Leroy: My short list for Sam’s job

LEROY (1)I’ve believed for some time now that this would be Sam Allardyce’s last season as West Ham United’s boss. I have no special information but it’s looked a given for a while.

And shouldthat be how it turns out as looks very likely I believe it will have all be handled perfectly from both Sam and the club’s point of view.

rijkaardIt’s very rare indeed for managers to see out their contracts these days and it will be good to see that happen in this case with Sam probably having left a top ten club behind him.

Some things simply run their course and I believe that’s the case here. His reputation will remain intact and the Hammers can move on probably to a very different kind of football.

Both he and the club have different challenges ahead of them but whoever comes in he will inherit a squad which can only get better.

I think the club needs an ambitious young manager with things to prove and is ready to play in a way with which West Ham have always been associated.

Frank De Boer has to be a candidate if we can get him along with Michael Laudrup but there’s another guy out there who I like – Frank Rijkaard who is currently without a club.

He had a good spell with Barcelona before things went wrong and hasn’t had a real crack at a top club since. He has something to prove to himself and plays the game the way we love. I have a feeling he could be the man for us.

Sean Dyce and Eddie Howe have been mentioned but I don’t think either of them are ready at this stage and would be gambles.

So my short list would come down to Rijkaard, Laudrup and De Boer. Interesting times ahead.

In closing I want to say that the shameful scenes surrounding our chairman David Sullivan absolutely sickened me to the pit of my stomach.

There is absolutely no room for that in out game and I hope the blokes involved feel as disgusted with themselves as I and all right thinking supporters do – you have smeared the name of our great club.

I thought those days were behind us but a small band of verbal terrorists have brought huge shame on us.

David – all our thoughts are with you at this difficult time with your Mum so poorly. Every one of us has you in our thoughts and we apologise for the cowards and the bullies!


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21 comments on “Leroy: My short list for Sam’s job

  1. Rijkaard, Laudrup or Frank De Boer??

    I’ll have a pint of whatever Leroy’s drinking!

  2. Can’t see any of those guys being our next manager,
    they would command huge wages, wan’t a crazy big transfer budget, and on top of that, none have premier league experience,
    while that doesn’t concern me much, the owner are unlikely to risk it, well that’s my opinion, but who knows apart from the owners,

  3. If this is a real short list I feel very very happy.

    My personal classification is:

    De Boer
    Laudrup (I’m a bit perplexed)

  4. Frank de Boer is geting a good reputation within europe as a good younger manager.Taken Ajax to 4 titles,has experience of playing in the champions league.Has the type of playing style most dutch managers believe in.Koeman was little known over here as a manager but look at what he has done at Southampton.They took the calculated risk of bringing him to The Prem & will be playing in Europe next year it seems.Younger managers are the way it is going in the Prem.Dinosaurs went extinct millions of years ago,soon there will be no Samasaurus for us to worry about either 😉

  5. If De Boer comes, Nolan could be perfect as a water boy and Carroll as coat hanger. So the nostalgics would be happy…;-)

  6. Rads not a bad cv 4 titles,is tha t 4 more than BFS ?
    Spencer does it matter how much they earn with the TVS money coming I mean poor old Sam having to live on 4 million a year,
    Liked Bilic as a player but at the moment no CV ( well good as BFS )
    I think Teddy could do the job if he is interested,

  7. I think Bilic should be considered as he is more likely to want the job than the others.

    • Yes Rugby you are on the money again.I really would not be too upset who got the job rather than put up with Allardyce any longer.I trust the owners to hire the right person this time.

  8. Yeah Bubs but only in Holland though,so Sam would say they dont count as titles.I heared that if Sams contract isnt renewed he is going to go & manage the League Champions of The Sciliy Isles.There are only two teams in their league.He wants to know how it feels to be win something in top flight,premier division football.The other team are delighted he is going to their rivals.They aint won the league for 33yrs but now they feel they are in with a real chance 🙂

  9. I agree with you about the abuse of our chairmen and my thoughts are with him and this time shame on the so called fans have they forgot the state of the club when they took over I made the trip and was not happy but to take out on him is out of order hung your head in SHAME

    as for our new BOSS I like to see Bilic take over but I have a feeling that Sam will be offered a 1 year contract

  10. One thing for Bilic,he would definately have empathy & an understanding of the fans.He woildnt mock them at every opportunity like the oaf we have now.If we are actively looking for a new manager as seems to be the case i am inerested in how the pro Sam guys react on here.They have slated guys on here for being on a BFS out bandwagon,knowing nothing about football & not having west hams interests at heart.So does that mean if one of the Davids commented on here saying Sam wasnt good enough & thats why he isnt having his contract renewed they would tell them they know nothing about football,dont care about the club because Allardyce is doing a fantastic job & if they get rid of him them they are mindless fools.I think not!

  11. Rads hope the team in the scily Islands put in a get out clause,
    Do you think Nolan,O,Brien and Carroll will like the scily Islands ?
    Maybe Reid will join he wanted to play for a top 4 team ?

  12. As a Dutch, I’d love to see De Boer as West Ham. The last 5 years he has been great with Ajax, and was able to replace so many players given the people that left during his spell. (Eriksen, Suarez, Siem De Jong and a lot other different but important players)

    Thing is, I think he’s aiming for a high profile club. Clubs like Liverpool, Inter etc. Maybe our hopefully bright future (or atleast the prospect of it) can get him in!

    Rijkaard is one I’m not really sure about, he has neglected a lot of clubs since Barca and, though he was great there, he wasn’t too well in other former clubs (He relegated with Sparta Rotterdam before offered his barca job)

  13. Hi Willem, as Italian I suggest De Boer not to consider Inter as a high profile team. First of all they have Mancini (and fans love him), but above all Italian football (unfortunately) is far from its old glory. It would better for him West Ham, here the future will be shine.

  14. I saw an interview with De Boer a few weeks ago when he said he was open to an approach from Newcastle if he was asked.Now i believe that if he is willing to think about managing them with there crazy off field problems i see no reason he also wouldnt be open to an approach from us.We would offer him a far firmer foundation with our board in place,the chance to take us into an Olympic Stadium & im sure he would be given decent funding to bring in some players he wanted.As for his wages,i cant believe he is on as much or much more than our Samasaurus.If not my other choice would be Nolan as player-manager 🙂

  15. Ahahah… I think mammouth would be his perfect role… 🙂

  16. Never seen as many comments on an article on here……

    Respect Leroys opinion but I’m not convinced hes going.

  17. It’s got to be Warburton or Bilic in my opinion. Both young and intelligent. Sooner we are rid of Sam the better. Why wait?

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