good – it’s a bit like the Saturay afternoon game without the action – we need to wait and make our judgements once any, all or no business (hugely unlikely) has or hasn’t been done.

We are all frustrated  but this is not the time for a final judgement – that can come when the window closes!


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65 comments on “Judgement day will be deadline day

  1. Why bother to put any ryhme or reason to it.The baying mob have no interest they only want to wail and holler.Most of the time about media fuelled rubbish that has no credibility to begin with.

  2. Haha I have a vision of millions of ani depressed henpecked 1 cell organisms waiting at the bottom of the white tower in isengard sharpening their pitchforks 🙂 all displaying the BFS tattoo on their nuts 🙂

    • Ha ha ha I can see your one of the people who cal! Themselves a proper fan because your so patient and coo! Laz sorry but other fans want things moving and you should respect there opinion rather than making childish comments

      • So your comment about me being up rads butt wasnt childish then hammerkip.Pot and kettle if ever i seen it.Rather disgusting as well but you play by your own rules it seems.

        • Ha ha at last he bites…I take it back my apology s thanks stanyou just won me 30quid lol

          • You just made youreself sound like a right **** kip having. Pop at Stan about a bet which everyone with a braincell can see you were cought out by his reply and felt embarrassed , it happens to single cell organisms who hold CBBC conversations with imaginary friends they bet £ 30 , add on top of that a sense of humour to rival a sloth , but the best crack is the tattoo on you’re nut ain’t water soluble , everyone ,s gonna see you coming and hide their sweets 🙂 ive just had a bet with Harvey , he’s chomping at the carrot 🙂 can’t wait he said 🙂 🙂

  3. “a couple of decent strikers”………pre Stadium move a few decent strikers would be acceptable, unfortunately we are now trying to mix with the big boys, decent isnt good enough, we need two top drawer proven goalscorers if we are to stay in touch with top 10 in League. I fear our owners are like Del Boy and Rodney walking into the stock exchange and thinking they can compete!

    • Matty you talk a lot more sense than the fully paid up politburo members who toe the party line no matter what or (more accurately) what doesn’t happen.

  4. We shouldn’t have to wait til deadline day. 3 games before then in August that we need to have signed a striker for a potential 9 points from those games is a huge difference in our final position as seen in the past two seasons. A striker must be signed before Man Utd game.

    • Of course a striker should be signed well before then, so he can meet his team mates and gel with the team! No rocket science, deadline day is for panic buyers only.

  5. Of course it’s true that we cannot make a final comment on this window until it closes, but like all fans, I want to see us get some deals over the line – the earlier the better (especially as that means a chance to gel with your team-mates).
    It’s also true that most of us follow “the news” on various sites, most of which we know is speculation, but when we’re told not to believe everything we read, that must include this site.
    When it comes down to it, all of us interested enough to read/post online, want the team to do better. We’re on the same side for the same side.
    Sniping doesn’t help.

  6. Im not one of the baying mob. BUT wait till deadline day. I dont think so. Panic buying causes crap over inflated priced players. Id like to say i also like Bilic. .
    The players we wanted should of been listed long before the end of last season!
    Buy ASAP to gel players together not lastminute.com and pray for the best.
    Also scum agents are gonna see we are desperate and again ee get tucked up.
    The names linked early doors were so SELL SEASON TICKETS lead this soon to be 49 yr old scoffed as ive seen it all before.

    • Very true panic buys rarely work. And having players in to join training makes such a difference and we need more than just a striker.so work on those in btwn time. Ospina for a good low fee GK. CB and left winger, I like Helder Costa for that we were keen on him last summer and has been brilliant at Wolves. Hood on both wings with a good left foot

  7. Well said I agree. But we can go after other players we need in mean time. Like Ospina proven premier GK at 28 younger than our lot and has won FA cups and top 4 finishes. We looked at Hart top expensive Ospina last year can be got for around £3.2m. And a football director would make sense Bilic can do I alone although he might like too.
    It is also seeing Everton Bournemouth and even Huddersfield who have bought Good players and are kicking on.
    Let’s be honest I miss the Boylen

  8. With new signings the more of our preseason they see the better, they need time as Markro said to gel with their team mates especially as they are unlikely to be British nationals possibly people that none of the players have ever heard of let alone the supporters, fingers crossed the board pull something quality out of the bag, I agree with the sentiment Hugh that we cant judge until the window closes and I say again I am glad that the club is staying schtum although the fact they have hung Bilic out to dry over Iheanacho might suggest all is not harmonious between the board and Bilic with regard to transfer targets.

