Keys points out irony of West Ham win

KeysPundit Richard Keys has pointed out the irony of West Ham’s win over Sunderland, suggesting it is was a win Sam Allardyce himself would have been proud of if he was still in charge of the Hammers.

Keys wrote on his personal blog today “The irony of West Ham’s 1-0 win over Sunderland is that it was a result that Big Sam would’ve loved had he still been in charge at Upton Park! It was a performance that had ‘Allardyce’ written all over it as well. But credit is due to Slaven Bilic and his team for what they’ve achieved so far this season.”

Well, we still remember what Mr Keys wrote on his personal blog last June after Slaven’s appointment and I would like to point out the irony of his comments:

‘And West Ham finally have their man. Well, a man. Their 5th choice man, Slaven Bilic.” said Keys last year.

Why is it they always make such a hash of managerial appointments at Upton Park?  Ms Brady once claimed my criticisms of the mess she made of sacking Avram Grant and finding a replacement were ‘sexist’. No they weren’t. They were honest and correct and I’d have said the same about any man who made such a hash of that incident.”

“Remember? Grant waving ‘good-bye‘ after what he thought was his final game? West Ham believed they’d got Martin O’Neill lined up to replace him. They’d also spoken to Graeme Souness and Big Sam to see if either would be interested in the job. How do I know? They both asked for my thoughts. Both knew O’Neill was the preferred choice. The problem was that, having said ‘yes’, after getting advice from a top football official not to take the job, O’Neill changed his mind at the last minute. It left Ms Brady and West Ham looking very silly – and Grant returned to the dug out the following weekend! A mess I would say.”

“They’re still at it. And what does it say about their belief in Bilic’s ability to do the job that they’ve insisted he take a deal that pays him ‘nothing’ IF they go down this year. If they believe in him why are they even considering that as an option? Why?”

“He says he’s aiming for the top four. I wish him well. He’s a cunning operator, as Laurent Blanc will testify. Remember Bilic going down like a sack of spuds in that WC semi-final and costing Blanc a place in the final?” 

“I do actually fear for West Ham. Big Sam did a fantastic job for them. He delivered on every front they asked and walked with pride. But if next season starts as this season finished they’ll be in big trouble. And maybe they’ll be right about insisting Bilic walk with nothing if they go down.’


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33 comments on “Keys points out irony of West Ham win

  1. Does he write for Wetpants under bellend sound similar ?
    Keys is probably playing scrabble with Lawerson,Keown,Hippo,Merson,been at it for 24 hours still not got a word over 3 letters,
    Why do the press give these people air time,
    This proves he is an expert on the future of our management
    What a Dick

    • I find it amusing they get the hump.They having ****** short memories about when they were happy to **** off everyone on here,rabid dogs,animals,hughs pack of dogs.Now they get the *** on because we cant stand the ****** who were saying it.Melons.

      • Geezer on there who gets on my tits is that negative b#stard who is always banging on about the fact that we aint many points better off than last season & only one rd further in the cup.**** me why doesnt he not just change his name to Allardyce!!

  2. He blocked me on his Twitter for asking him why he has stopped comparing this season with last.As soon as it looked like we were going to get a lot more points than last season he knocked it on the head.Funny bit about Souness & Hippohead asking him his opinion on taking the managers job.Like his views carry any clout 😀

    • No worries bubs,we are all rabid dogs,easy to get us confused.Yeah got my ticket sorted last year.Had to be done.Change of ground but its the same team.Got to carry on supporting The Irons no matter where they are.Aint looking forward to it too much though i must admit.Got to give it a fair go though i guess mate 😉

  3. They are all looking like **** now Tyson,they took the risk of getting it wrong banking on there friend,
    One they are changing Lawersucks Merson now Keys,just wait if our fortunes change how they all say I told you so,
    Big games Wednesday hope the entertainment comes back and we don’t loose
    Whose Wetpants Tyson I don’t understand
    For ***** sake

  4. Sorry Rad what made me put Tyson I have no idea,must be loosing it,
    All this time without you Ty and Matty,
    Have you got your season ticket for next season ?

