Leroy: Lots of brave talk but season looks over

LEROY (1)Let’s be 100 per cent up front about it – the Hammers bubbles have been bursting at a rate of knots and I can’t fancy them to beat Leicester City tomorrow.

The season looks all over to me. Of course there will be a lot of brave talk about finishing with a flourish but once you have hit the sort of run we have been on, that’s what it usually is …TALK!

Despite their results – and they were well unlucky to get beat by Spurs 4-3 – City have been playing some great stuff. We haven’t.

And with no Enner Valencia available it’s all gonna be on Diafra Sakho’s shoulders again which will be a real test for the lad – good as he is.

City – as Rob Savage said here yesterday – have nothing to lose and I expect Nigel Pearson to go two- up as the Foxes go in search of a win and a miracle.

As for us, we are playing for pride now and those players who are close to Sam Allardyce may be concerned for their futures.

I said in a previous piece on the site that players don’t care who the manager is so long as they are playing but those Sam likes may not be if he’s not around next term and that will be preying on their minds.

Hugh said yesterday he’d like to see Nene get a run-out. So would I because whenever he’s appeared he’s shown flair and ingenuity. I’m not  sure he’ll get on of course but he should – good player.

It’s all been very disappointing after such a start to the season and the team have a long way to come to retain that level of performance.

For me tomorrow it looks like 1-1 AT BEST!


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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

17 comments on “Leroy: Lots of brave talk but season looks over

  1. Spot on as usual Leroy.Nice to have an ex-pro come on here who says it how it is 😉

  2. Certainly has been very disappointing after such a great start.Shame is that we now sit 9pts behind Spurs in 7th.The decline has been awful.People will point to the odd injury here & there but take a team like Southampton,they have had a fair share of injuries as well but still stayed up there.There is no way they have a superior squad to us.Koeman however has used them to best effect,Sam hasnt done that with ours.Im sure Sam fans will disagree but im not really sure there is a viable arguement to say he has used the players to their full potentials or best effect.We had a good thing going & i can see no one else about other than Sam who can take the blame for the replacement of a winning formula back to his tried & trusted.Its unfortunate i must say.

  3. Unfortunately there are players who don’t care who the manager is as long as they pick up the money each week. Too many see playing as secondary. In my opinion contracts should be more attached to performance and final league position. This will stop players attitude towards the end of the season if the club are safe.

  4. I agree 100% Leyroy,that’s why we have nothing to loose by playing Oxford,Poyet Nene and Alfitano ( not all at the same time )
    Let’s play some happy football that puts smiles on the fans faces

  5. There is more chance of O’Brien starting with Sakho than there is of Nene starting a game,lol,Allardyce didnt want him,Allardyce wont play him.Zarate MK2,simple as that.

    • yep exactly…..I have more chance of starting than Nene or Amalfitano (new contract or not). BFS will continue to play his negative football until the last game. Employing his tried and tested failures. Leroy is absolutely right our seasons done. I predicted 47 points in Jan when we just managed to beat Leicester at home…the writing was on the wall then, We still havn’t reached that yet!!, and I am very concerned tomorrow is another day for the loyal to watch through their fingers. Never thought this ever before but roll on the last day.

  6. We all want to see Burke, Oxford, Poyet given a chance but no they wont be because we have a small minded ego focused manager – its all about him !! He will continue to play Nolan and O’Brien because he wants results so his record stands up. I cant understand how the owners have been conned for so long by this man. They obviously want to keep him happy more so than the fans – incredible to think this really.

  7. We all saw how much game time Nene would be afforded when the genius dragged Jarvis from his winter hibernation to play instead.Im sorry but Sam is a moron.He plays two wingers with only Sakho upfront then after the game says he changed things at halftime because Diafra was lacking support.No sh*t sherlock,we could have told you that before the game.It doesnt take 3m large in your bank account to work that out!

  8. Leroy’s as per usual States the ‘bleeding obvious’ – Leicester are scratching for their lives whereas our Season is pretty much over.

    Part of me hopes that West Ham screw up the last few matches and guarantee the end of the BFS regime – if the team get a couple of positive results there’s always a chance of the Dave’s sticking with the ‘Devil they know’ – it’s a bit of a conundrum!

    • Leroy talks sense….He knows the club inside, and has been there and done it. We are only fans, loyal, and only wish the best for our club, but just fans, he is the Ex Pro. I think he is a great acquisition for this site, and he is honest.
      I do agree, however with your other sentiments its a crying shame that you and many others feel like this. I really hope this mentality gets back to the David’s.

  9. Haha,i think you are working on the short term pain for long term gain principal Michael 😀

  10. Yeah I can hear Cottee and all the others saying the same can’t you Mr Miller? Very harsh as usual

    • Lol,Cottee is the epitome of an ex-pro who tows the party line.He has gone rather quiet recently though since proclaiming that we should sign Sam up immediately back in jan or feb.I think it is a breath of fresh air to have someone like Leroy who isnt scared to say it as he sees it 😉

  11. Leroy I agree with you… but I’m not so sure about a draw… Sir Sam said ““Leicester will be up for it and I think they’ve got great hope that they stay up. When you’re fighting for Premier league survival it can bring out the best in players”. translation if West Ham loses tomorrow “I told you it was not an easy match, what do you want from me?”. It would not be an excuse but only the experience of a winning manager… lol

  12. It’s always great to read what ex-players have to say about the club and it’s a privelege to have Leeeeee-roy writing on here. Saw him make his debut, and respect him and what he says!

    BUT, I’ve kinda lost interest now since the slump…. I don’t believe we will pick up many more points and all the positives that we had at the beginning of the season have sadly gone out of the window 🙁

    Not many players are playing for the shirt, we aren’t fighting for our lives for a change, and most of our focus is on who will be in charge at the end of the season. If Mr Excuses were to motivate the players enough, have them in their correct positions (injury permitting) and not just have one up top (clearly our leading scorer Sakho can’t play that role) I might be a bit more interested. We have some great flair players, that are not given a chance, we have youth players that could be given a run out.. but NO! BFS knows best…. Surely what the majority of fans think filters back to him somehow, but arrogant to the bitter end.

    Gone are the days I would stay up till the end of MOTD to watch us play this style of football… It’s very sad! We need something to be excited about in our last season at the Boleyn out of respect to the great players who have graced the turf over the years. I really hope a NEW project starts next season that will sucessfully take us with PRIDE into the OS, playing in the Premiership and getting results the right way… All I can say is, it’s time for a change and as ever COYI!

  13. With 8 games left all Ivan read is a lot of supporters with end of season depression,
    So if we are getting depressed when we are safe why are people still supporting BFS to stay,even when we are fighting for survival at the bottom of the league we are more up beat,
    This club needs a breath of fresh air the same as when the season started with new faces,
    Sorry here I go again but its time for BFS MUST GO.

  14. Well! We,ve got enough points to stay up? So I suppose that’s it then???

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