Kretinsky’s Growing Influence

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Whispers from within the club suggest a significant shift in power with growing influence wielded by Daniel Kretinsky, the second-largest shareholder.

Kretinsky’s consortium, 1890 Holdings, is reportedly playing a more prominent role in shaping the club’s future strategy according to football insider. Sources claim Kretinsky may have been the driving force behind the departure of manager David Moyes and the arrival of Julen Lopetegui as his replacement.

For many fans, David Sullivan and Karren Brady have long been seen as the primary decision-makers at West Ham. However, Kretinsky’s growing clout, backed by his significant 27% ownership stake, suggests a changing of the guard.

While West Ham has yet to make an official announcement, It is entirely probable that Kretinsky championed Lopetegui’s appointment.

Kretinsky’s significant investment in 2021, acquiring 27% of the club’s shares, made him the second-largest shareholder. This financial muscle appears to be translating into more control within the club’s hierarchy.

So it seems like  Kretinsky’s influence might have extended beyond the managerial change. He may have also played a role in Tim Steidten emerging victorious from his reported power struggle with Moyes.

While Kretinsky’s growing influence appears undeniable, the true extent of his control remains unclear.

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  • Jimmy says:

    I think that might be good news! 🤞

  • Kevlar says:

    Let’s hope that kretinsky takes a more active role and provides substantial funding along with Sullivan to get west ham where we need to be challenging for top 6-4 in premier league.COYI

  • West Ham Voice says:

    I think you know that kretinsky had very little to do with bringing either Steidten or Lopetegui to West Ham
    He’s almost like a silent partner at the club and whilst it’s making him a sizeable return on his investment I’m not sure he’s as active as is suggested

    The one thing that is the worst kept secret is that he didn’t like Moyes as manager

  • Main man says:

    Bring back manager ever

  • Anon says:

    Perhaps he can use his influence to get rid of vastly overpaid part time Brady

  • ronnie says:

    be careful folks ..this slimy Czech man is trying to buy a british institute of Royal mail ( for sweeties) and will end up like a daniel levy chairman/owner, rather than your saviour..

  • KJDon says:

    Is there any evidence Danny K has ever been to a West Ham game? I wouldn’t be relying on him to save us from Sully.

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