Leroy: One of the worst reffing decisions I’ve seen

LEROY (1)I probably have been but I really can’t remember when I felt so angry about a refereeing decision as Mark Clattenburg’s when sending off Cheik Kouyate this afternoon.

It truly was utterly ridiculous – one of the worst I can recall seeing anywhere at any time – and I’m delighted the Irons immediately announced through ClaretandHugh that they will appeal it.

If they don’t win then there really is something seriously wrong with the game. Cheik stays on the pitch and there’s only one result –  Hammers win. Simple. We were done up. No two ways about it.

That we should draw a game via their two scruffy  goals against ours of the purest quality was shattering. The Payet free kick was – and I rarely use this word – INCREDIBLE.

I don’t know how he does it nd in all my time in this game I have never seen anything like it. Had the keeper stood on the post itself I don’t think he would have stopped it. lt’s magical – absolutely magical.

We were the better team but that terrible decision changed everything and in the end we were denied a win which I think would have been entirely convincing.

But hey, onwards and upwards. It’s Arsenal next and there will be no fear whatsoever. We really are a seriously good team. Bring the Gooners on and COYI.



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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

14 comments on “Leroy: One of the worst reffing decisions I’ve seen

  1. You just summed up my own feelings Leroy
    But just another week as a hammer,
    Entertainment again 90 minutes of good stuff
    Poor old Sunderland fans just another 0-0 glad to see Norwich win again and Swansea
    It’s not that bad life go s on

  2. So far everyone has said it was a shocking decision by the Ref. Jeff Sterling, Stan Collymore, Robbie Savage, Leroy R, Darren Fletcher, Alan Shearer, Slaven Bilic, Alan Pardew. Heck even Garth Crooks said it was never a red. Even Gayle the player for Palace involved has said it was harsh.

    Only person so far that I have seen say it was a RED is that idiot Ian Wight.

    Another game goes by where again the Refs have given everything against us and nothing for us.

  3. “It’s all about you, its all about you, Mark Clattenburg it’s all about you”

    Both sets of fans have sung that about him this season.

  4. I liked “You’re Just a **** with a whistle”

  5. Are these referees answerable for poor performances to anyone??

  6. The people they are answerable to are just as bad,for years the rot has started at the top and not just in FIFA,
    The problem is bigger then the refs we have now,yes we can replace these and the next tier are just as bad,
    The game needs to bring in all modern technology that can help have a school to train Young untarnished refs fit with good eyesight,
    The rules need looking at such as off side, diving,the 4th official needs a watch that only adds time on for genuine reasons,
    Then there needs to be a panel of real experts that look at incidents after the game plus when the game stops the manager of each team should be able to challenge decisions much like tennis so bad decisions can be altered,
    Yes it stops the flow of football but it also stops wrong decisions and refs will think before making bad ones when 35,000 watch them make parts of themselves

    • Thanks bubs.I was wondering why the same ones get games all the time no matter how incompetent they are at refereeing.

  7. No doubt it won’t be overturned as it was the referees golden boy that produced it? Another game all about Clattenburg just how he likes it.

  8. According to the Mail we’re not appealing the red card.
    ” Bilic, who will not appeal the red card, added: ‘It’s four points (dropped) in two games. But we will keep fighting, we will bounce back”

    • Ah the Daily mail where out ITK’s pick up their transfer gossip and recycle as their own saying that where has Mystic Bradders vanished to with his pearls of wisdom?

  9. The game needs the same system as rugby ! When play stops so does the clock , simple, in the meantime a decision is made to the incident , even the off the ball ones ! This would revolutionise football , it would also take away the power from the favourable FA and their henchmen , the refs ,
    The question is , do they want to relinquish that power for the good of the game ? I think not

    Here’s a question for our Tory wag ? If we stay in Europe will the club be able to sue the ref for lack of profit , which could be millions by the way ! ,using the TTIP agreement which has been designed by big corp to basically screw country’s!
    As missing out on Europe and TV money seriously damages the clubs income / profits !!

  10. Don’t see the difference John,it’s their job and now they get paid,if someone did something wrong in there job that caused you to loose income and you have the prof we have then you could take them to a small claims court ot further ,
    Now that would be good if Clatterbung was hit with a couple of million as his share and a few other refs,for us missing out on Europe
    What’s the difference with that and Sheffield ripping us off over a bit of rule breaking,
    Because that is what he did broke the law by sending an innocent man to the changing room,
    Bring on judge Matte with QC Tyson 32,000 witnesses

  11. Ha ha , hire em immediately !!
    The reason I mentioned the TTIP agreement is that its carved in stone !!! Literally, I mean anything done behind closed doors is perfectly legal ,
    I rest my case , and I would like to put forward my application for the vacant chief prosecutors advisor ! Salary negotiable , zero hour contract acceptable with green shield stamps and l v,s in place for expenses ?
    I’ve also had a word with junker over a few Stella’s to have you as the residing judge !

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