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Keep calm and don’t panic


keep-calm-and-support-west-ham-210West Ham fans appear to have become increasingly frustrated with the lack of transfer business so far this summer but in reality, we are no different from the majority our Premier League rivals.

London teams Chelsea, Spurs and Crystal Palace have yet to sign a single player this summer while Arsenal have one just free transfer inbound player of Sead Kolasinac to match the Hammers one free transfer of  Pablo Zabaleta.

Equally, our London rivals have been busy releasing, selling players or sending them out on loan to free their decks such like West Ham. Arsenal have released four players and sent one out on loan,  Chelsea have sold four, released two and sent one out on loan, Palace have released eleven players while Spurs have released one player.

Outside of London, Burnley, Southampton, Swansea City and West Brom have yet to sign a single player this transfer window while Newcastle, Bournemouth, Huddersfield, Manchester United and Stoke City can only match West Ham with one inbound player apiece.

Of the remainder, Liverpool, Watford, Manchester City, Leicester and Everton can boast they have signed two players each far with Brighton out in front on their own signing three players.

Keep calm and don’t panic, we are all in the same situation.

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  • noaksey1 says:

    Might I just point out that myself and plenty of other Hammer fans are not the slightest bit interested what other clubs are doing.What us fans are concerned about,and its a mirror of last summer,is that we keep naming players that are our “main” targets and we take so long over everything that some one else comes in,think “yeh that guy West Ham are trying to get is a good player,we can get him before they make a move.

    • The Demon says:

      Or even ‘if we just offer the asking price while Sullivan fannies around trying to contrive some cut-price, semi-loan, quasi-discount repayment scheme, the player will come here not West Ham.’

    • WHU Fan says:

      Yea – I don’t quite agree with the “plenty of other Hammers fan are not the slightest bit interested in what other clubs are doing.”

      We are….

      • Travis says:

        Sure we are,as are fans from other clubs who monitor their rivals activity.What a ludicrous comment.

  • wjo1974 says:

    Well said Sean, this knee jerk reaction from a lot of fans is getting embarrassing. Player transfers are like moving house and there is a chain, once the top or bottom of the chain deal it’s all systems go but the likes of Arsenal and Chelsea are not going to part with players until they are sure they have their targets in the bag and as much as it really pains me to say it we are not feeding at the top table, we are picking up those that are either on their way up and unproven or are on their way down with age or something to prove by moving on. We can go out and buy from abroad but again they are unknown quantities within the Prem so again the club will get slated by half of us and applauded by the other as everyone has their own views and opinions which is what makes the off season so frustrating but also so addictive.

  • Radai Lama says:

    Whats not to be calm about.Its only the loonie tunes get themselves in a summer sweat on.Bunch of headcases.Ffs go on holiday,enjoy the sun,go on the beer.Why the bloody hell spend all summer sh*tting your pants about who we might or might not sign😂😂

  • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    Speaking personally I am not bothered at all that we haven’t signed anyone other than Zab so far, I am not necessarily confident that we will get any of our primary targets but even in the worst case scenario where we didn’t sign another player all window I think our best bet to buy high quality players is in January where they might be out of favour with their clubs for whatever reason and need to get playing to be in the international mix. A lot has been said about us tying up Payet early in the window and it was early but I am sure that was mid July or later when it actually went through. What I would hate is if we just bought some average players to be seen to buying someone, just wait and when the players become available pay the market rate including their salaries imho anyway…

  • kevin says:

    Without reading the above comments ; things ain’t as cut & dried as you want us to believe , Hugh . If you make the right offer to satisfy all , then the sighning is made . Not interested in greedy Agents and or players . There have been so many player names bandied about it makes your head spin .
    Don’t panic ; I hear you cry : next week is July with a couple of tours arranged to gel the squad ,,,, what squad ? . Six weeks untill the new season starts in earnest .
    All I can see is last minute deals being struck for below par players . Please , West Ham , prove me wrong . It looks like a Dads Army right now with scant regard to our youngsters .
    Loan them out and loan in others , Older ; what a load of tosh . Keep saying it’s early doors but , the doors are closing with every passing day . We are in no panic to be a Top Four or a Top Six club . All we want is a dynamic team with a future whilst staying in the Premiership . Our time will come but , it takes steady building and waiting for the cement to dry . Not building with frost bitten cement that will only crack after a season .
    And please ; whoever is using my posts to further Thier own , please stop it . Dream up your own material ffs .

  • Stevo says:

    Thats a stupid comment about not caring about other teams noaksey.Its other clubs business that will dictate some of ours in all probablity.And other teams business will also have a bearing on the season so of course other teams business is there to keep an eye on or are you just one of these summer panic merchants who loves to scream about no signings!

  • Ludos Gloves says:

    What are you gibbering on about this time Kevin?!?!? Who the eff would use any of your posts to further their own.You talk goobledygook.Reading your comments is like trying to decipher a conversation between R2D2 and the clangers….

    • kevin says:

      Keep seeing my metaphors being used by official writers . No more than that , Ludos Gloves . Happens a lot . Don’t often see you on here ,,, so what promoted your post .
      In fact I don’t recall ever seeing you on here …
      Have you come on here to talk about West Ham , or , have a pop at me ?? . Go away .

  • Hammer24 says:

    The problem is that KB said they were not into BarrowBoy Trading. We really need someone like a Football man to do our negotiations for us. Cause all we have at the moment is a market trader.

