Huge celebrations after the historic verdict is announced

Huge celebrations after the historic verdict is announced

I hope you won’t think this is not the place to write about Hillsborough because we are all fans and human beings who should crave after truth and justice and …it could have been us!

From the moment I watched the tragic events unfold on TV at the 1989 FA Cup Final I knew – absolutely knew – something was wrong -badly, badly wrong.

Now, after all the years of waiting the ’96 , their families, friends, relatives and a great great city received what should have been granted so long again – JUSTICE.

A jury handed down the historic verdict yesterday that the 96  who never came home, of which 38 teenagers or younger, were unlawfully killed.

They were crushed inside those Leppings Lane cages due to catastrophic policing, then allowed to die while officers and other emergency services looked on.

Later came the appalling behaviour from the South Yorkshire police, ably abetted by the horrifying excuse for a comic – The Sun.

Today the awful awful rag refused to include the biggest news story of the day on its front page whilst the rest of us celebrated a fabulous victory for the people by the people. No words of mine can express the disgust I feel towards that vile red top.

Liverpool born Brian Reade, a top writer on the Mirror puts it like this in today’s paper:

“All they ever wanted was the correct words on their loved ones’ death certificates.

All these families fought for during 27 long, hard years, with every ounce of energy and love in them, and in the face of relentless kicks in the teeth, was that most basic of human rights.

And, as their gasps of disbelief and sobs of joy echoed around a specially-built Warrington court-room at the jury’s verdicts, they finally achieved it.”

It’s a truly historic moment and I’m sure every right minded Iron will want us to send our love and goodwill to all those involved in this long long battle which should have been entirely unneccessary.

Congratulations guys – thrilled for every one of you




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  1. Couldn’t agree more. Well said Hugh!

  2. + 42.

    For me, this is a most wonderful piece in a Season of excellent articles.

    Thank you, Hugh. 🙂

  3. The fans pushing down the tunnel should also accept that they were also to blame. I get the feeling that the outcome of Hillsborough has just gone from one extreme of blame the fans to another extreme of blame the police. Both played their unfortunate part in this disaster. I also disagree with the verdict of unlawful killing. I believe they were accidental deaths.

    • Are you for real?
      One of the most comprehensive inquests in British history has just come to its conclusion of unlawful killing. But you think it was accidental deaths!
      How can the fans be blamed?
      They was led into that central overcrowded pen by the POLICE, the sides of the terrace was half empty!
      RIP 96 innocent fans

  4. Too many fans trying to push through limited turnstiles without tickets and the police / stewards failed to control the situation ,, result !! Disaster .
    The blame is equally shared in my opinion . Accidental deaths Yes , but they were avoidable. Officials , fans and police should share the blame equally .
    We can’t bring them back and I feel very sad for the Families which suffered tragic loss .
    Looking to aim blame to or take blame away from is irevelant .. IT HAPPENED , SADLY .

    • read the facts;
      23 Turnstiles for 24,200 Liverpool supporters at the leppings lane end.
      60 Turnstiles for 29,800 Nottingham Forest supporters at the opposite end of the stadium.
      The fans without tickets has already been exposed as a police lie.
      “In a landmark decision jurors at the inquests into the tragedy ruled the actions of supporters in no way led to the deaths of 96 fans on the Leppings Lane terraces.

      The decision – which underlined the findings of the 2012 Hillsborough Independent Panel report – finally brings to an end 27 years of accusations waged against Reds fans on the day.

      Question seven of the 14 the jury were tasked with answering asked: Was there any behaviour on the part of the football supporters which caused or contributed to the dangerous situation at the Leppings Lane turnstiles?
      The jury said no.”

      • Haha,that’s it Mikey,you come over here & put people in there places,lol.Incredible what rubbish some people post.It’s like having a world full of Banjos 😀 😀

  5. Kevin are you sure you’ve read all the relevant details of this case? I honestly think that if you had you would never have made such a stupid and down right ignorant comment such as this.

  6. Sadly biased and blinkered people are not exclusive to any club. We also have our share. Thankfully most of ours are pretty fair.

  7. Old git if a definite decision to take an action leads to deaths then it is not accidental. FFS it was all so avoidable with some common sense.If it was one of yours you would be outraged and spitting fire. Now you’re just talking crap.

    • …and you’re talking out of your backside. The police opened the gates and the crowd ran in and were pushing like hell to get into the ground. Two separate parties each making a huge mistake. Liverpool fans were doing the same thing last season at Stamford Bridge and you would think that they of all people would have learned a lesson.

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