Kevin Mirallas odds on to join Hammers

MirallesKevin Mirallas is odds on favourite to join West Ham. Book makers Skybet have the Hammers as 5/6 favourites with Spurs at 7/2  Monaco at 12/1 and Atletico Madrid at 20/1.  He is 15/8 to remain at Everton.

Reports claim West Ham had a bid  of £6m rejected by the Toffees at the weekend but further reports says the Hammers will make a second bid closer to Everton’s £8m valuation this week to attempt to bring the midfielder to the Boleyn Ground.


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18 comments on “Kevin Mirallas odds on to join Hammers

  1. I like Mirallas,could be a good signing.Certainly dont fancy Lennon,no way.

  2. Bilic’s almost exclusive focus on attacking midfielders and minimum activity in the ‘striker’ market should tell us a lot. He is already on record as saying he expects more goals from his midfield.
    All this, surely adds up to him accepting the obvious. Signing quality strikers who will also stay fit, is like finding a needle in a haystack but with a midfield made up of players who can each score a fair share, then the need of a top striker is minimized.
    I, like everyone else, do not know if he will find another good striker ( remember we have one for sure) but I would bet my bank that Bilic is not betting his bank on that happening.

  3. £7 mil his ours then we must clear some dead wood,
    I think the needle will arrive via loan canchaz

  4. Like him, I’m hopeful. Got the same feeling as when I heard Christian dailly might sign

  5. This is a Must must signing for us if Everton don’t want him to go tells you an awful lot !

    Then we need that all important Striker – but I must say Marko Livaja looks like a bit of tasty work if we get him – this guy could be special ??

  6. Mirallas would be a nice player to have . Stewart Downing needs replacing ASAP .
    Not heard much more about Hernandez !! Wonder what’s going on there !,
    Don’t really understand all the clamour to sign another striker though , I reckon we have enough talent in that department , especially with the style Bilic wants to install .
    Anyway , with a fully fit ( albeit not immune to injury ) Andy Carroll it would seem like a new signing .
    Friday night will be very interesting ; let’s see if we can break the Maltese side down and score a few . Can’t see them parking the bus in a game where they must score .

  7. I think we have that striker already given time and the right coaching young Lee will be another Tony Cottee. Albeit one for maybe next season, but there is enough strike power in Sahko & Valencia to get us through this season especially if Mirallas signs. I personally think Carroll will get fit this time to add to that trio, so no worries for me.

  8. If you are talking strike power then we are definately lacking.Valencia doesnt score enough.Sorry to disagree,but Lee aint ever going to be another Cottee.That leaves us with Sakho.God knows when Carroll will be back & how long he will stay fit.Maiga aint ever going to do the business.So what do we have that we can actually call a true available Premier class regular goalscorer-Sakho.You can have all the attacking midfielders you want who will weigh in with goals but you still need prem class strikers,we are lacking in them at the moment in my opinion.

  9. I think we need another striking option I’m not so sure we’ll break the bank for one though as Slav usually plays one up front. The way I see it Valencia might not be seen as a striker by Slav,as much as I’d love AC to come good we just can’t rely on him,Lee is no TC but I’m not so sure TC himself would prosper in the modern game,junior Viking looks promising but does look light,which leaves us with Diafra. We still have six weeks of the window so plenty still to happen but in Slav I trust and I’m sure it’ll all get sorted.

  10. Hammerman6 is spot on . We don’t need another striker lets give young Elliott lee a chance at the big time. We call our selves the academy of football lets prove to the other clubs we can still produce some of the best talent in England.

  11. Does anyone know whether we are signing Lanzini?

  12. Yeah,maybe the announcement today i suppose Jwhu.As for th Academy,its great having players coming through it but they shouldnt be in the team if they aint good enough just to cream ourselves about our Academy.Seems with Lee it is a case of wanting him to play whether he is good enough or not.He aint no new TC.Never will be.

  13. Heard Livaja looks likely to sign a contract,so that will p*ss on the Elliot Lee debate anyway.

  14. Yeah i heard Livaja could be signed after his trial.Lee will get a go if he is good enough,cant see it myself,but would love to be proved wrong 😉

  15. Well TysonM unless u give these young lads a chance to prove them sells we will never know. I would much rather have a young lad like Elliot Lee putting in 100% every match tearing up the pitch looking for goals then a over seas player on 50k a week thinking about which nice shiny car he will buy next.

  16. Dont understsnd the clamour for Elliot Lee to play for the first team on here from some.I have watched Elliot many times for the Dev squad in the flesh.He is a fair striker for sure but he is not going to make a Premier League forward.No disrespect,but i read people from every corner of the world shouting for Lee to be given a chance but im sorry he isnt a new TC,he, in my view wont even be with us in a years time.He will be earning a crust in a lower division.You cant turn a player into something he isnt just because it is somehow romantic to have a lad who has come through the academy in the team.They have to be good enough.People need a bit of perspective,not just shout from the rooftops that he should be playing.

    • But I dont see anybody claiming he is the new TC or anybody else amazing .. All I have seen is people asking for him to be given a chance so we can see how he goes.

      50% of fans want to ship him out before he has had a chance & the other 50% want him to have a chance to prove himself … but I dont think anyone have been calling him the new Tony Cottee or Messi Or Rooney .. lol

      I think the Hippo refused to play any young players and now lots of fans want to give the young players a chance, If they are not good enough after their chance then fine they have to go but loads of players improve after an average looking u16, u17, u18 career. Many players have been better in the 1st team than they appeared to be at junior level.

  17. Lol,the great Elliot Lee debate.Thought it hadnt reared its head for a while.Time to go for a beer i think 😀

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