Keep Allardyce says Hurst

sir-geoff-hurst-pic-getty-image-1-32014322Sir Geoff Hurst has claimed that Sam Allardyce should be tied down to a new contract.

Speaking in the national press, the former striker said: “There are a section of fans that say he should go, but overall he has done a good job. This year we have looked comfortable and could finish just outside the top six or seven.

“There’s been a vast improvement in terms of results and performances. “I just don’t think it’s the right thing to do to get a new manager. I don’t know why they are not talking to him.There’s still time for them to look at it.

“The final eight games could influence the owners, but Sam should be the manager next year regardless. “You need continuity. Next season is the year before they move into the Olympic Stadium, so they need to be careful.”



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24 comments on “Keep Allardyce says Hurst

  1. Youre not alone sir geoff. Your view is shared by most other ex west ham players and other pros and pundits, as well as any fans with a modicum of intelligence or common sense of course.

    • You really are a pretentious jerk Lifeis.You think anyone who doesnt like Sam is lacking intelligence.Wow,it must be great to be Stephen Hawkins twin like you.A man with the mensa score of 180+.A**hole.

    • Agreed bruv well said,but expect a torrent of abuse from the minors. C.O.Y.I.

    • Lucky you,you must have a great life if you know so many ex-footballers & pundits.You must have your finger right on the pulse of this issue Lifeissobeautiful.Btw i went to uni & did well out of it.I dont like Sams football & want him out.But thanks for letting me know i lack intelligence!! you are just conkerpot back again for sure.

    • You’re too smart for me, Professor Lifesso; If possibile, I’d like taking private lessons of football and life when you are not busy with Sam. Thanks

  2. Totally agree. It is not good that a substantial number of fans are against him, but so are a substantial number in favour of keeping him. He has delivered on every target set him so far, and the style of play has improved. I’m with Sir Geoff.

  3. Is the tide finally turning,T.M. your out of touch.I reckon your a spud. C.O.Y.I.

    • Haha,yeah sure,keep praising your messiah of the great football philosphy.You are the ones out of touch if you think Sams style of football is decent & will attract new fans to the OS.I guess if the chairmen get rid of him they are lacking intelligence & common sense as well.

    • We will see Baddow,one statement by Hurst changes nothing.I think you are the spud sent to let us endure another two seasons of allardyces rubbish 😉

  4. Do we really have so many sheep following this club that Sir Geoff says something & it has to be right.He is a human being the same as everyone else,it is just his opinion.It neither makes it right or wrong.I dont care whether Sam stays or goes but the simple fact is he can take us no further.People want him to stay just to tread water.Why cant our fans not realize that he is this supreme manager who had us right in the cart last season & has given us relgation form football ever since christmas.He really isnt this amazing manager some seem to see him as.But if he stays he does,if he goes he does.But West Ham United wont suddenly fall to pieces if he goes.

  5. @Beautiful: All those ex pros need to hold onto their club privileges! Get it!?

  6. With all due respect to Hurst, he’s not the Messiah. If this kind of rubbish amuses him, I’m really happy for him. I want much more than this.

  7. Trus me what many say privately is a whole lit different to the public posing

    • Yep is a fact Hugh,my mates dad does some scouting,was last at west brom.He tells a whole different story about what people actually think of sams beliefs in football & his style of play.It is like the masons in football,very few ex pros critisise their own.Its just a kinda of unwritten rule.

  8. all these ex players & pundits piping up about keeping the messiah or as we know him by bfs do they have to pay for there tickets for games or are they freebies as im sure if they paid there views would be different & sorry Sir Geoff although you were one of the greatest strikers to grace our club I dont reckon you would of fitted in with sam’s hoofballl you would of wanted a transfer out

  9. I really do however find it quite incredible that people have so much faith in a guy who had us right in the relegation mix last year & is overseeing another half of this season with definate relegation form.Im really not sure that it is the ones who want to keep him are the people with common sense or intelligence as this lifeissobeautiful says.Im sure if Allardyce was manager of any other club they would say he was lucky to be in a job after last season & the rapid descent we have had recently.

  10. #SamOut #ElLocoIn

  11. One thing i struggle to get grips with when it comes to Sam is the fact that why if he is such a superb manager as some would have us believe has he at 60 & with years of managing never won a trophy?never managed a big club? Never even come into the reckoning when it comes to big clubs.Surely if he is such a superb manager he would have at least one piece of tin in his cabinet of significance.In the last season & 2/3rds with have lost 30 of 68 games.I really dont see how he gets away with such belief in him.His record as a manager is low key at best.Must have a very good agent & publicist i guess!

  12. That long ball from bobby to geoff 1966 cup final. If ony ginge could launch one like that up to our striker.

    • That is really trying to find the smallest crumb on the table to justify Sams longball if you want to compare one ball from Moore to Hurst with anything Collins delivers to Carrol(when fit).If i may say so.

  13. Clue might be that the name is Collins not Moore 😉

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