Lampard: ‘I have no problems with Irons fans now’


Frank-Lampard-1-COSFrank Lampard has made it clear he doesn’t have a problem with Irons fans.

Speaking to Sky Sports, he said: “I did when I first left for a few years, they thought I had just gone to a rival.

I was being accused at that age of getting a leg up from my uncle (Harry Redknapp) and my dad. They were a huge part of my upbringing and I have huge respect for them.”

“There were negatives and positives with working under you uncle and your dad but they both stuck up for me when I was getting stick from West Ham fans.

“I moved on to become very much a Chelsea man.”

Speaking about the Famous West Ham fans forum when Steve Davies challenged Harry Redknapp about Frank
“I was really upset after that fans forum, but Harry defended me and in the end it spurred me on. I have doubted myself throughout my career, and had a fear of failure. I grew up a West Ham fan, lived near the training ground but Chelsea was a big move.”

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  • Willtell says:

    I think WH fans have a problem with you Frank.

    I used to enjoy watching him play and could never understand the criticism of him. It was obvious he was very good with an eye for goals but lacked flair. A coached player rather than an instinctive one.

    There was no doubt that he left WH in a very big hurry and that was the problem for most. He proved that his dad and uncle were right about him but he will regret leaving with the haste he did. Chelsea will soon forget him…

  • whambam says:

    Really? because a lot of us have a problem with you, you need to know we think the world of your Dad and thought the world of your Mum. You was the one who told the world you hated us because we sacked your Dad and I’m still not sure we did (I think he walked after Harry got sacked), you can’t expect us to take your crap, you need to have a word with Joe Cole who also went to the same club you went to, he’s always made welcome back here

  • Michael Miller says:

    That guy who had a go at Frank at the Fan’s Forum – you remember the ‘Fat Frank’ stuff – must feel a right Wally now, Frank went on to have a fantastic career.

    It’s time to move on from all this, Frank has proven to be a brilliant Professional and this negative stuff is ancient history!

  • justwhu says:

    I honestly think we spend too much time moaning about players like Lampard and Ince. Lampard did say some stupid things in his book but I guess he was hurting because of his dad. We need to move on from this crap. They were both good players for the club and we should focus more on their contribution and our exciting future.

  • bubs says:

    Funny how this has come out now,what’s he think we will welcome into the fold like Rio and others to start a management career ?
    To much said on both sides a bit like Hippo,have a good life Frank but we don’t forget as far as I am concerned you Uncle Harry and Defoe can find a life elsewhere,
    Loyalty is a two way thing,your ex probably feels the same

  • twinkle toes nolan says:

    I have no issues with these older players.Fuxk it life moves on.I aint got time for harbouring grudges about people from years ago.Just saying 😉

  • RayStewartsRightPeg says:

    To be fair we did give him stick, unfairly in my book, whilst he was still a West Ham player…but he did revel in being a badge kissing Chelsea player in front of us…so then did deserve some of the stick he got.

    But as others say, life’s too short, it’s all just pantomime anyway.

  • spidergk says:

    Hmmm to be honest can never understand fans who give the amount of abuse to their own players like we did to Frank. Some of it was absolutely shocking to a young, up coming player and why, because his Uncle was manager and some fans thought he was getting an unfair advantage. Well all of you haters were completely wrong and effectively drove one of the best player England has seen in recent times out of the club. Say what you like but there aren’t many players that have had such a good career as Frank. Is it really that surprising that he acted the way that he did when he left. I bet he relished facing us again, just to prove what a good player we let slip though our fingers and lets not forget every time he did come back he was completely abused again and again. Anyone who doesn’t realise that just winds the player up and makes him more determined to score against us, is just an idiot. However despite all of this he pulled on the Claret and Blue again for Tony Carr’s testimonial and we gave him a great reception and for that he has completely earned my respect!

    • RayStewartsRightPeg says:

      At the same time, the stick he got as a West Ham player wasn’t *that* bad – I think you’re over dramatising it. And he would have left anyway – it was because of his Dad/Uncle leaving – not because he got a few digs now and then from the Chicken Run.

      • spidergk says:

        Says the guy who in his last post says “To be fair we did give him stick, unfairly in my book, whilst he was still a West Ham player” WTF! are you schizophrenic. If it wasn’t that bad, then why was he so desperate to run around UP kissing the Chelsea badge. He obviously thought it was………

  • stuck on 99 forever says:

    Let it go.Does this mean we must give Slav sh*t as well for signing for Everton when we were in the middle of a relegation battle.What a traitor,lol

    • RayStewartsRightPeg says:

      It’s not automatic that players get stick for leaving – its the manor in which they leave or what they say after. The club cashed in Slav.

  • stuck on 99 forever says:

    I know Ray,i was joking

  • ChickenRunner says:

    Always made me laugh when i saw kids or teens booing Lampard,Defoe,Ince.some of them were not even born or nippers when these players left but they were booing their little hearts out,haha 😉

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