Leroy delivers the Slaven verdict


leroylogoI believe West Ham will retain their Premier League status this season and as a result Slav will keep his job.

No, we aren’t safe yet and given that we managed to lose five games on the trot before Saturday let’s take nothing for granted, although eight points clear of Swansea is a sizeable gap for them to breach.

Shock results come along at the end of the season when teams are desperate and it’s important that we grab three points at Sunderland on Saturday .

We need to get this thing done so we can all start looking forward and once it is, the obvious thing to do is to allow Slaven to take us into a third year.

I don’t think he will or believe it would be right to give him a NEW deal  but deserves the opportunity of earning one after a season which has thrown up more difficulties than any I can remember.

He has done a good job negotiating  factors such as the Payet affair and the stadium itself and after a disastrous summer in the transfer market need the chance to learn from that – along I might add with the board.

And whilst on the subject of the Davids and Karren Brady let it be said that whilst there is a place for their views they need to be very careful to ensure people aren’t undermined.

We live in a social media age and it’s good that the fans can sometimes have a direct line to the owners through that or websites but caution has to be the watchword.

I like that they are open and transparent and I’m fine with them  saying  such as “that was a bad peformance” and “we must do better.”

However when it comes to discussing transfers and the like, I draw a line. That should remain in house and details only released when a deal is done.

I think too that at the end of this season everybody needs to sit down and decide whether the current cooperatve recruitment policy is working.

I am convinced that Slaven has the last word and that’s how it should be but nobody seems 100 per cent sure and it might be good if it was explained.

One thing is for sure. Big lessons will, or certainly should have been learned, from this season. Let’s get safe, move on and get things truly sorted for next season.


Leroy is ClaretandHugh’s chief pundit and head analyst for the Premier League

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  • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    Fairly sure most of us would agree with those principles Leroy, lets beat Sunderland think of next season, do the transfer business early if possible and pay the wages required to get the highest quality, there is a rumour we would go for Davy Klaasen from Ajax if true he is exactly the type of player we need although lots of other clubs would also be interested, we should also pay the Spuds whatever it would cost to get Trippier and maybe also Jannsen.

  • jonnyd says:

    At the end of the day our transfer mistakes in the last two widows only came to circa £40m and hopefully by cancelling the loans of Callieri, Tore, and Zaza, and recouping something for Fergoulli and Norvelt and maybe Fonte we can get it right next time without too many accrued losses.Whoever made last years decisions needs to be much more forensic next time around.

  • FUGMASTER says:

    Nicely weighted piece Leroy, but I’d draw the line on offering Slav an immediate contract extension, until perhaps half-way through next season; I for one hope it all goes well for him, but remain uncertain? COYI

  • Daboiflip says:

    If we beat sunderland we shouldnstart planning for next season get the targets identified and ok by who ever so we can get in and get out and have no panic buys i also think we should be prepared to loose one or 2 of our best players players like lanzini and antonio will defiantly be looked at so if we plan accordingly we should do well goong from if everyone involved learns from this season.

  • PopRobson says:

    I don’t always agree with you Leroy but I think this is spot on. Let’s get safe and then let’s review, Slav cannot be given a new deal yet, he has failed this season whichever way you look at it but there have been issues he has had to deal with. Keep him for next season but judge him on his performance and reward or otherwise accordingly. I for one am just so fed up with our complete capitulation to all of the ‘top’ teams yet Palace can beat Chelsea and Arsenal. Completely agree that the David’s need to learn to keep their chips dry and as for Ms Brady well wouldn’t be sorry to see her bottom disappearing into the Westfield melee for the last time.

    • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

      Agree with everything you said Pop especially the capitulations, saying that also agree he deserves a shot with some high quality additions, my gut feeling is that not too much will change but he deserves the opportunity because this season has been one of challenges on and off the pitch.

  • John says:

    Billic won’t get a new contract before the new year and rightly so in my view. He needs to get off to a great start in 2017/18 and if does he will deserve a new contract.

    I’ve just read that Millwall have been voted the Football Leagues top family club. Is that because they’re all related to one another?

  • Michael Miller says:

    I agree that West Ham will stay up but I think Slaven has done a disappointing job this year – he’ll have to carry the can for a seriously disappointing transfer window and a really underwhelming Season. The West Ham squad has never been weaker. He might not have been responsible for the debacle but his judgement of players must be deeply questioned.

    The whole Payet affair has to be answered for as well.

    Bilic’s staff will be cleared out, they may as well get rid of him at the same time!

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