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Kretinsky Spend-Up Ain’t Happening

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The Royal Mail has been bought by West Ham shareholder Daniel Kretinsky for £3.57billion after its parents firm agreed to a takeover it has been announced. However, anyone thinking that the Czech billionaire will now focus his formidable wealth on West Ham can think again.

The new Royal Mail owner has neither the time nor the interest in running West Ham even if he does have the money. He may look to acquire some of the Gold family shares but talk of a hostile takeover is wide of the mark.

The truth is that Kretinsky’s self-professed football love is Sparta Prague where he is a 40% shareholder. He is believed to be more than happy with David Sullivan running the club and with Tim Steidten as football director.

Křetínský will now turn his attention to bailing out French company Atos who hold a number of strategic contracts at the government level in France.

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  • Andy says:

    Like you’d know. (His nickname is the sphinx)

  • Dave says:

    He has nothing but business interest in West Ham, a % profit player. Don’t ever think he will put money in other than to protect his overall investment, he won’t. Our best hope is someone or some state deciding that we are a punt. Few and far between

    • SydneyC says:

      He’s not invested in West Ham because of the great ROI. Football clubs don’t make big dividends for its investors. Truth is he could invest that cash almost anywhere else and make more. So I am curious as to what his end game is as it isn’t about a few pennies on the pound. I think he is keeping his options open and maybe hoping to sell his stake for big profits to a potential new moneybags owner down the road. That’s the only play here that makes sense.

      • Brian says:

        I think you’ve understood Kretinsky and his involvement in West Ham.
        Although I will challenge the notion that football clubs are not a good investment.
        Sullivan & Gold bought West Ham in 2009, valuing the club around £109mil.
        Forbes currently value West Ham Utd at just over £1 Billion.

        I don;t know about you, but my Post Office saving account has grown by about 25% in that time.

        • Brian says:

          Apologies, Forbes value West Ham at just over $Billion, Not £, my bad.

          • SydneyC says:

            So there is his end game. Get as many shares as possible without having to assume control, and then wait for the £900 million sell off to foreign buyers. Don’t expect him to lead West Ham into a bright new future.


    Agree,him and sully a match made in heaven only interested in money

    • Kip says:

      I’ve said before he is a complete waste of time..he’s done.****.all ..

      • SydneyC says:

        He’s an investor, he’s not supposed to “do” anything but put money in, which he has apparently.
        What exactly did you expect he was going to do, sign players?

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