Leroy delivers his Rovers/Irons verdict

LEROY (1)I don’t have the slightest doubt that the Hammers will beat Blackburn Rovers in the FA Cup at Ewood Park tomorrow even with some difficult injury problems.

There’s a problem at right back and at centre forward which isn’t ideal but the squad will have far too much for Rovers if they approach the game with the right attitude.

And to be honest I don’t have a single worry on that score because we have shown ourselves as a big occasion side anyway and even when things aren’t going great like last weekend, we have shown ourselves to possess the grit to tough things out and get a result.

The only issue is the unpredictability of the FA Cup but the reality is we should be far too strong for a Championship side currently in 18th place.

It looks very much as though Michail Antonio will take over at right back and knowing the young man’s approach to things I know he’ll do a job in there for 90 minutes.

Emenike looks set for the front role and there could hardly be a better game for him to show what he’s all about. It could be a real confidence builder for him.

Slav would have rotated the squad if everybody was fit and although the situation isn’t ideal in those two positions we’ll cope and I see a comfortable victory ahead.

Ewood Park is a great stadium with a fine surface and with over 7,000 Hammers inside we will create one hell of an atmosphere



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11 comments on “Leroy delivers his Rovers/Irons verdict

  1. I just expect us to be to strong for Rovers,even with the players missing we have a better then last year and a winning mentality,
    I would be shocked if we don’t win by 2 goals or more

  2. Totally agree.But would like to add ” Come on guys star fast not like at Norwich or Newcastle..Put them on the back foot from the whistle” COYI

  3. I really have to laugh when people ask the players to start fast. IMO the negative approach to games i.e. starting with 3 holding midfielders is the primary reason why we are not starting games well enough. I am also beginning to see that Bilic is not learning from his mistakes. I believe his style is counter attacking but you need 3 players breaking from midfield plus one of your to holding players. I just find his team selections very strange. The club has backed him big time and he has all this attacking quality yet he is only playing 3 of them in each game from the start. The minute he changed last week against Norwich and went more attacking everyone could see how good we were. I put the blame entirely on the management – I like Bilic so I hope he sees this for himself.

    • Got to love a fan who could manage in the premier league.Go to Blackburn Johnham you always seem to know far more than managers do.Win the cup for us.As for three holding players.I have onky seen that when Kouyate is out.If you consider him a holding mid you really aint management material.

  4. Del Boy, do you see Kouyate as an attacking player – sorry I cannot see it, and I am not having a pop. It is just my opinion he has to be one of the two midfielders and given the remit to get forward when he can. He is not a striker nor is he an attacking player. But I suppose this is why football is so good because we all have different opinions. I would love to see Bilic play him in this role with Lanzini, Payet and Moses, with Emmenike up top but I cant see Bilic doing this – its just an opinion I have.

    • Kouyate is a box to box beast.Ofc he is not an attacker but neither is he a holding midfielder.No way in a fit.As Del Boy said,the only time we have played what you could consider 3 holding midfielders has been in Cheiks absence.If he is available we always play 2 of 3 Noble with Song or Obiang.Lets face it we all think we know better than a manager but if were in a dugout managing in the premiership against another prem manager we would be curled up in a corner crying ater 10mins.We know jack really no matter how much we love to call ourselves knowledgable,lol

  5. We have the strongest squad in **** knows how long, 7th in the PL only 1 point off 5th & if we beat blackburn we will be in the 1/4 finals of the fa cup. But some still have to find a negative point. I guess some are never happy whatever happens.

  6. No one is being negative and I can understand the comments about starting games with a negative selection,
    If you sit back and take the pressure and wait only for the break you need outstanding defenders,tomorrow we are down to the bear knuckles in defence plus our second string goalkeeper,( not having a pop at Randolf )
    We have so much talent going forward Payet,Lanzini,Moses,Antonio,( Kouyate) good at the back and not bad going forward,Noble,
    Only Obiang and Song would count as defensive minded to me,but we don’t throw players forward and build the pressure because I think Slav does not quite trust his defence until there is no choice,
    Payet needs freedom which means putting him in a left wing role or any with duties other then finding space is like having a race horse and cutting one leg off,
    We only have 1 CF fit and Antonio looks likely to stRt at right back instead of Oxford,
    That only leaves Lanzini,Moses and Peyet to play up front,which means Noble will play along side Kouyate with Obiang and Song on the bench,which looks great unless the last 2 are told to hold back which is what seems to happen until we concede,
    So can see where John has made his comments,
    It’s down to Slav to fire the starting gun from the first Minute not when we give them a head start,
    Would love the chance to manage this great squad of players so you can put my name forward. As well,

  7. Like fire says lets put em on the back foot from the first whistle and not let up until we have won the match and final whistle is blown COYI!!!

  8. Thanks Bubs, you could not be more right – and that is just my opinion. I just hope we go for it with a positive team selection from the start. Play to our strengths..

  9. Agree 32 put them to the sword in the first 30 minutes then bring on the youngsters for the last 30 to get some playing time

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