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Lawrenson at it again

MarkLawrenson1This really needs no comment from me other than to say that Mark Lawrenson’s animosity towards West Ham is now beyond a joke.

Having predicted our demise in virtually – if not every game this season – he is at it again ahead of the match against Chelsea tomorrow afternoon.

Here’s what TV’s most miserable pundit has to say:

Chelsea still beat Aston Villa last week, albeit without playing particularly well, and I see a similar outcome this time after what could be a horrible scrappy game.

West Ham have only won one out of four games at home, compared to four out of five away, and I don’t think they will get much joy out of trying to hit Chelsea on the break at Upton Park.

Horrible scrappy game –  “NURSE!!!”

Lawro’s predicton 0-1

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

20 comments on “Lawrenson at it again

  1. He really is a prize pr***

  2. Obviously still suffering from our little visit to his old haunting ground.
    He’d be dangerous if he had a brain.

  3. Horrible scrappy Pundit – Big Hunt

    Now he should be sacked from any job as a pundit
    What did he predic a 6-0 victory for Liverpool
    Sad Sad Barstool

  4. The pic certainly looks like the scarecrow from the wiz of oz Marko !!!!!
    So you might be spot on there !!!!

    What a thick northern ponce !!!!! What a mug !!!!!
    Even his wife has left him for pinocio , hence no wedding ring on MOTD !!!!!!

  5. He had a wife ?
    I thought he was Hansons boy friend,walking hand in hand down the isle in Morrisons,
    Like Ant and Dec
    Pinocio one wooded Dick for another

  6. Worzel Gummidge put the wrong head on again.

  7. Simply very, very out of touch.

  8. How can he see this as a scrappy game, I think it will be one of the best games this season

  9. Good news for us him and Merson tip us for defeat again, COYI !!!!

  10. If you fell you have to respond to this guy, surely our team doing that on a consistent basisis the best one
    Personally I think you should all follow the philoshy of my old boss when a piece of rubbish like this came up. he would say “Frankly, who gives a sh…t ” and frankly, who needs to.

  11. You mean scarecrow and shrek don’t you 32 lol ,,,,
    Rumour has it that the crows wife caught him, keys and plug at it !!!!!!
    Which proves that they are up each others arses even after work !!!!!!!
    What with the hippo cross dressing as well !!!!!!
    What’s it all coming to ?

  12. Good, let him. The more he predicts we’ll lose, the more we go out and win and show him for the prawn he is

  13. Disagree with you on that one canchaz!!
    When you get attacked again and again by the same nobs I’m afraid that’s what we do in the east end !!!!! Winning games is just a bonus !!!
    No man takes **** with a pinch of salt .
    Remember this we supporters don’t start these conversations , the muppets do !!!!!!
    Where I was brought up you never turn you’re back on anyone that wants a fight ,!!!
    You av it win or lose , its called pride !!!

  14. One of the many problems with this guy is that he is not interested in any teams outside of those who normally occupy the top 5 places and hates the fact that we are above his Liverpool. Sad old man who the BBC should have kicked out years ago

  15. Ignoring his previous predictions, I do understand his point with our home form…… But to say this will be a horrible scrappy games just shows what a joke this bloke is.

  16. The worst thing about this tw*t is not the verbal diarrhoea he gushes, it’s the fact that we all pay his wages.

  17. His league table has us in the relegation zone with just 1 win & 2 draws

    Lets prove him wrong again today 🙂

  18. WEST HAM 2 – Chelsea 1 — He should become a Weather Man !

  19. Taxi for Lawro please…

  20. What a hunt you are lawro !!!!!!
    Total waiste of space, Ffs BBC sack this biased piece of shi£ and a few others to boot and employ people who are football fans.,

    Wrong again Muppet 2 – 1 to the hammers !!!!!
    For the perfect weekend scousers to lose to the saints !!! Heaven !!!!!!

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