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Lucas Paqueta‘s potential betting ban saga has taken a positive turn for West Ham United, with the Brazilian Football Association (CBF) offering encouraging updates.

CBF president Ednaldo Rodrigues confirmed Paqueta’s inclusion in Brazil’s Copa America squad despite the ongoing investigation by the English Football Association (FA). This signifies confidence in Paqueta’s eligibility to play.

Rodrigues revealed the CBF proactively contacted the English FA to clarify Paqueta’s situation. The response, according to Rodrigues, was positive.

The English FA reportedly informed the CBF that there’s currently no provision for punishment against Paqueta. This suggests the investigation might not reach a point of imposing a ban.

These developments are a major boost for West Ham. Paqueta’s potential availability not only strengthens their squad but also opens up two possibilities:

Innocence Confirmed: If cleared of wrongdoing, Paqueta can continue playing for West Ham without any restrictions.

Transfer Opportunity: A potential transfer, with the proceeds used to bolster the squad under new manager Julen Lopetegui, becomes a viable option.

While the latest news is positive, the case remains unresolved. West Ham fans, understandably frustrated by the prolonged situation, yearn for a swift conclusion.

The communication between the FAs suggests a positive trajectory for Paqueta. West Ham can be cautiously optimistic about their midfielder’s future. However, a swift resolution to this case would provide much-needed clarity for all parties involved.

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  • Nick says:

    I think it might just mean that he can play because the case has not been heard yet. Sadly, I think others who have said that the FA wouldn’t be taking this case after all this time unless they had other evidence e.g. text messages, are probably right. I hope that is wrong though and that he is cleared

    • Paul Rees says:

      Let’s be honest why would he place a bet for £7 makes no sense, and there can be no guarantee he can receive a yellow card, it’s a crazy accusation

  • Frank Reed says:

    I think the evidence against him is slim, and if you turn the time clock back it could have maybe worked in our favour. If the betting allegations didn’t happen, this post is not happening, he would have been a City player, but, instead of him staying at our club and enhancing the moment, his form got worse as the season went on. Has the whole situation affected the players form and now his heart/head doesn’t have a future with us or anyone else right now, who knows, really difficult to read the minds of a footballer today.

  • Irons_In_The_Fire says:

    As I have mentioned before in comments posted here: Paqueta will be eligible to play for club and country until there is some form of concrete evidence against him. The reason the FA actually charged him is because his legal team threatened to sue. If they had not done so and bided there time letting the investigation continue, that’s all that would have happened until there was conclusive proof one way or the other. In threatening to sue, they have actually caused the FA to act and caused this situation. They told the FA to either charge him or drop the the case, in the hope the FA would drop it – allowing his team to pursue the Man City transfer. But they actually shot themselves in the foot, as that forced the FA to charge him. Once he was charged, it is taken out of the hands of the FA meaning they cannot be sued. The case then gets referred to a panel who will investigate, allowing all parties to present their evidence, and then make a ruling on their findings. This creates other issues around the investigation as well. The panel only has to vote 51% to 49% to find him innocent or guilty. If they had left it alone and let the FA investigate, they would have had to have proven him 99% innocent or guilty to make a ruling. Either way, it now becomes a lot easier for him to be found guilty, but on the other side of that a lot easier to be found innocent too. In the case of the FA investigating, the onus was on them to prove him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt ie. 99%. So this constant speculation around it is all very well, but the actual facts speak for themselves!

    • Trickytrev says:

      If I was a betting man I would have also beg on him being booked in all those matches and many more. The way he plays he is almost expected to get one, the England v Brazil game was a great example. None of the 4 matches was out of character especially the Aston Villa where the referee ignored an assault on him and he immediately went on a revenge mission and I think a lot of players would gave done the same.

  • Jeeps says:

    Seems unlikely this is going to be resolved within currant transfer period.
    When he arrived fans were over the moon with his skills and speed (maybe not Moyes!!).
    This did deteriorate in latter part of season.
    Would like to see him under new regime and play to his full capability.
    Hopefully with strengthened defence front runners won’t have to spend as much time bailing out at the back.

  • Frank Reed says:

    I agree, although even after being selected for his country in the run up to Copa America, his performances have been poor and doesn’t seem to be comfortable playing football and I hope for all involved he’s not guilty and he gets it back together and gives it back to our club/fans who definitely haven’t seen the best of the boy

  • Noel Furlong says:

    Re paqueta ….bookies losing money if a certain player gets booked has been happening for years vinnie jones was always my popular bet a short price but you.d nearly always collect….. Bookies pay odds compilers big bucks to price up on certain markets ….ie bookings throw ins etc then when they loose the cry wolf….they just live off people’s addictions there a joke they just want mugs betting and losing everyday…if you back winners you get barred from every shop… if your a punter you know I.m right if there losing money on certain markets then DONT bet on them simple answer …just greedy Bas***ds

  • Mike says:

    The amount the betting company paid out 100k is the amount he earns in 1 WEEK. Doesn’t add up to me. Probably just some online tipster who people follow had a hunch because he was getting frustrated in the game looking likely to get booked soon and people lumped on following a tipsters suggestion.

  • Jeeps says:

    Not saying he’s guilty but gambling is an addiction.
    Number of top sportsmen play heavy poker (snooker players just being one outlet).
    It doesn’t just come down to how much you’ve got/earn but buzz some people get.

  • Richard says:

    Until he’s had his hearing he must be able to play as their wouldn’t have been a verdict.
    So innocent until guilty

  • Luke Styles says:

    The good thing is that because spot fixing is a crime in the UK, the police aren’t prosecuting. Surely this means that there can not be any evidence linking Paqueta to these people. So they must only have circumstancial evidence.

  • G-Force Records says:

    Vamos Lá Lucas . Wishing Brazil 🇧🇷 the best of luck in Copa Americas 💪🏽⚒️🫧 Paq does his talking on the pitch…He’s a valued player…goooooooals & assists. Plus he’s not scared to tackle. Maybe a bit too often.. he let’s his heart rule his head.. gets wound up.. He is exciting, flamboyant & slightly reckless. He’s learning a huge lesson.. Focusing on the beautiful game will be key. Brazil has to play well against media bias. Perceived mafia types & drugs cartels isn’t what Brazil is all about ! Paqueta is a true baller, famous for Dancing celebrations..& world class football. I’ve watched him light up the London Stadium .. He has MASSIVE support from his TEAM.
    Also:) A big shout out to Hammers’ Mexican International, the most carded ! Edson Alvarez, known as El Machin. Who openly let it be known he would personally step in, to protect Lucas if he has any personal abuse from opposition players on the pitch..

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