  • kevin says:

    If clubs like Palace can steal a March on us , then , really you have to ask what the heck is going on . Palace with a supermarket at one end and a pub at the other ,,, please .
    Looks like a title for a film ” Sullivan’s Gold ” .
    Buying on the cheap and pursuing cheap deals will see us wither and then cries for a change of Manager come February . You can’t build a solid house out of leggo blocks .
    But plastic seems the way to go with this Board . The Davids have done us and themselves proud and we should all be happy with our lot but , we most definitely ain’t . Promise after promise is getting us absolutely nowhere . Rejects from bigger clubs who are growing further and further away seems a strange recruitment statedgy to me . We should be getting players that will surprise the Premiership and put the fear of God up Thier backsides instead
    Of chasing known failures that may or not have a decent season .
    Some fans moan about Carroll and others . Last season this web page was full of Noble haters . ( why is actually beyond me ) . I say let our injured players loose onto the Premiership battlefield and then judge . But when we judge we must consider the Manager.
    For me , Giroud is not worth a shout . Wiltshire I can handle . , he had a full season last term and looks fit . All we need is more movement around the park instead of playing nonsense defensive football and relying on counter attacks with slow players .
    What’s his name again , plays for Middlesbrough, would be perfect . The only sighning I see as worth the effort . Somebody to dribbl

  • Ludos Gloves says:

    Wilshire did not have a full season.He couldnt even get in to bournemouths team all the time and then suffered a break in his leg so how the eff is he fit.Where do you get your info from Kevin.
    Palace have only just got a manager as it stands let alone stealing a march on us..more gobbledygook..

  • kevin says:

    According to reports he was fit , but not being picked . Read the news .

  • Radai Lama says:

    You keep seeing your metaphors used by official writers Kev.Im confused,what do you mean?

  • Stan The Man says:

    Always calm me young Sean.If others want to spend the summer months picking the bones out of media gossip thats their look out.Why get hot under the collar because of rubbish written in the press.Its hard to believe a piece in a newspaper in the morning can cause all out delirium amongst some of our brethren for the whole of the day.
    I dont know if it is naivety,being gulliable or pure unadulterated

  • JRS says:

    Wilshere was injured again last season and Bournemouth are staying away. But going for Ake which is a talented young prospect. The last thing we need is someone plagued with injuries and that has been Wilshere for years. And I’d played at Bournemouth but wants a game changer and he would be costly. I would like us to get over the buy back and sign Kelechi. Bc yes Man City could buy him back for £10m more which is what they want. But with the money they spend in a year or two they will have 2 top strikers like they do now so they might not buy him back. But in btnw then he would do a lot for us. And Henry O for the price the Belgium League as always been a decent step up to the Premier league and he can play CF or either wing who is another present and future player. And Moses apparently gave him a great recommendations for us. So let’s lock up a CF and then move on and if Giroud is still available later he is proven and 2 strikers we need at least.
    And give Cullen a shot before spending more money to back up Kouyate and Obiang with Noble there and Cullen and Quina. Quina got into first team training great. And Slav was out on surgery and players gone so this week it should hopefully kick on

  • Roytheboy says:

    The owners have done well selling plastic

  • mooro66uk says:

    Why do people keep saying that the club are naming their main targets? Who have they named? Has anyone heard them say anything at all? No! Thankfully they seem to have learned from last season and are keeping refreshingly schtum.

  • Travis says:

    They have named no one it is a figment of the bouncing off walls fans imaginations mooro66.The same idiots who are also experts on transfer negotiations and seem to know EXACTLY what we have or havnt done so far this window and which clubs we have or havnt talked to.No wonder the press get away with writing **** when idiots swallow it hook line and sinker!

  • WHU Fan says:

    So, as I am hearing, a lot of people are getting annoyed at little transfers going through etc.

    Well, I have an opinion….
    Would you rather the club named EVERY single transfer target we have so that every other Premier League team can just pinch them from under our noses? No. Just think about that one….

    Keep all secret, I don’t care if we get 1 piece of news a day from now on – I just feel we need 2 CF’s, however not too slow – possibly some pace as well.

  • Travis says:

    I think it is fab that we hear nothing because the ones who wanted the club to stfu now have that.But as was to be expected they are tearing their hair out because they are hearing nothing.Its karma biting them on their backsides.

  • essexirons says:

    I can’t help but laugh at the comments on here sometimes. The media are linking us with every striker in europe & there are some pi$$ing their pants because we haven’t gone out & signed the players they want us to. They seem to think it’s the same as going in to a supermarket & buying whatever you want. Unless you are involved in the club & the signing of players, how the fk do you know what is going on or how to do it? Would people be happier if the club just signed the first two strikers they could just so we can say ‘Hey, look we signed players early this year, we are so clever’? or shall the club try & get the players they really want & don’t panic buy?

  • Radai Lama says:

    Screw the transfer debate i want to know who has been stealing Kevins metaphors & will it be on Crimewatch this month 😂

  • Stan The Man says:

    Its purely guesswork Rad but i think and only think that kevin is referring to when hugh does the fans thoughts articles with the fans quotes on subjects in them.I think thats what he is on about when talking about his stolen metaphors lol

  • mooro66uk says:

    Didn’t know you could trademark metaphors.

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