Legend Parkes so glad Allardyce has gone!

PParkesWest Ham legend Phil Parkes is delighted that Sam Allardyce is gone!

In a no punches pulled exclusive interview with ClaretandHugh the brilliant former keeper declared as we told him the news: “So it’s official – thank God.”

And he added: “I’m not surprised. I didn’t watch the game today just as I have tried to avoid watching for the past two or three months. I can’t watch that stuff and I have felt so sorry for our fans who have paid to do so. It’s been dreadful.”

Parksey poured brutal scorn on every reason for keeping Allardyce declaring: “They say he keeps teams up but had it not been for a good start we’d have been in the same position as Newcastle today, or perhaps even worse.

“I’ve never seen him as a safer pair of hands than many but I’ve seen him provide come awful football. Some of it has been as bad as anything I’ve seen at this club.”

Never a lover of the Allardyce ‘brand,’ Phil finally lost it with him  when the cupped ear incident happened against Hull last season.

He said: “You don’t do that to our fans who are the greatest around. He never bought into the history of this amazing club or the passion of those fantastic supporters and that was his biggest problem.”

“John Lyall  would have come out afterwards and apologised to them if a team of his had played like that and said the opposition  should have won as they deserved. John understood the way West Ham managers behave. Sam didn’t.

“This has been a long time coming and I’m glad the Sam era has gone, We deserve a quality manager for our quality supporters and quality club. But I’ll leave it to the owners to find him..”




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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

22 comments on “Legend Parkes so glad Allardyce has gone!

  1. Well said Parksie,least you have the balls to say it how it is.Though im sure now you will not be a favourite with the Sammerettes anymore 😉

  2. well said Parkesy

  3. Come on Sammerettes,come tell Parksie he doesnt know what he is on about.Bunch of mugs!!!!

  4. Well said Parksey,top man,quality keeper.As for rhe sammerettes,let them bleat & cry.They are just cowards,scared of change!

  5. Umm – why didn’t he speak earlier?

    The backstabbers will come out of the woodwork now!

    It’s time to draw a line under the BFS era and move on – a big,black has been lifted – no more negativity, time to look forward to a new man, new ideas, more positivity, no more excuses!

    Good luck the the two Dave’s!

  6. Never going to wetpants again,it brings tears to my eyes to see a couple on there still licking Hippos jacksie.Ffs;)

  7. I was there today and, in all honesty, I’ve never seen our away support so apathetic. Even when we are losing, there is passion there, whether it be trying to motivate the players forward to get back into the game or venting their spleens at how poorly they may be playing. Today, there was just nothing, and I think that shows that, over the last couple of years, the life has been sucked out of us watching what we’ve been watching week after listless, lifeless week, with the odd exception. I think that, the win at White Hart Lane last season, and at home to Chelsea the year before that, were in spite of rather than the result of the manager. These are sadly isolated incidents in a chain of mediocrity. Can you blame us for not taking to what has been put in front of us?

  8. I would agree with all he said, except Sam not being a safe pair of hands. His record proves he is that if nothing else.
    Fingers crossed for a quality manager. ( not Bielsabub or McClaren lol )

    • Hahaha,you & your bloody Bielsabub 😀

    • Your almost as deluded as He is.
      Did you watch that apathetic rubbish today. 2 poor attempts on goal against a team who have lost 9 out of 10. Carlton Cole looked like He was already running around on holiday chasing a beach ball. The saddest thing is the good guys like Cresswell, & Kouyate are being dragged down into the dross along with the others. Good Gracious a safe pair of hands….no his record shows we would have been relegated but for October & November when Sahko was a revelation and saved our necks. ( Oh yes and by the way Allaqrdyce didn’t want him either !!!)

      • Well said Hammerman6 but the pundits were all sucking his coc* right up to the last minute! And this genius (his word definitely not the fans choice of *****r, Awful, deluded or muppet) still reckons we had a good season!
        After the pathetic attempt playing only 9 men on the pitch, well Nolan and Cole do not count. I was surprised when he took off Wylie to be honest. He also reckons he had built the club up! Should have gone to specsavers! The only thing he built up was his bank balance. 13th Highest paid football manager and yes 4 years ago we could have had Ancelotti but the David’s preferred Sam!
        If the two David’s give the new manager the backing they gave to useless then we will be alright. The future’s bright the futures a new manager

  9. I said keep the faith lads! won`t even comment on today`s game, except I was surprised that he played Nolan… NOT!
    Looking forward to next season now, COYI.

  10. Next season looks a whole lot brighter now!

    What’s the best place to go for transfer rumours?

  11. Brilliantly put by my hero Mr Phil Parkes, You said it all mucker, sadly the owners didn’t see it the same way maybe they were waiting for someone special. We will see shortly COYI

  12. I agree but wished he had grown a pair and said 2 months ago,
    And his record proves he served up dross week after week,the reason we have survived is because of the amount of teams that come up that are not good enough to stay up,
    Good riddance

  13. Nice to know someone like Parks gives exactly the same reason as oneself when it came to pointing out why we had to let Sam go.
    The second half of our season showed clearly that our first half success was merely an accident of circumstances brought on by injuries. That team, who had us all raving, was on the pitch purely because Sam had no other choice. The tragedy for us was, that instead of counting his blessings, Sam’s ego drove him to play his team, no matter what and the end result is what we have had to witness for all these months.

  14. Who has taken control of canchaz body and mind,is this the person who only a day a go was warning us to be careful for what we wish for,
    I like the new canchaz welcome alien be gone the other being who ever you were

  15. I think Phil got it all spot on and great of him to come out with the spot on comments about this odious man . . . Phil great player and servant to West Ham, will shake him by the hand in the bar when (if) I see him when in UK for a game . . .

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