Leroy reckons Irons can prove Pardew wrong

Alan_Pardewctrue-faithdotcodotukAlan Pardew has told Sam Allardyce he has a real problem breaking through the glass ceiling between West Ham and the top five or six clubs.But ClaretandHugh pundit Leroy Rosenior reckons its Sam’s job to breed the self belief necessary into the team to do just that.

Pards and Allardyce have both Newcastle and the Irons pressure in common as they head into tomorrow’s lunchtime clash at the Boleyn.

Pardew said: “Sometimes it’s difficult when you’ve got a glass ceiling above you to try to break through to the top four or five clubs.

“That period underneath becomes a bit frustrating for fans, particularly if you are out of the cups.

“Fans want to win something as well and I think this is probably an important game for West Ham to try to stay with that little pack.”

LeroyLeroy believes, however, that the Hammers are already a top six club but that they simply aren’t believing it which is why they are drawing matches they should win.

He said: “It’s up to Sam to convince them of that and more than capable of competing among the top six. They have enough to upset any of them.

“Tomorrow’game won’t be easy, none are but the Hammers need to start winning and gaining that self belief. What they musn’t do is to back off when they are leading…we have seen that can be fatal.”




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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

30 comments on “Leroy reckons Irons can prove Pardew wrong

  1. I agree Leroy that we are good enough if we can keep our best 11 on the pitch,
    The problem is we are a bit thin after that but that’s against a top 6 side on Saturday the rest of the squad are good enough if we don’t pick up 3 points on Saturday that’s our season up in smoke,
    We should be able to win and the proper way entertaining and exciting with a little bit of other stuff for conker because of the eye site sorry I mean sight,that’s the other thing we park our trailers on ( sorry conker that’s a nother name fo a caravan )

  2. I believe it’s not the team that backs off but a necessity because of Sams’ unbelievable substitutions which cause the team to drop back.
    He takes off offensive players for defensive ones , trying to hold on to a lead instead of changing like for like and continue to play the same way for all the 90 minutes.
    It’s Sam who has lost us so many points, we could conceivably be third, looking at the draws we should have turned into wins.
    Sams’ fault not the players.

    Sam must go


  3. Well it was proved in stats we back off.We are joint 2nd bottom with Hull in goals scored after 76mins.That can only point to a less attacking approach near the end of a game.That is clearly because of Sams hang on to what you got,respect the point thinking.Trouble is that we have conceded numerous amounts of goals doing this defence getting deeper approach.Thats a fact even Flowerpot will have trouble arguing against.Stats can do anyrthing but i think these clearly show the approach we have to a game late on & its costing us points.

  4. 2 goals we have scored this season after 76mins,2 f**king goals.Unbelievable.How many have we conceded late on though!

  5. For a sixth of the match we are not out there.Not as an attacking force anyway.

  6. Tyson, your faith is weak… the sacred scrolls say that a big sophisticated man can guide us to a big temple called “Olympic Stadium” and that in 3013 we will win a competition called “Premier League”. You just need to have patience, everything is already written…

  7. Sorry ,I forgot to say that we will win thanks to him, he’ll be there.

  8. 3013 mattee he is going to be massive,
    By then he will be able drink while singing bubbles,
    And walk on water by then there be temples all over the world where ever a caravan will travel with the 2 deciples St matte and st conker spreading the word.
    See Matte i believe just a matter getting Rads and Tyson to convert,
    Rads will be easyer he is a new man uses gel and everything.

  9. Thats good to know Matt,my faith is restored in Big Sam.Thanks to you & Conkerpot®.I know tomorrow over the ground a rainbow will appear from behind a cloud with Sams face on it & the rainbow will reach down into the goalmouth guiding Nolan past 4 defenders & he will fire the ball past the goalkeeper to score the winning goal & completing his hatrick.I believe Matt,i am converted to Samaism 😉

  10. Good name Tyson that compleats the faith Samaism,what do you think matte ?
    Don’t have many rainbows out here Tyson no rain,
    But then the caravan don’t get stuck much,not sure I am up to this sort of life,fancy hot water and try that gel stuff,
    Think I will move back to England get one of those council house things and try those benefits.
    Farage and his cohorts ( conker ) don’t like us Euro types and the benefits are crap here.

  11. I like the fact that West Ham are even mentioned in the same breath as “top six” considering where we were only a few short years ago. Of course we always want more don’t we? That’s human nature I guess.

  12. Sack Sam and move on into the top six.lose tomorrow and it proves the point

  13. We were in the top 2 once and then a traitor left for money reasons and the our best players left for money and family connections,
    I know you will misread this conker and say that will be what happens if the second coming leaves with his boys Kevin and Andy,but no matte has promised there will floods famine or plague if we part with BFS,
    You have to believe as well Conker there are more than one God,
    Chelski have Marinio,Utd had Ferguson Arsneal have Wenger and Liverpool once had a old God called Paisley then Dalglish actually they had a lot there a bit like budist,

  14. No conkerpot®,you are the voice of treason 😉

  15. This is going to be hard matte now 32 has lost the faith but rugby iron sounds like a true believer,
    Ungodly would be if you made a idol of BFS just like Budha,
    But they can put a statue outside his next clubs stadium, be nice for the fans to pass in the championship and point and pass comment that’s the bloke who used to be the manager of the premier champions in that beautiful stadium in London.
    I am a believer in non samisen sorry Matte can’t change I tried but just looked at some of the past 10 games.

  16. Maybe we should get Di Canio in as manager.Conker® would approve of an Italian manager now he has formed a bond with Italy after his caravan adventure round it 😀

  17. No Conker®,i escaped from Sams religious sect before he brainwashed me.I hope one day you can also find the path to freedom 😉

  18. No problem bubs, now I’ve losty faith too… Conkersaurus just a question. Do you live in 2015 or in middle ages? Reading your comments I always notice references to the past. Do you know that cars exist? Football has changed, people have changed, that’s human nature as hou wrote before.

  19. tysonm if you are on the path to paulodicanioism you should understand that paulo though a great prophet was more known for his great belief and skills as a warrior than for his deep thinking.

  20. Angry??? Ahahaha… Ok conkerpot, I suggest you to come back to Sicily. You should study better my language, you are not as well-prepared as football…

  21. Would have thought fumi was more to do with smoke isnt it.But i am not a man to doubt your wisdom Conker® 🙂

  22. I am going leave you all now thanks for a great day we are 1 hour in front out here at the site,time to head for the bar and therapy sorry Conker bottle of beer in one hand sitting with some real believers of entertainment Spanish football,bit of tapas more beer more entertainment then I have to explain in Spanish what long ball football is and explain how not all english clubs play that way,not easy after Man City v Barca and they hate Barca here,
    But let’s hope BFS picks the right starting 11 tomorrow sorry conker no Nolan,

  23. Yes Tysonm you may be right about blowing smoke up his own … No I won’t go there… You led me into the path of temptation tysonm but I shall not go there.

  24. Yes bubs Have a beer for us. You won’t destroy my faith with your non use of nolan threats I’m afraid.

  25. It’s impossible, if Nolaninho doesn’t play tomorrow I will not have fun… He’s our ace.

  26. Sorry dad

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