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Juve ready to sell Zaza but want a fortune

zazaJuventus want £25 million for Simone Zaza but West Ham are reluctant to do a permanent deal for the Italy international.

The Hammers have been lined with the player by his father who is quoted in the national media tonight as saying: ‘West Ham are a solution we’d appreciate and represent something more concrete.

‘We’ll have to see what Juventus do and expect news soon. We are taking London into serious consideration as his next destination. Simone still has four years on his contract and would happily remain in Turin to give his contribution.

‘Juventus don’t want to sell Simone to a direct rival. Milan, Napoli and Roma would be the options, we’ll see what happens.’ ”

However, ClaretandHugh has learned this evening that a deal to bring the player to The London Stadium is a distant possibiity at this stage with the club only interested in “taking a look” at Zaza first via a loan deal.

We were told by our top source: “We’d love a loan to have a look at him, but that’s not on offer from the Italians who have asked for £25 million.

“We can’t see him in those sort of terms particularly as the player wants personal terms of £100k a week so we are some way away.”

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

25 comments on “Juve ready to sell Zaza but want a fortune

  1. Not for me ? The biscuit bloke would be more of a better prospect , and cheaper . But bony is the one on loan !! IMO .

  2. Not worth more then £15 million and I would not pay that for a player that’s no better then Sak.
    For Christ sake sit down with Sak talk sensible money £50K per week with bonuses for goals over 15 in the league not cups,Take or leave it 3 year contract no more pat rises,
    If he says no sell him,
    Sell Valencia buy a right sided defender with the money and take Bony on loan or another Forward,
    Take AC to one side and put the future to him,

    • Sakho should be fit after the international break ? Him and calleri both have pace and on the big pitch would literally run riot ! I can’t see him being sold any time soon , we haven’t got no one better in !! Bony on loan will see us forward or another loan , buying would be tempting fate , could you imagine paying 25 million and they get crocked .? Doesn’t bear thinking about.?

  3. Our board love a loan signing to take a look at them first.I can’t work out if it is a brilliant cunning baldrick plan or they are just tight as a ducks ar*e 🙂

  4. Go with the last comment Rad our Daves do like to feel they got a bargain,they must really have sleepless night every time bambi goes sick,
    He will never leave Matte and all those lovely ladies to come here,we have been trying to sign him for 2 years his agent is using us to get him a pay rise just like Bacca,
    Must hold my hands up Wilson was not very impressive Sun
    But still better then Biggins

    • Matte has vanished,i think he must be on a beach somewhere on holiday admiring the figas.Maybe he has gone to Sicily to see Conkerpot lol 🙂

      • Or polpot ? No body has heard from him since being on the beach with bacca and his Columbian agent ?
        Hope he didn’t go to Cambodia instead of Columbia !! Thats close to N/Korea ! If he ends up on a beach there the tan from radiation fallout is second to none ! And for 5 dollar the figas can pick a dime up doing the splits ?

    • I’ll go with that bubs !! Zaza is definatly doing a balddick ? Lol

  5. They will probably play him as RB any way or try him in goal,
    Surprised we have not put Adrien in as a forward by now he knows where the net is and like a little dribble,

  6. Think of a number and double it! That’s how european clubs see us.I’m sure Zaza and his dad would love to come to E.London for £100,000 a week,especially as he’s a bit part player at Juve.Not for me I’m afraid,if we’re gonna spend that sort of money I’d rather see Bony,loan or permanent.

  7. Just seen seen this on Sky.Great news..


    West Ham youngster Reece Burke has signed a new four-year contract.

    The 19-year-old defender has penned a deal until 2020, having made nearly 50 first-team appearances.

  8. Very good news about Burke.He is going to be a very good defender imho.

  9. I think Bilic has reserved that for the bard bubs if comments by Bilic are to go by ?
    It seems its still in the mans thinking ??
    Hope not ? Just get the janmaart geezer and make feghouli force Antonio out of his position!! Not ?

  10. According to what’s put out by the insider ! Sakho will be ready in a few more weeks so why do we even need anyone, ? against City we should have Valencia, Callieri and Fletcher, even if we get Bony he can’t play against them, then it’s the International break and after that Sakho should be ready……so why add Bony ? …either Carroll is out longer(what a shocker) or Sakho will never play for us again, because otherwise we will have Carroll, Valencia, Sakho, Callieri , Fletcher and possibly Bony…..makes no sense to me.

  11. Carroll injured,Sakho,is he going to play for us again? Who knows.Valencia,its a bit like waiting for the Viagra to kick in but all you get left with is a limp on.That only leaves two kids.Yeah it sounds like we have an shed load of forward options but the truth is we fecking dont .Btw I want to point out I have never tried Viagra it was just a description of Valencia haha 😀

  12. I know someone on this site who doesn’t need Viagra everytime they talk about Antonio.He seems to give them a real stiffy Lol

  13. Still can’t understand any hammer fan saying we are all covered up front and putting Biggins Valencia down as an asset,he is a liability not to been seen as cover for anything,
    We have Calleri,Fletcher and Martinez Fit
    Sak a couple of games yet,
    Ayew 6 weeks if we are lucky
    AC sicknote 6 weeks then another 6 weeks for the next injury then 8 weeks when he sneezed then 6 weeks with piles from sitting around all day,
    Lemon dud Biggins Valencia should be in therapy for 3 months until he get his head straight,yes he is fit but his mind is not on the game,when he dribbles he watches his feet all the time great players know where the ball is,he runs into people instead of around them,this week he had his first shot on goal,
    I know I am not helping but he has lost his confidence when playing for us but when he plays international football he finds the net,
    Slav needs to take him out of the action get a shrink to work with him,

  14. You can’t fault him for trying his heart out bubs but he is shot away isnt he.No confidence at all.I have just been watching your local team Valencia bubs.It doesn’t look like they are getting any better haha 😉

  15. I agree that we do not need another striker, a rb is much more important. I believe Antonio could play up front and would make a terrific front man in an emergency so there is no need for an additional striker – a waste of money. Imagine a front 4 of Lanzini, Payet, Feghouli and Antonio. I see nothing wrong with this. B is our priority.

  16. No I can’t imagine that as a front 4.Actually I think you have swigged too much meths but each to their own both with the choice of players & choice of bevarage lol

  17. Wouldn’t touch Zaza with a barge pole. Lazy, fat, thinks too much of himself and can’t take the pressure (what a penalty that was!)
    Apart from that he wears his head upside-down.

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