Keys argument demolished on Twitter

OK, it’s a slow news day so why not?

And I promise I won’t mention his name again but Richard Keys’ comments about West Ham burning out followed by a “we’ll see” deserves one comment.

And it was made perfectly by passionate Irons fan  @Steven52Lebeau on Twitter when he made his feelings very clear with a comment that cut to the heart of Keys’ highly flawed argment.

The disgraced TV presented – now involved in a Middle Eastern no mark TV operation – had claimed we could face burn out having started our season so early  having played 12 games.

The only reason this was flagged up by this site is because he has made a point of having a little sideswipe at the club since Mr Allardyce departed with whom we understand he is firm friends.

Mr Lebeau  was having none of such a false argument and put a perfect perspective on the man’s website ramblings declaring: “Where does he get 12 games from? We only played 6 Europa Cup games and a lot of kids played. He is clueless.”

The 12 are of both Europa Cup and normal pre-season games played by all teams for fitness reasons when absolutely everybody – I think it was 37 of them – got a chance.

Such basic lack of research tells us everything!


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8 comments on “Keys argument demolished on Twitter

  1. Ok Hugh I will sat it one last time because it’s a slow day
    Keys is a moron and BFS has always surrounded himself with these sort of people
    They deserve each other,

  2. Richard who?

  3. Haha,i liked this tweet some one sent him

    steve hill ‏@steve5705
    @richardajkeys think before you give your ****e against west ham, we know allardyce is your bum chum look at the teams we put out in europe

    Lol 😀

  4. Put this Muppet to bed lads !lol
    And we will get what we wish for ?

    Ignore the idiot , Why give him umbrence.
    He isn’t worth the time of day !!!!!!!

  5. Yeah & dont forget this other litte Pro-Sam rant

    “In the 2009-10 season P Lge clubs sent 15.3% of their passes long (defined as at least 35 yards) or one every six and a half passes. By 2012-13 the figures had dropped to 12.1%. We’re back up to 15% this season. Nowhere has there been a more significant rise than – at West Ham! 

    Under Big Sam last season they thumped 18.8% long. Granted, we’ve only played 6 games so far this season, but it’s up to 21.1% under Slaven Bilic. Sorry Hammers fans – an inconvenient truth I know.” 

    If it had been any other club he wouldnt have even bothered to or found a reason to mention it.Because he is on a mission to back his buddy he will dredge any crap up.
    He can say what he wants about stats,all i know is im enjoying watching The Irons again,far,far more than i did under Allardyce for the vast majority of his tenure.Even my buddies who support other teams said they are enjoying watching us again & can see a big difference in us as a team to watch again.Most used to give our games a miss in recent times under Potamus Allardyci because they said they were so boring.Keys is a presenter,nothing more,nothing less.He is clueless,but a clueless buddy of Allardyce,a dangerous combination when let loose in the media,lol

  6. Season 2014-15:
    Arsenal 3-0 West Ham
    Liverpool 2-0 West Ham
    Manchester City 2-0 West Ham

    Season 2015-16:
    Arsenal 0-2 West Ham
    Liverpool 0-3 West Ham
    Manchester City 1-2 West Ham

    Under Allardyce

    Played 3
    Won 0
    Drawn 0
    Lost 3
    For 0
    Against 7

    Under Bilic
    Played 3
    Won 3
    Drawn 0
    Lost 0
    For 7
    Against 1

    ’nuff said.

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