  9. So the selling of Valencia and Feghouli for vastly less than their actual value is ok then? #mugs #clowns #laughingstock

  10. Loads of wages off the books and not a lot getting on the books . Looks like the perfect scenario in preparation to hang up the ” for sale ” sign .
    Sorry if that sounds harsh but , it makes me wonder where exactly we are headed .

  11. Personally I don’t agree ..you want the players bedded in not after a few games it makes no sence .. I would say more but a lot of fans on here call you hysterical if ur not Happy with the time we are wasting …Rather than put ur own view across won’t mention names but they know… Everyone is allowed there opinion

    • Well if everyone is allowed their opinion then they can call you hysterical then cant they if its their opinion or will you accuse them of being up other users arses?????

    • Can you repeat that , Hammerkip ; but in English .
      No , I’m sorry , it’s just that I don’t understand exactly what you are trying to say . Forgive me .

  12. Yep I agree .

  13. Honestly!!! I do believe that the modern day football fan is a spoilt little brat that stamps their feet and sulks when things don’t happen the way they want… grow the **** up.

  14. Oh dear, too frequently the posts on here are more about the posters than the article.

    • Seems to me instults and name calling are par for the course…. opinions are frowned upon – seems very cliquey here, with an exclusive group that doesn’t welcome new members, prefering to hurl abuse by belittling those who’s comments and ideas don’t fit in with their own narrow views.

      • New members?? Dont make me laugh..most of you on here now will have been on here before with other names.I normally find the fans who appear and start with the cliquey bull within in a day or two are normally here to ruffle feathers from other forums and you know exactly what you are doing.

        • Well I’ve only been posting here myself for a couple of weeks after having been a long time reader of the site. I’ve started posting because things seem to be going the same way, if not worse than the last transfer window and while I’m not hysterical or indeed personal in my comments I have noticed that certain posters do seem to gang up in their support for each others comments, believing their comments are the only ones worth listening to.

          • Most sites are like that vor, little or larger cliques to my mind there is a lot less of that on this site than others but you are right in the sense like minded people will tend to group together just human nature and not necessarilly site specific.

          • Lol VOR & theres me thinking you only came here to give us lessons in how to use to,too & two 😀
            How to win friends & influence people by being a smart ass giving spelling lessons 😂😂

          • Hahahahaha my oh my do stop me laughing.Vor isnt used to others disagreeing with him and his cuddlie buddies.If they do the users who have ban authority get rid of them.

            All you need do is say I agree VOR,I agree Russ,I agree Dan,I agree HH & you are in.

            Users who can ban other users now that is a joke!!!

      • 👍👌

        • hammerkip you used to post on West HamTill I Die and even that morbid lot got bored of your negativity.Says it all really,maybe its you not the users of various sites.

  15. Hang on a minute here not a single one of the strikers you want have left their parent club or gone to another club.If we are not ment to go for these targets then who?

    If we were missing players like giroud hernadez batshuayi because they had gone to another team then fair enough but none have yet.

