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MichaelLaudrupMichael Laudrup appears to have ruled himself out of a move to West Ham or any other club in a similar Premier League position.

The Hammers are believed to have had the former Swansea list on a back up list of possible candidates but the former Danish international said: β€œIt’s a time when many rumours appear, but there is nothing concrete.

“I am in the process of renewing [my contract] with Lekhwiya, they want me here. I will decide it in two weeks.

β€œI am not going to accept an offer from a mid-table club in England or Spain. They are experiences that I have already lived and, at this stage of my life as a coach, I look for new things.

If a big club comes [calling], I will not say no to them, but I would like to try [coaching] in the United States if not given the opportunity.”



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  1. I’d have to say I’m glad to hear this. Yes he was a fantastic player with vast experience and as a manager shows some signs of talent but lacks any staying power as soon as he’s no longer interested he’s off.
    Unlike earlier posters I have misgivings about Bilic,as a player he left us pretty sharpish and despite the right ideas about football as a manager he appears argumentative and again always looking elsewhere,only my opinion.
    Having said that if either were to be announced it’d mean BFS was gone and that would make me very happy and that the Daves had finally done the right thing.
    Five days and seven hours until we publicly see the back of the genius

  2. According to The Telegraph the fat man is to be shown the door next Monday as he’s off on his hols on Tuesday. Apparently the C-130 Hercules has been booked to take him for his much needed break where he can lie around doing nothing,chewing on his gum without a care in the world……..wait a minute that all sounds very familiar.

  3. Haha,i saw he was going on holiday.So as you say,would be nice to have it done & dusted.But i wouldnt be surprised if it isnt.Fingers crossed the hippo only has a one way ticket to wherever he is going.The Antarctic would be just fine with me.He can teach the penguins his 9-0-1 formation πŸ˜‰

    • Penguins would be slow enough,he’d have to find some tall ones and teach them to respect the point though

  4. Laudrup is only interested in easy money,no idea why Swansea got shot of him when things were going well,
    But his attitude to fly to the easy money in the USA or a top team where the work has been done, is to me not what we need,
    After the destruction of our club and youth scheme under BFS there is a big job for the new manager,
    We need a leader with big ideas who can work with the board and take us forward

    • That’s why I’ve always favoured de Boer came through the Ajax academy and ran it also got the highly volatile Dutch squad to a WC final as assistant and managed Ajax at home and in Europe for a few years now

    • He was apparently very arrogant and distanced himself from the players!

  5. Doesn’t want to go to a mid-table premier league team but wont say no to a top team….!!!
    Going to stay with that world class club he is with now… who the f##k are Lekhwiya?? Got sacked by Swansea but still awaiting that big call..!! Then he says he would like to coach in USA, another power house in the world of soccer (sorry I mean football)
    Oh please change your mind oh great one??

  6. The great dane seems to think he a lot better than he his.just been watching warburton on sky worth a punt me thinks. i liked what he had to say,seems like a good bloke.

  7. Set your sights high then Michael,coaching in the USA.Go on then,wouldnt want a managerial mercinary like you anyway.

  8. Several news outlets now reporting that our board will sit down with Allardyce on Monday and it should be a fairly short meeting I reckon.
    With all those relacement names flying about (Benitez, Bilic, Moyes, Klopp, Bielsa, DeBoer) it’s fair to say Allardyce’s chances of staying are looking slim, and rightly so.
    I suppose his chances now to get a new deal at West Ham are slightly worse than that of the Green Party winning the next elections in North Korea and its president deciding to close down its military complex.
    That alone (Allardyce leaving) brings renewed optimism and passion to a lot of our fans.
    And it also might help us in tying down deals for our transfer targets too.
    I’ll still be following at which club Allardyce may end up. It’ll be interesting if he can find he clubs where the fans not only support him wholeheartedly but still do so after a couple of seasons.

    • I like and agree with the way you read it. I think he’s already playing his hard done by card ready for the inevitable the only thing worrying me is silence from the club itself but I suppose that’s a double edged sword.
      As for following his future you’re a glutton for punishment lol but it could be fun time travelling back to the eighties where he could take charge of Wimbledon,he’d be in long ball heaven

  9. Well i have a plan,how about we try to get him appointed as the next North Korean national team manager.I heard they have been know to disappear abruptly,never to be seen again,lol.Well he is off on his hard earned holidays i read,so im wanting to hear on monday he has been released & lining up this North Korean adventure πŸ˜‰

  10. Thank goodness Laudrup does not want to come to us. I agree with Bubs and Qickdraw. If it was down to me I would be wanting to talk to Warburton, Howe and De Boer if possible. As fans, there is much we don’t know about managers but those three have “something”. They may or may not be right for us but I would want to listen to their ideas. We ideally want someone with a prospect of staying long term and driving our project. I don’t think Bilic or Benitez are that type.

  11. I agree with some comments. In my opinion West Ham need first of all a manager who can bring a clear football philosophy: amusing football, Ball on the field and youth Development. I think the perfect managers are: De Boer, Klopp and Howe… Benitez, Bielsa and Bilic are great manager, but maybe they build their teams thanks to big budgets. Anyway, 6 wonderful managers.

  12. Ahah… Anyway… Quick, what time is it?? Lol

    • Roughly 7,360 minutes until goodbye at St James and then another 1,440 minutes until the permanent goodbye. Keep the faith Matte not long now

      • Ahaha… Thanks Quick you’re better than Big Ben… I keep the faith, Sam is a dead fat walking. Lol

        • Walking out of our lives forever thank God. With the comments today and press reports I can feel the faith growing.

  13. Big Sams Claret & Blue Army!!!

  14. ahahah… Spoonie, you got that line on reverb or something? lol

  15. Do you think spoonie is Kev,s little sister that was taken from her crib as a baby and raised
    By monkeys at wetpants.com,s head quarters,

    • ahahah… maybe bubs, everything is possible in the magic world of the Sam Lovers.. lol

  16. Matte he has returned again but you would have thought they would have taught him more than one song,
    Like the other versions
    No cajones SAMs claret and blue army
    Monkey and bellends claret and blue army
    Spoonie and little kevs Claret and blue army

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