LEROY: “I don’t see a Sam team attacking City”

LEROY (1)I’m sorry everybody but those who follow me regularly on this site know I try to call it as I see it and I fear for the Irons at Man City tomorrow.

I can see absolutely nothing for us at the Etihad because I don’t think they will go up there to have a go as most of us would hope.

Sam’s natural caution will come to the fore and if he starts – as expected with Carlton Cole and Enner Valencia – they will almost certainly be told to push wide and stop the wing backs attacking.

With nothing to lose and a much needed win required it would be good to think we will go up there and attack them because if you press them high they are not that great defensively.

But I really don’t see that happening and I think it will be a long afternoon for everybody as we sit deep and surrender possession to them.

City are hurting – they are a team in poor form and I see them really coming at us. I so  hope I’ve read this wrong and that Sam goes up there and gives it a real go.

Unfortunately we know that’s not really his psyche and I see us coming away on the wrong end of a 2-0 or worse defeat.

Sorry and all that but I’ve never been one to gild the lily.



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25 comments on “LEROY: “I don’t see a Sam team attacking City”

  1. I think everyone is fearing the worst,there is not a cat in hells chance that the genius will do anything other than set us up to defend & try & stifle them.Maybe he will see if he can better last weeks lack of possesion,34% last match,maybe he wants to hit the 20s this time.Personally i would rather see us have a go & get humped than park the Allerdici bus & still get humped 😉

  2. anything less than 3-0 will be a surprise to me

  3. That’s really strange… Usually the Genius practices a total attacking football… Tomorrow he’ll try to respect the point at all costs. Nothing new under the sun, it’ not rocket science… We must start to prepare us now for the usual boring football. I will not say my prevision, but it’s the same thing an intelligent child would say…


  4. Can’t see us scoring. It’s a pretty sad day when the best result we can hope for is 0-0.

  5. I still aint convinced he will even play Cole & Valencia in the same team tomorrow.Nolan will comeback,he cant drop his boy for two games running,that aint part of the deal.So Cole for Sakho,Nolan for Valencia.All sit behind the ball & happy days.Ffs,this is one of the main reasons i despise Sams philosphy on football,his first thought is how to pick a team for damage limitation.Most Irons fans wouldnt mind if we lose having a go,but what p*sses the majority of us off is turning up to watch a team who have no intention of giving it a right good go.It happened at Chelsea,it happened at Liverpool & we were feable in both games.Now the maestro will do exactly the same tomorrow,ffs,we have nothing to lose this season now.It always seems that Allardyce is trying to cover his own ass so he doesnt take a thumping..Ok,the game hasnt happened yet,but i bet we can all pretty much guess what the reports in the monday papers will say!

  6. Just got home and found we have dropped another place and good bye to another million pounds,anything except 3 points tomorrow and BFS should go.
    I know that’s sounds hard with our injuries but you make your own bed,
    He can play Nene and Valencia with Downing sitting behind with a strong three defensive midfielders Song,Poyet and Koyuate and are best back 4 and keeper,not a bad team and give it ago 1 point now is no good to anyone,
    It’s up to him if he does not go for it GET RID OF BFS

  7. Aaarggh,dont get me started on the park the bus principal.1) it invariably ends in disaster anyway.2)it is sh*t when you pay your haed earned to watch your team away & all they do is sit waiting for the other team to have a go at them & 3)Sam only does it to protect his own ego as the most flexible,sophsticated manager in the league.As long as he doesnt get thumped it is seen as a fair result.
    I hate watching matches when a team plays to get whatever they can from a game by inviting a team to attack them all match & apart from when its the irons i love it when the team that sets up to not get beaten gets whats coming to them for being so negative.People pay good money to watch a football match.Not f*cking attack v defence for 90mins.We have absolutely nothing to lose,everyone expects us to lose,why just go there & play like intimidated school boys against men.Go there & give it a real good go,if it doesnt pay off then fine.But i would rather say we lost trying than sat in front of our penalty box for 90mins.Stats tomorrow,almost guaranteed,well not guaranteed,lol,- possesion% 68-32 man city,shots 22-5 man city,shots on target 12-2.I can see it now.Damn this Samuel is turning me into a manic depressant 😀

  8. Sorry Rads but you’re wrong: My sophisticated computer says:

    Possession: 80%-20% city
    Shots: 30-1 city
    On target : 30-0 city
    Sophisticated subs: 3-0 whu
    Long balls: 60-3 whu
    New sophisticated excuses post match: 3

  9. Haha,ok,fair enough Matte,i know your computer never lies 😉

  10. Never, remember…;-) ahahaha

  11. What % does it give on bubs getting some stats cabinet action tonight?lol 😀

  12. Ahagahah… Sorry bubs, but my sophisticated computer doesn’t even accept rads question… Ahah I don’t know why… 🙂

  13. the only thing he will attack tomorrow is hes sunday lunch

  14. Im sure as professional footballers there can be nothing worse than going into a game knowing you cant have a right good go at the opposition but be told to you are going to spend 90mins parking the Allerdici Bus.I can see nothing more than that happening,the genius has pretty much said it is whay we will do.The end result will still be same either way,we will humped,the difderence is we will get humped having never given it a go.Ffs Allardyce frustrates me so much.

  15. One of my lads has gone up there today.I just hope he aint going to see an embaressment of a performamce.Its ok for Allardyce to bang on about being more defensive(park the bus) but some of our lads are paying big bucks relatively speaking to travel up there & watch the game.Im sure if bfs was a supporter he wouldnt want to pay his hard earned cash to watch a 10-0-0 formation,lol 😉

  16. No Nolan today,well thats a small positive to take pre match.

  17. Ahah… Don’t worry chicken, Nolaninho is the Sam’s secret weapon… We’ll see him in the 2nd half. Lol

  18. Haha,i hope not.I would prefer to see amalifitano or nene first,but that wont happen.Sam wants to keep the board & fans happy by playing two forwards.He is running scared for his job now,lol 😉

  19. Bubs must be in his local bar now telling all the spanish how much he loves BFS.I can just imagine him shouting at the tv,haha 😀

  20. Ahahah… My computer says… Minute 68: Nolan replaces Valencia… Lol

  21. My computer says ’56 min- Bubs gets thrown out of bar for calling Sam…Hippo Head,lol 😀

  22. Ahanahaha… It’s fantastic!


  23. F*cking Sam,we are losing & all he does is disappear lower & lower into his seat,not giving a sh*t.This is a joke,enough is enough Chairmen!!!!!!!

  24. What a b*stard.I want D&G to see that image over & over.We go 1-0 down & our 3m manager just slumps lower into his seat.What a total sh*thead.Show them it Hugh,show them what a waste of money they employ.

  25. Did not get thrown out the game was not on,sorry stingray bu did watch Valencia loose 2-0 which has got everyone as depressed as me,
    No stats today but with a bit of luck tomorrow

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