Leroy: Soaraway Irons set to achieve anything!

leroylogoI simply don’t know where this is going to end and I have no idea what represents success as far as these incredible Irons are concerned.

Is it top six, top four, a long Euro campaign – an FA Cup victory? I have no idea. None… because game on game they are reaching higher and higher highs.

Who knows where this is going to end and those of us alive to see it are enjoying the greatest moment in the history we can remember of our great club.

It’s the greatest soaraway success most of us can remember and quite frankly we are looking like a team that could achieve anything.

Of course it all comes down to Slav. He has produced a team which can play a variety to systems but more important is that every player is  capable of adjusting to whichever of them he decides to play.

Every single one of them out there looks comfortable and for Slav to have done this within a few months and to be improving the players with every successive match is an extraordinary achievement.

Make no mistake about what I’m saying. They are all becoming much better players with every successive game – EVEN DIMI PAYET. Slav is improving them all.

Yesterday at Everton showed us everything we need to know about this squad. The kids on the bench are looking in awe at a team that won’t lie down. The kids on the bench watching look on and know how high the bar has been set  and the expectations. How good is that!?

Claudio Ranieri will probably get Manager of the Year but for me Slav is right up there with him because he has had to deal with a massive injury crisis and but for that we may be chasing Leicester for the title.

What next? Who knows?

But I’ll tell you this we are becoming one of the truly great sides and clubs in this country and we must relish every single moment.



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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

3 comments on “Leroy: Soaraway Irons set to achieve anything!

  1. Is there a young manager of the year ?
    If not start one,
    I believe every player on that pitch can be what ever he wants but he must believe in the club the manager and each other,
    Non of the top teams have a Messi or Ronaldo so each of the young teams like ourselves Leicester,Watford Palace Bournemouth can go out there and beat them by believing and playing good football,for to long teams have given to much respect to the top 6 and are beaten before they start,
    It proves if you work hard pull togeather nothing is not achievable
    Bang on Leroy

  2. Let’s be honest if we had Lukaku or Kane for that matter, possibly even a fit striker of those we have started the club judging but Sakho’s goal and assist yesterday, we would now be comfortably in the top 4 rather than hovering below.

  3. nice piece Leroy.

    like Bubs says the top 6 are losing their privileged position of respect. I wonder if that’s the reason they are once again discussing leaving the Prem to create a Euro super league. If they do that I hope it dies a death.

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