Leroy claims our problem clear “to a blind man”

LEROY (1)West Ham’s problem at the moment is clear to a blind man!

There’s too many mistakes at the back and a lot of panicky defending going on and it has to stop. Mistakes are becoming heightened because they keep leading to goals and I am starting to feel a little sorry for the manager.

I was glad to hear him mention it very forthrightly today because there’s too many experts out there with theories which are just daft. Our problems are being caused by defenders diving in when they should be standing off.

Sunderland scored one very good goal on Saturday from a free kick but the second was down to another mistake although the finish was good.

In the end we should have got a third goal such was our dominance in the second half. There was plenty of composure and patience but sadly we couldn’t kill them off when I had the feeling they were there for the taking.

I see an awful lot of Premier League football and you can’t beat it for excitement but it’s wide open this year and a team like the Hammers can definitely come through and make a real impact.

Clubs are being a lot more careful who they buy and the fees they pay. We did our homework well and came up with Dimi Payet  who is a brilliant player and unlikely to become a big target for other clubs at his age.

Johan Cabaye is another decent buy at Palace and it will be interesting to see who is the most effective of him or Payet when we meet after the international break.

For all the mistakes, trus me, this is as good a Hammers squad as we’ve had for several years and a op six or seven finish is within our capabilities.


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9 comments on “Leroy claims our problem clear “to a blind man”

  1. Leroy hits the nail right on the head – stop making silly mistakes, particularly one’s that lead to goals – genius!!

  2. As. You say Leroy a blind man can see it,
    If we didn’t make the mistakes we would be top .
    But the first goal was down to jenks, conned into it ! a foul that should not have happened,
    he needs to get a bit more streetwise , he was far to close to the back of the player and he just took advantage of it , they clearly used jenks to get the free kick which they planed !!
    He dives in to often and makes silly mistakes , he just can’t defend very well !!!!
    It needs to stop, personally I would drop him for the palace game and play tonks there with ogbonna and obiang in place of noble,
    Song is sorely missed , noble seems to have.no pace, why is that ! He has not been the same player since he returned from that injury last year,

  3. Agree about the free kick, Jenks was plain stupid to fall for that. Once Songs back my central midfield pair would be Kouyate & Song .. right now id also have Obiang in front of Noble cuz Nobes is way off of his best.

    Its great having so much depth & I cant see this season fading like so many in the past, in fact other squads like Leicester & Palace are much weaker so they should find things much tougher when the season grinds out the winter months

  4. “clear to a blind man” no wonder this site attracts so many Neanderthals – it’s like the 1970’s as far as being politically correct is concerned. You’d think Leroy would know better.

  5. You think dick4brains would get tired of keep writing rubbish 24/7
    It is very simple we have gone from a defensive thinking team with a respect the point mentality to an attacking side whose defenders are not up to coping with one on one situations,
    Don’t care 2/2 again entertaining football good point away from home and more lessons learnt,
    Good article Leroy shame you don’t know as much as don’t ck above

  6. Who the f*ck came up with a name you use douche bag, you do know its a fanny rinse,!
    don’t you !!!!
    First time I’ve ever heard a fanny with an opinion that is complete boll*x
    You a bird or a bloke !!!

  7. Why is no one mentioning the terrible performances by noble most of the errors leading to goals conceding is from noble he needs to be dropped, the defence in my eye’s have been performing better then any westham team in a long time.

  8. Well yes he’s right?but any team have got the same problem?? But if nobody makes a mistake any where at all it would end up a boring nil nli draw with hardly any team getting any points!! Champions would win the league with 40 points??

  9. No ones talks about Nobles performances Robbo.It is a sin amongast some fans to even suggest he had a bad game,lol

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