Kilbane reports Irons fans

Kevin-Kilbane-001Match of the Day pundit Kevin Kilbane has made an official complaint to the FA claiming West Ham fans mocked the disabled via a terrace song at White Hart Lane.

He apparently didn’t hear the song himself but contacted the FA after a friend reported West Ham fans sang ‘Harry Kane talks like a mong and plays like one too.’

The word ‘mong’ is a derogatory term for people with learning disabilities.

The Mirror reports Kilbane, whose 10-year-old daughter Elsie has Down’s Syndrome, has been told the FA is launching an investigation into his complaint.

The paper report him as saying: “I am sure they understand they are causing offence. You cannot sweep it under the carpet and label it as ignorance.

“I have spoken to the FA and they have assured me they will investigate it thoroughly. In all my time playing and watching football, I have never heard this before. Hopefully we can do something to make sure it isn’t again and this awful chant does not spread.”


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9 comments on “Kilbane reports Irons fans

  1. I dont agree with the singing if true,its out of order.But for a guy who wasnt even there to complain on the word of his spurs mate is taking the ****.I can imagine the FA taking me seriously if i said i wanted to complain about opposition fans singing,as soon as i told them i wasnt actually at the game but i want to complain because of what a friend told me who was at the game my complaint would be filed straight in the bin.If he is going to complain about this,though it is close to his heart clearly, then he better take it upon hmself to complain about any teams fans at any game he wasnt at.If the fa need to take action fair play,but do it on the word of a complaint from someone in the ground who witnessed it,not some football pundit who wants to stick his beak in.

  2. I’m not defending the chant or the fans that used it, but I can’t help thinking this obsession with being PC and not offending anyone is getting out of hand. On this basis you couldn’t even sing some nursery rhymes as they might offend someone.

  3. The trouble is this.Mongol was an old school term for down syndrome.It hasnt been used for years.People now use the word as a derogatory term or term to make fun of people.Its actual original meaning is probably totally lost on most of the younger generation singing these songs.I have had friends call me a mong when i have done something stupid or silly & i dont even think of it representing down syndrome anymore,just a term like calling me a muppet or prat.The word just isnt associated with its original meaning anymore.I hope this ******** Kilbane takes it on himself now to be the call centre for all fans wanting to complain about opposing fans singing.

  4. I bet the guy wouldnt have even thought twice about it if he didnt have a daughter with it.Ok,it aint nice if you take it to the actual meaning of the word but he is getting involved in a situation he didnt even watch.I bet he hopes he aint going to be doing any games soon at Upton Park.

  5. I must have lead a very sheltered life as I couldn’t recall why the word might have been offensive to some, and I’m not a youngster! Agreed the word is not flattering and in its unabbreviated form it is offensive, but as rads rightly points out, its used in the same context as muppet or prat. Both seem to sum up Mr Kilbane very well.

  6. At the end of the day how do they prove we were singing about mongols or people with learning difficulties.Maybe we ment he talked like a mongolian or a mongrel dog.Who can prove otherwise & get us charged for it 😉

  7. Kilbane is such a great role model that this is the guy i read about giving the V sign to his own fans when at Sunderland.What a tosser.

  8. Couldn’t agree more Scalyback

  9. I remember when he played his nickname & name called by opposing fans was Shrek because of his looks.Should we all now complain on his behalf to the FA for people being rude about his physical appearance.Maybe they can retrospectively charge any fans or people who called him this derogatory name.

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