  5. Another so called expert having to swallow his ****. He and the rest of the “careful what you wish for brigade” are now looking complete and utter *****. he is a despicable toady who used his position to bum up his pal Hippo at the expense of an honourable guy. Slav hasnever slagged Hippo or anyone else for that matter and has treated everybody with great respect so what gives pompous ***** like Keys the right to assassinate him before he has even shown what he`s capable of? How this man has any credibility left i can`t imagine. Total cretin.

  6. Am I missing something here? Why would anybody ask a radio presenter & self styled ‘expert’ for advice? The man is an idiot & has proved it time after time.

    • Guy works for BeIn in the sand now,Always giving it large on twitter.******** Keys.Worse than any Lawro,Merson or Souness.Autocue blabber man.

  7. Keys, Dung Beetle and Wetpants all of them full of **** and self importance.

    • Wetpants getting too boring now,,they bite too easily.Need Monkeys Bellend to get on the case.At least he took it for what it was.Telephone no is good value he is good at reporting back,lmao.Saw them earlier say Rads would back down against them in a boozer.Wahaha,they clearly aint seen the size of Rad,lol.He would pulp them all in one hand.

      • The same clowns from 8 months ago still spouting the same old ********, no doubt they’ll be talking cakes again soon or maybe having a go at another young kid who dared to have an opinion.

  8. I see that FOBYAC on there earlier ********.I woukd suggest if he wants to quote me or say what i said he gets it right.I didnt offer them out in the oub you ******.I said ‘If they want to bully anyone they are welxome to gang up on me’.Bit of a difference to offering people out.But i guess that doesnt fit into Fobyacs **** stirring plans!!!!!

    • So Floppysac hasn’t changed either then Rads? So exactly the same as when this rabid dog went into quarantine 8 months ago

      • Nah,i read it earlier GW.Didnt know what he was on about.Went through the posts & radai never offered anyone out.**** stirring ****.What radai said is exactly what he just said on here about bullies.Nothing to do with offering people out.Gobyac at his best.

        • Nothing changed then? **** stirrer 8 months ago ,**** stirrer now and I’ll guess he ran straight to Wetpants to get his medal of honour as well?

          • Lmao,i said to bubs earlier i had mellowed to most the guys on there.Seem a decent bunch in general.Never even had an issue with number man,he has never bugged me.Now i have that turd Gobyac miss quoting.Dont give a **** abiut what wetpants say about me but at least quote me correctly 🙂

  9. Haha,come on then boys.Bring it on,i will take you all out.Put your dukes up,Marquis of Queemsbury rules.I will blow you all over,haha 😀

  10. Oh god heres trouble.Go on Sam,jog on back to Wetpants,lol.How you doing mate.Still causing chaos i guess?

    • Haha,im good mate,been on the lash all day,been a good one with a few ex service lads i knew.Pssed as a fart,hahaha 🙂

    • Come on,bring it on,i will swing you by the ears straight out the pub window,haha 🙂

      • No worries mate,next home game in The Queens.I will put grease on my ears,i know youre a dirty fighter,lol

        • Ok,bring it on.After the Spuds game though,i want to look my best for them in the ground,haha.Cant wait for it on Wed.Going to be a cracker lads eh 😉

          • Going to be a toughie 45.Think we will do well to take a draw.Hate to say it but the tottscum look a tidy team.

          • Yeah you are right Al,i think i would settle for a point.Big test Wednesday but who knows we might surprise them.We can place some top stuff ourselves when it clicks.Anyway Rad i might pop in the queens before the match so i might catch up with you then.You will feel your ears being pulled,haha.Feck im ****ed,lol 😀

  11. Think old Floppysac is trying to get himself on the Werpants banner or a least get himself an invite to the annual sleepover

    • Forgot about floopysac actually.He was the one who came here & always played the victim wasnt he! Caused grief then played the wounded innocent geezer!

  12. “Walked away with pride”. . . . . . . .I literally did laugh out load at that one

  13. To be fair the only point he got right was ridiculing Brady over grant shambles, it wasn’t sexist, he should know, I’m only surprised he didn’t say that slave has smashed it

  14. Most of the articles om there have been getting worse for a fair amount of time now.Says it all when they bring back a banned guy from the site to write articles.Sh*t site,with some total berks on it.

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