Kouyate red card – Irons fans react

West Ham were again on the end of a desperately controversial refereeing decision when Mark Clattenburg red-carded Chiek Kouyate against Crystal Palace this afternoon.
ClaretandHugh has since revealed the club’s decision on whether or not they will appeal at https://www.claretandhugh.info/irons-make-kouyate-red-card-decision/ 
CandH followers at the FB forum  have been giving their view on the red card decision and the result. Here are some random comments
Kouyate_3191406O Poor refereeing but on the second half performance happy with a point. Coyi.
O Atrocious referreeing – absolutely dreadful
O Clettenburg the clown
O I think it’s on purpose over the last two games, the Premier League will have Leicester in the champions league so they don’t want us . Thye want either of Manchester clubs cause there worried about losing there precious 4 spots if the clubs involved aren’t successful! We should of been sitting on 55pts

O Not only did he get a touch on the ball he got it fully joke

O Well, he has got history with us! Just assumed his family were Millwall fans!

Not just being a fan but that decision is what this season has come to, speechless. (Obviously not literally).

O Like Clattenburg as a ref generally but he had a shocker today. Fussy, wouldn’t let the game go, played advantage (or not) always at the wrong time. As for our bookings? Did not get one right.O Bad bad bad bad bad

O I must admit , before the match, when I saw he was out referee my reaction was ‘who’s he going to send off this time?
O Once a pillock always a pillock. Clattenburg always has a grudge against the Hammers

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: FA doesn’t want Hammers to finish in top four. There are now too many “cases” for them to be purely coincidental. It’s happening match after match for weeks now.


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5 comments on “Kouyate red card – Irons fans react

  1. He,s got issues , he’s a scouse ! Red or blue doesn’t matter , we got the better of them both and he has issues , he’s used his position to get revenge ! It stinks ,
    And there’s not a thing can be done about it , these decisions are coming thick and fast now and while they are immune to answer for their , let’s just say poor decisions , it will not go away ! An independent referee committee needs to be set up away from the FA to deal with these dread full decisions with powers to either fine , sack , or demote to Sunday morning football , these decisions have been depriving average teams of income and success !
    It needs to be addressed .A.S.A.P. but unfortunately it will not even be a topic at any future FA committee meetings ,
    If we beat the mancs , and I’m having serious doubts we will be allowed to , it would not surprise me in the least if he gets the semi v Everton ? Even though he comes from that neck of the woods .

  2. Just got in and only knew the result,when I had to go out we were winning 2-1 with 30 minutes to go,but already thought we were playing 12 men with Clatterbung,
    Now I have looked at the red card 4 times I would not even have given a yellow,but if he had given a yellow you could live with it,
    It’s now becoming a regular weekly debate about the refs,it’s not just us this is the worst season I have seen for bad decisions,
    Still we have not lost again,if Everton can get a result we can still get that 4th place,
    Now the cup game is very important

  3. I can say it mildly or I can say it boldly.

    Mildly, English refs are very mediocre, and that kills the game all things said.
    Boldly, English refs are the cancer of this sport in England.

    Lack of consistency, lack of criteria, and that ever ongoing need to be the star of the show. The best refs are the ones that go unnoticed. Doesn’t happen in England. They have to reminding everyone they are there, either with their silly mimics, their cards they pull for anything, or by calling players to remember they are the bosses (i.e. this one calling Cresswell after a benign foul near the sideline, maybe his first of the match, but still giving him a verbal warning, come on….). That need to be the center of attention and that attitude of “I am never wrong” is what makes people like Atkinson, Moss, Clatt, Dean, so dislikable.

  4. Instead on this earlier. We are not one of the elites and that’s why we, like other non elites are so often on the receiving end of ‘bad decisions’ especially when that decision helps one of those elites.
    Refs should not be allowed to make a red card or penalty decision without consulting a replay ,which could easily be made available. I would suggest a cubicle close to the touch line with the replay screen in there with a fourth official monitering the play.
    But for now all we can do is suck it up and focus on the cup because we really can’t hope for City to give us back those three points, so the cup is our only chance

  5. Clattenburk has deprived us of our m/f engine , just as we have the biggest 3 games of the season coming up ? Arsenal , mancs , Leicester !! That’s why he couldn’t wait to give the red.
    Mancs and city will be given the euro spots ! It stinks to the rafters !
    I feel there’s more to come , let’s hope the lads can put the mancs to the sword with the added thoughts of sticking it up these wanna bee stars refs , the prems refs are the laughing stock of the world !
    Let’s see if they rescind the card , again ?

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