Karren’s Sam interview raises a smile

BradyKarren Brady waded into the great Sam Allardyce debate leaving the distinct impression that all is at peace in the West Ham world.

I read her words with interest and was asked by a family member as I did so why a huge smile had spread across my face.

The vice chairman said: “We have to see what he wants to do going forwards. That’s how these things work.

“What sort of money does he want to invest in players? What positions does he want? Those are the conversation you always have, typically, at the end of the season and we make an arrangement going forwards. That’s still our intention.”

She gave us a bit of spin about it having been a good season ( yeah of course!) and that his relationship with the board was good adding:“I think we have, as a board, always made it clear that we sit down with Sam at the end of every season.”

Now let’s get to it! We all know this board will not be moved from making an end of season decision even if they perhaps should.

Given that they have to support the manager because, hey, there are four games left and several millions available in league positioning.

This is not a love affair between the manager or anyone above – it’s all about dough and anything other than a public show of support is not to be expected.

I’d only be surprised if Karren had said: “We know it’s all over and we’ll let you know that next month. Given the circumstances they have imposed on themselves her statement was entirely predictable.

The manager hunt continues and whilst on that I’m off to have a few quid on Marcelo Bielsa!


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14 comments on “Karren’s Sam interview raises a smile

  1. Spot on Hugh,she’s towing the club line publicly. However she’s always stayed very loyal to Sam so I hope if she carries on standing his ground she does the honourable thing and heads off into the sunset with Sam hand in hand.

  2. Hugh you put a tenner on us last week are you chasing money ?
    What’s the odds on BFS not getting a new contract ?
    Put your money where it’s safe a win against OPR 2-1,
    Noble to score first goal,
    I agree Hugh and no I am not brown nosing you can do nothing but sit with a silly grin when you know what’s coming,
    We seem to be short this week of players coming out in support of his highness

  3. What a nice, tender and romantic photo…
    If not Klopp, Marcelo for next manager!


  4. Hope you win a few quid on Bielsa would be a very interesting last season at the Boleyn 🙂

  5. I heard Karren Brady on the Alan Brazil show and what struck me was her saying that it also depended if BFS was happy with West Ham and that some of the negativity had affected him.

    I’ve never thought of BFS as being sensitive to the fans opinion of him – but pigs might fly and maybe he’ll walk away – there’s talk of him going to Fulham and that might suit him and his particular ‘talents’.

  6. Haha,he is the one who said he never reads the media & has a hide as thick as a rhino once.Im getting a bit concerned about Lady Brady & her solid stance behind Sam for while now.I hope Samuel isnt being a naughty boy 😉

  7. Boring! Exactly what you would expect her to trot out.Wouldnt have expected anything else.Suprised Talksh*t even bothered getting her on,they were hardly going to get an exclusive where they,just some predictable party line statements that achieve nothing other than tell us what we already new.Guess someone somewhere on websites will be able to feed off it for days evaluating ever last word she said & try & come up with some hidden meaning,lol, 😉

  8. Ray you need a tonic your suffering from depression have word with Mrs Ray see what you can find out about her stats cabinet,
    Or sit and imagine Tyson in his mankini,
    There that snapped you out of it I predict we are going to win this week just to bring some excitement to Wetpants.com,

  9. The whole situation has become a farce and Brady spinning a line like this just adds to the embarrassment.

  10. deja vu again hes getting another contract….

  11. Hugh, what do you think about this situation? I don’t Know if you can express Your opinion. Thanks.

  12. Do you mean about Sams contract or this picture of him & Lady Brady looking a little bit too affectionate towards eachother? 😀

  13. Ahagah… The first one rads… I perfectly know Sam is a latin lover… Lol

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