Lanzini returns and proves the knockers wrong

manuel-lanzini-west-ham-liverpool_3343611So back comes one creative player and the difference is immediate and enormous.

For several games – and I make no apologies for my own comments about the performance at Villa Park – many have been claiming we can’t keep pleading injuries as an excuse for sub standard performances.

Sorry and all that but we can yer know as was shown when the ball carrying and genuinely creative Manu Lanzini returned for the second half and made all the difference in the world.

My only complaint is that he wasn’t on from the start because he looked more than ready and up for it with the sort of 45 minutes we haven’t had at the Boleyn for a long time.

It was great to watch and when Dimi Payet returns just watch us fly. So please no more nonsense about injuries to hugely talented players not mattering.

The other great plus this afternoon was Michail Antonio. In injury crises players need to grab their chance and he did that brilliantly with a goal and an assist. It’s no formality that Moses will march straight back in when fit.

Carroll looked fit enough too and grabbed his second match winning goal of the season and again I must single out James Collins who did great against the very good Shane Long.

I said at the beginning of the season we’d finish in the top six. I’m glad it remains very much on.



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14 comments on “Lanzini returns and proves the knockers wrong

  1. Agree 100% with everything you said Hugh.

  2. Delighted with this result, yes Lanzini made the difference, but to those who doubted Ging should not have been given a new contract, please watch his first half performance, and it wasn’t in Wales !

  3. I don’t !
    Bilic read the riot act at half time and lanzini came on to do the buisness !
    The performances of late were dire and zaratenoble and to some extent kouyate were underperforming !
    To say 1 player made a difference was pants ?
    Antonio had a much better game and is getting better with every game so that was a big factor to the game ,
    Also switching jenks to the right was a smart move, also Valencia was a thorn in the saints side ,
    The team was underperforming for a while now and it was obvious to see!!
    Anyway a great result 3 much needed points and a move back up the table ! Lanzini was a breath of fresh air and a boost for his team mates !
    Close but a fantastic boost for everyone !!

  4. Love Ginge but his age was against him for a new contract,when Reid returns he will warm the bench again shame but truth,Oxford ,Burke and Henry are the future and Tomkins will return to the central role when Jenks finds some defensive form or we get a new right back,
    But never knocked him
    Lanzini is class and the future that’s why I will not be happy until he is ours,just hope Hugh was right today and in Feb he signs,
    Antonio just needed the service that he received once Lanzini came on,
    Valencia looked a class act as well once the forward play was cleaner,
    You have more chance of then me Hugh I said top 4 but have not given up hope

  5. Yes, Lanzini made all the difference. Antonio was doing in the first half what we haven’t been doing lately, running at them. Sure, he got dispossesed a lot, but he was trying to do what we needed to do. Lately, we have lost confidence, nerves, holding the ball looking for the safe pass. That changed in the second half & it took away Southamtons momentum that they had in the first half. Sun Tzu said in The Art of War, ‘The certainty of not being defeated is in the defence, but the possibility of victory is in the attack.’ Clubs in the past have built empires on being defensive but that is not what we want to see. We all wanted the old attacking West Ham & that is what the owners & Bilic are trying to do. It takes time though & we need that type of player. It’s only half way through the season & with a full strength squad we could go looking for Europe. I remember 10 or 12 years ago Redknapp took Portsmouth from relegation territory to knocking on a Europe place in just the last dozen games. So anything is possible if you believe you can do it. Antonio deserves the praise & so does Collins. Bilic could see what needed to be done & he did it. So much better than the last few years. Who would want to go back to that.

  6. You are missing the point it’s so much reliance on 2 players that’s rightfully the concern not that their loss is debilitating in itself, we know it is.

  7. The fact that we are a team that is so dependant on three players is not something crow about Hugh.
    On Carroll. Did anyone read Koeman’s press statement on Carroll and his use of the word impact?

  8. Just read Slav’s comments on Carroll being most effective as an impact sub. It seems finally everybody is getting it

  9. I think Antonio was the difference supported by Lanzini, Valencia and others, he reminds me a bit of James Milner in the way he applies himself and gives 100% he ran their defenders and asked questions of them all match, now he has a goal hopefully he will go from strength to strength, its a huge step up from the championship to PL and he looks like he is moving in the right direction, I would play him in front of Moses nearly every time and use Moses as another impact sub along with Carroll. Valencia also caused them a lot of problems as he will any team when he plays more centrally so hopefully his injury is only a knock, COYI !!

  10. Any team in the Prem would suffer at the loss of 3/4 of their best players . Just look at Manure . Even Citeh suffer without Kompany. imagine Spuds without Kane Dembele Allie andLamela.To say we rely on 2/3 players is over simplifying .It is the collective effect of not having your 3/4 best players available at the same time that is the killer.

  11. Yes the truth is out. A manager is only as good as the players he has available. Last year Stuart downing was our only creative ball carrying midfielder in the middle of the park and he was playing out of position. Even so when downing played in the middle and was on form the whole team ticked. It highlighted the need for this type of player and this year we have two world class exponents in Lanzini and Payet. It is obvious that they’re inclusion could make the difference between a mediocre performance and a good one. There are two teams for West Ham this year. One plays dull mediocre football. And the other one ticks. The team that ticks has us all buzzing and the team that ticks has Lanzini and Payet in the middle of the park.

    • You’re such a Sam lover slaven a giggles. Constantly comparing our position on the log with last season’s so you can say we were better off under BFS.

      But whatever excuses you make for BFS, he had flair players in Zarate and Downing.lnstead of making the most of them, he broke Zarate’s spirit before shunting him off to QPR, and stuck Downing out on the wing when he had been so effective at the tip of the diamond. And despite the fact that we had our own Deeney and Ighalo act in Sakho and Valencia which was thriving, he broke their partnership soon as the AC and Nolegs act was available.

      Whatever spin you put on it giggles, your Sam has an aversion to flair and we are better off without him. You can follow him to Sunderland.

  12. LANZIN for 7.4 mil get it done Davids BARGIN

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