  16. See it’s all fun and games on here 😀 And you thought the rabid dogs were bad eh Hugh 😂😂

    • 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Never thought I’d see the day when C+H started morphing into WHTID with the constant moaning about bleeding everything 😆 What’s next pop up adverts for pampers and Tena pants 😃😃

        • I have cracked it GW.Whatever anyone says on here now i will just say “Good Point”.Cant go wrong then can i 😂😂
          Love,peace & harmony 😆

  17. Well whatever anybody thinks we need something to happen and we need it sooner than later . Opinions and thoughts written down on the Forum are difficult to write and even harder to interpret . A lot of miss understanding goes on . The only thing , and the most important thing we all have in common is our love and concern for our Team & Club . People say silly things from time to time but we are all entitled to . It’s our Club . When I see that we heading ( or think we are ) in the wrong direction it is a real heartfelt opinion .
    Not being sure about the Board , Manager , Stadium and our future are all part and parcel of the worries we share . What I can’t abide , is being lied to . Never could and never will .

    • Kevin all you need to do is relax a little bit, have a beer or two in the sun and wait to see what happens 😀 No point blowing a bleeding gasket every time a rumour comes out pal 😂😂

  18. Hahaha….its the same **** just a different season…

    As always we will not get the big names we seem to think we will get, for some reason they arent attracted to us, we will get trumped by every other club that also goes for them.
    We will end up with a couple of past it has beens from umbongland that nobody really knows anything about except some utoob vids and then they wont perform at season start as they still need (insert any no. from 3 – 12 months here ___) to bed in and adjust to the EPL…hahaha, people just dont get it…we will go nowhere whilst the the Two Ronnies own us..

    .”The Next Level” oh jeez take me to A & E to get my sides stiched up, theyre splitting from laughing so much..

  19. Rugby, boxing cricket, great day of sport.
    i think some of you lot on here need to get out more.
    Still the one good thing through all this, it seems my anti board stance is no longer the minority. so i can now sit back and enjoy the comments.

    • I was out on the p*ss & watched all of it Nige.British Lions,Test Match,T20.Quality days sport 😉
      Lol you sad lad,you need to get out more rather than trawling our sites for anti board comments 😂😂

    • So you would rather we had a **** transfer window so fans got on the owners backs and you can enjoy the comments than we have a productive transfer window and our team benefits.

      • don’t think i said that, personally ill wait for the season to start and support those wearing the shirt and not worry who we sign.
        Now if that makes me a cock, then i am a big cock.
        your music is **** as well ;0)

        • I had enough of slagging off the board when Hippo Head was in charge.I cant be arsed to go through it all over again.My indifference too them hasnt changed but i dont need to mention it every day 😁

  20. It’s hard to take those names after washing powers seriously 😉 lol

  21. Named*

  22. Completely disagree with this article. We’re now into the 3rd window of knowing we need a top drawer striker. Once again we’re scrabbling around, underbidding and with nothing lined up.

    Judgement Day frankly has passed (and did so just under 12 months ago), but who lines up in the number 9 position away at United will determine Just how painfully out of depth our recruitment team are.
    Short odds are I suspect either Antonio, Ayew, or an unknown South American.
    Sullivan is either incompetent or a charlatan, and not getting Defoe in looks more and more ridiculous.

  23. We all want some players brought in asap, but it is only the beginning of 2 months of dealing, so not worth crying…. yet !
    I think we will have some players by end July, and hopefully they are of the right quality.
    We are in catch 22, because we can’t attract the best players until we are better established as a top team, and we can’t do that until we attract much better players.

    • By the way, that means it will be a slower process than some of our supporters want it to be. Some were dum enough to think that a new stadium meant champions league within 12 months. aaaahhhh bless…. For me I just need to see progress each year, and so after last years debacle, I am waiting patiently and very cooly.

    • Are you serious? have not not seen lessen teams signing better players than us already this window? Take off your claret and blue tinted specticles and trying thinking for yourself.

  24. Any improvement on last season would be welcomed whole heartedly ., sleeps .
    I can’t see how Gray would improve matters though . We seem to be forever digging out the cheap deals . 140k/wk for one player is too much though imo . The dressing room would be unsettled unless you raise the wages generally . That’s hard for West Ham .
    Anyway , the general consensus seems to be wait untill the end of July . Ok , so let’s wait .

  25. Was this post forum about West Ham…. Confused?

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