Leroy: “Don’t worry – Sunderland have nothing”

leroylogoDon’t worry about tomorrow – Sunderland are down end of and they really are the worst team in the Premier League by a considerable distance.

People say they will fight – no they won’t. Don’t worry about that – they don’t fight at all. It’s a long long time since I’ve seen such a poor Premier League team.

I keep reading about Jermain Defoe but in my job at the Premier League I have to watch every team and the fact is that Jermain doesn’t have the legs to get in behind anymore.

He needs players to support and open up space for him and you know what – they’re aren’t any.

I’m really not gonna spend too much time discussing this match because how do you discuss such a poor side. Honestly Sunderland have nothing and I can’t see beyond a West Ham win – minimum scoreline 2-0.

And even if something goes seriously wrong and we only get a draw that should be enough to ensure safety.

It’s the perfect game for us after the win over Swansea and although football is a “funny old game” it’s not so finny as to expect anything other than a Hammers win.

I expect the Hammers to totally control the game and give the Hammers fans a long celebration journey home as we get ready for another year in the Premier League.


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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

20 comments on “Leroy: “Don’t worry – Sunderland have nothing”

  1. LMao talk about sticking your head on the block Leroy! 2-0 Sunderland then and Defoe to score them both.

    I hate stats like Sunderland haven’t won since February, against Sam’s Palace and haven’t scored in 10 games or whatever. Oh hello here comes West Ham!

    Ok that said yeah I think we will win. I jolly well hope so

  2. Lol thats it Leroy positive vibes,the nappy fillers will be horrified 😂😂

  3. with the right patched up side we should win. A good game to let Fernandes loose from the beginning. Hopefully Byram continues his progress up there.

  4. Well, I suppose that it’s your job to make these assessments, Leroy; but you are really setting yourself up for a fall here ! I hope that you have got it right, but 60 years of supporting West Ham have led me to expect anything ! Form & logical assessment goes out of the window whenever we play anyone.

  5. As ever, always great to hear from ‘Rosey’. Top man. Wish we had more like him now. But he is right. Time for everyone to man up, show some James Collins spirit and put them to the sword. So glad we will never see Defoe again in a West Ham shirt. Sorry for them, a great club but, as ever, the fans are let down by luke warm players. They’ll be back but, this season, sure to be relegated. Perhaps Defoe will stay this time as this is his best meal ticket. Irrelevant though. He has nothing to do with The Irons and soon will have nothing to do with Premiership football.

  6. What a ridiculous arrogant article! If we go out with that attitude against a side who are fighting for their lives in front of their own fans, we will lose. They see tomorrow as one game they can win and if we not wary of that we’ll come unstuck.

    • Yep ridiculpus and arrogant which is obviously why he is the PL’s top analyst LOL

      • Premier league Top analyst according to who? You don’t need to be an analyst to know Sunderland aren’t very good. That’s why their bottom of the league. His analyst skills must be why he was such a successful manager then.

  7. How much did Sunderland pay you to provide Moyes with his pre-match teamtalk?

  8. How dare you tell the truth Leroy .What makes you think you can say what nearly every other pundit has been saying all season.
    Actually they have been saying the same about Sunderland for the last three or four seasons but what gives you the right too lol

  9. Ex player or not… what a plonker

  10. Plonker? Why cos he disagrees with you – love the logic lol

  11. I dont get some of you guys.You seem to be permanently on the look out for someone or something to do with our team to moan about or dismantle.
    What a strange bunch…

    • Most of us have been going to watch West Ham for over 40 years. Moaning is all we know because we have been driven to it by decades of psychological stress caused by owners, chairmen, managers and players of West Ham United. There is no way back to normality.

  12. We all know that Sunderland are the worst team at the moment ?? But being West ham since 1963 !! I’ve seen them lose to the worst?? Me,, I’m not forecssting the score ?? But i hope they win 😂

  13. Surely, even the most cynical of hammers fans can see that Sunderland are so poor at the moment we cant fail to lose.
    I reckon a 2-1 win

  14. Rosie has only said what 99% of supporters think and ex pros in the media have said about Sunderland.
    I have read pundits say far more less flattering things about them.
    God knows why some of you think what he says is wrong or out of order.He has said it exactly how it is…

  15. Well that forecast was the kiss of death Leroy. Sunderland haven’t scored at home since January 4th. West Ham visit and Sunderland score twice.

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