Leroy: “Sam has ridiculed West Ham’s history”

LEROY (1)I know Sam Allardyce and I’ve always believed him to be an okay guy who knows the game of football inside out and backwards.

But after reading some of the stuff he’s come out with in his book this week  I need to get things off my chest because  he’s out of order.

He was paid a fabulous wage by West Ham, did a job for them, and apparently left amicably having decided himself he wanted to call it a day.

Yet from the way he’s been carrying on  you would have though he’d been given the sack  and it really isn’t good enough to say: “Oh he has a book to sell.”

He has again been mocking the “West Ham Way” and is still claiming he doesn’t know what it is which is ridiculous. Of course he does. It’s about playing with style and panache, getting the ball down, moving it quickly through midfield and getting an end product.

Sam knows the West Ham way of playing as well as anybody else. ”

It’s the way the West Ham Academy down the years has brought players up to play, as described above. We all know the “Sam Allardyce Way” and that we didn’t want much more of it.

But look how upset he gets when people criticise his way of playing. If  he doesn’t want criticism of that he shouldn’t hand it out on ours!

When he keeps on as he has been he is simply ridiculing the club and its history and I find that very disappointing.  Add into that his decision to call our fans “delusional” and it’s easy to understand why many, probably most, wanted him to move on. 

He has a new job and he’d  be better off concentrating on that. He really hasn’t helped himself this week with the serialisation.

He needs to move on. Everybody else has!  I haven’t a clue why he’s decided to unload like this but it hasn’t been good at all!

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

23 comments on “Leroy: “Sam has ridiculed West Ham’s history”

  1. The geezer is a total w#nker,always has been,always will be.A humungous bellend of epic proportions.

  2. ‘Alwyas believed him to be an ‘okay’ guy’,lol.When people refer to someone as an ‘ok’ guy it is usually only one step up from thinking the guy is a b*stard,haha.Why didnt you not just say what you ment Leroy.Dont worry Fatty wont catch you in a foot race around the BBC corridors,his big head wiill get wedged in one of them 😉

  3. I have never understood Hippo denying his knowledge of the west ham way.I am damn sure when he first arrived he told the press he would try to get us playing the west ham way.Maybe i was dreaming but im convinced he did at some point.Then further down the line he denied any knowledge of what it was.Mind you he is the master of contradictions & turning the tide on history when it comes to what he has said or done 😉

    • You’re not dreaming Lama, he did say it, back in 2011 I think. He’s contradicted himself countless times on the subject over the last 4 years. Knowing it, not knowing it, then the latest in giving an incorrect example of thinking he did know it all the while believing it hampered the club/fans by clinging on to it. He’s probably gone too far by bringing it up again.

      • Ahh ok,cheers,yep i was sure he had mentioned it when he first pitched up but wasnt 100% he had.Oh well,i guess he can go trample over Sunderlands history now,not my problem 😉

  4. When you get old like hippo and the old brain starts its first dementia trip,it’s time to take a job in the north east,( bingo )
    I hope there is not a Sunderland Way,or if there is its very slow so Young Kev can fit in,
    What is hard to understand is how many ex pro,s back the idiot up,
    Never mind we are past that bad time in our clubs history and a part from a few bakers on wetpants the fans are enjoying life
    Can’t wait for the paper to tell us what hippo invented next

  5. I did actually hear he invented The Arrow & during the Battle of Agincourt the English Archers could be heared to shout ‘Respect the point’ as they let fly at the French Archers.They then used to cup their ears waiting to see if there was a response.If no reply came back they had killed them,all thanks to Hippos latest ground breaking invention 😀

  6. Well said Leroy. Move on and shut up BFS. You did a solid job, we’re grateful for that, but no need to take the p*ss because you claim not to understand the culture. The fans and Super Slav do and that’s what counts. COYI

  7. Nothing would surprise me when it comes to Hippohead.Im sure the man can walk on water Rad,lol.Obnoxious person,i saw that he is already doing what he indirectly does best,getting fans of the same club arguing with eachother.Had a wee squint on a Sunderland Site when i was bored & there was already a Pro/Against battle going on,lmao.I kid you not,it was there in black & white,lol

  8. Should have kept Avram Grant.We might be playing in League Two by now but we wouldn’t have had to put up with this odious man still haunting us 😉

  9. bitter old men i would not give him the time of day anymore it is becoming boring boring boring

  10. Who gives a monkeys what he says or thinks,he’s at another club,move on for f**k sake !!

  11. As long as he gives it we give it back !! No quarter !!!!!
    Get them archers ready !

  12. Two ? 1 why is your site so error prone. I sometimes have to put in my password and user name about six times before it accepts it.
    2 Why are both our ex-managers and more than a few of our fans so obsessed with each other.
    Both Harry and now Sam can’t stop writing about us and fans can’t stop responding. Why give a toss. They are history and we are a different team.
    My old boss had a standard reply to irrelevant rubbish. It was “frankly, who gives a sh…t”

  13. Thanks Leroy, great post. Got to admit I’m mystified by all this, ‘Get over it, he’s history’ nonsense. It’s current. Our recently departed manager is all over the press, slating our club’s philosophy, our fans and the Directors who saved us from the brink of insolvency. There’s little about us he hasn’t slagged off. Ok he did what was asked of him, but when someone gives you a job, doing it is the least anyone should expect. So glad he’s gone and though I have great respect for Sunderland FC and Maccams everywhere, got to say I can’t wait to see them crash and burn.

  14. Maybe Mrs Fat-Face Hippo shouldn’t read this article as it mainly negative stuff about her useless husband

  15. The best way to shut him up is to make sue we beat him when he come to upton park make sure the players know it as well

  16. He could try walking in lochness with two bricks in his pockets!! He’s just made another enemy?? How many is that now?? I think it might be easier to count his friends ?? I know one ,answers on a postcard or disquis.

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