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Lack of respect for champions place stones

West Ham supporters were dismayed yesterday to find the new Champions Place area being used to store large wheelie rubbish bins close to a memorial stone for Bobby Moore. The Stratford Champions Place area was finally opened this week ahead of the Muller Anniversary Games when athletics returned once again to the former Olympic Stadium.

Hammers fans took the opportunity to check out the transformed stadium for themselves while others attempted to find their granite Champions Place stone, many of which are dedicated to lost ones. Supporters have paid between £60 and £499 to have stones inscribed in a special area in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Let’s hope they can find a better place to store the bins going forward.

A large area of the stones were also obscured by a large British Athletics tent over the weekend.

You can still purchase champion place stones from https://www.championsplace.whufc.com/index.htm

Photo credits:@TFSH_WHUFC




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