Juve winger report seem bizarre


Juve winger on radar

Very Low RaterThe latest news coming out of the London Stadium is that we are now interested in the flying winger, Samuel Iling-Junior from Juventus.

To be honest this doesn’t sound as though if has much in it given the positions we need to fill are essentially in midfield and central defence. And given we have Jarrod Bowen on that side it seems a bizarre suggestion at this stage.

Our Supremo’s hand may be hovering over the panic button as we are the only Premier League club without a signing for the first team, and no doubt the pressure is building with the season just over two weeks away.

According to various reports we have made multiple bids for as many as EIGHT players in the last 48 hours or so and will accept the first that are offered.

I don’t want to go into this again as it has been more than adequately covered on CandH, but Tim Steidten has a very different recruitment philosophy to manager David Moyes. And sadly, it shows!

Our new target left Chelsea in 2020 to join Juventus, we have apparently offered £17m to bring him to the London Stadium. The 19 year old has already made 18 appearances for the Italian giants despite his tender age and has scored one goal.

At first glance, he does not seem to be the sort of player that Moyes would go after, so I suggest that this might be the work of Tim Steidten

Well, we will and wait and see.

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  • Clive says:

    What does it matter who finds them? I don’t care if they’re scouted by Steidten, Moyes, Moyes son, Newman, Karen Brady’s husband, David Sullivan, one of Sullivan sons, or Sullivans dollybird frankly as long as they’re good signings. Luckily David Moyes has the final say because he had to work with them and if he thinks they’re ok then great let’s go ahead and sign them.

    • So any of your suggested candidates are ok. Good Lord, you don’t want a bloke who has been very successful and has great contacts to support a nloke who still has to sign anybody!

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