Kilman’s old club have their say on £4M sell-on loss

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Maidenhead United took centre stage on Sky Sports News following the confirmation of Max Kilman’s £40 million transfer from Wolverhampton Wanderers to West Ham United. The substantial deal included a sell-on clause from Kilman’s initial move from York Road to Molineux in 2018 for £40,000, prompting Sky Sports to feature an interview with Magpies chairman Peter Griffin.

Griffin, while not disclosing specific figures due to confidentiality, expressed that the proceeds from Kilman’s transfer would significantly impact the club’s future. It has been reported that Maidenhead originally had a 20% sell-on clause with Wolves, but this was negotiated down to 10% to finalise the £40 million transaction, resulting in an estimated £4 million for Maidenhead—a remarkable sum for the club.

In his discussion with Sky Sports, Griffin didn’t specify whether any incentives were offered to reduce the sell-on fee but acknowledged that the arrangement benefited all parties involved: West Ham, Wolves, and Maidenhead.

Kilman’s deal, finalised on Saturday morning, involves a seven-year contract with West Ham. Speaking to Sky Sports, Griffin shared that the funds would be used to support various club aspects, not just the first team. He outlined plans to enhance the club’s infrastructure, including repairing the potholed car park and updating safety barriers, alongside broader objectives like supporting Maidenhead’s women’s team, academy, and community programs.

Griffin also hinted at upcoming projects that could generate more revenue for the club, emphasising a strategic approach to spending the newfound resources. He conveyed his excitement about the potential improvements and promised to keep the supporters informed about the future developments.

This strategic financial boost promises to propel Maidenhead United into a new era, with planned enhancements and community engagement that could reshape the club’s trajectory for years to come.

Let’s just hope that Hammers legend Alan Devonshire gets a few pounds left over for news players once the pot-holes have been fixed.

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  • Andy Stone says:

    Nice story, a good way to end the day. Thanks

  • Paul Basnett says:

    A good news story of money actually getting down the leagues. Hopefully it really helps Maidenhead and Devonshire.

  • Simon says:

    Good luck to Max, personally as a Wolves fan I’m sad to see him leave but his form second half of the season and especially with Dawson out seemed to drop considerably. So I hope he goes onto do well at West Ham but 40m at this point in time looks a very good deal for Wolves and Maidenhead.

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