LEROY: The most critical appointment in our history

LEROY (1)West Ham should go all out for Jurgen Klopp and break the bank to get him if they have to.

The board are making the most critical appointment in the club’s history and they have to get the best man out there – the German is that man.

I don’t think there is any doubt at all that the two Davids are doing everything they can to make sure they get a quality manager Β but with it now appearing both Rafa Benitez and Carlo Ancelloti are out of the running, Klopp is the man.

They were absolutely right to allow Sam Allardyce to move on. The football wasn’t what was wanted at this club of course and I’m now encouraged they are taking their time.

It demonstrates that they aren’t ready to take the first average to good manager who comes along – they want the best and aim to get him.

Some have criticised them for not having a manager in place ahead of allowing Sam to leave but life doesn’t always work like that in football.

I have no criticism on that level at all. They are taking their time and quite right too. The fact that we are qualified for the Uefa Leagu is neither here nor there.

For my money it’s an irrelevancy. There’s no cash to be earned from it nor are we likely to win it so the priority is the Premier League and making sure we have a manager of the highest calibre. Put the younger players out in those Euro qualifying rounds.

If that takes until July so what? Β This appointment is absolutely key to everything that West Ham is about in the 21st century and I’m trusting the bosses to get it right. That means not rushing.

For me the bloke we want is Klopp.


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21 comments on “LEROY: The most critical appointment in our history

  1. Yes, I agree for Klopp (he has always been my first choice) , but if not him De Boer, Howe, Bielsa, Bilic or Emery. Anyway.
    Please Davids, all in with Klopp, pay him and we’ll be very happy!

  2. There’s reports from Germany saying he wants the Liverpoo job. I still think it’s just a little too ambitious personally but you never know. Bielsa or De Boer for me

  3. Yep spot on Leroy,we need a bit of patience.Everyone wanting someone yesterday.It aint going to happen like that.People concerned about our targets going elsewhere all week.Well none of them have actually gone to another club yet.Ffs,some are still only just finishing their seasons with their respective clubs.

  4. If Klopp, it would be like if the fans had fallen asleep in the Stone Age and they woke up inside a flying car… lol

  5. I dont agree with waiting all summer, Know who you want and go out and get him. If you wait around for 1 guy all summer its a massive gamble…. all the other good candidates will slip through our fingers and come August 1st if our big gamble turns us down we are really in the S**T

    Go and get the guy you want now, if he wants to hang on for a better offer MOVE ON while there are still great options available

  6. Haha,Back to the Future matte πŸ˜€ Is it just me or has everyone got that ****ing annoying Jameson Ad that talks to you everytime you go on a page ‘A cooper is an ancient,blah,blah,blah’.Its doing my ****ing head in,lol πŸ˜‰

  7. I get pizza hut !!!

    Maybe it what they know you like

  8. Lol,i know i know the words off by heart now.I cant be bothered to keep turn my volume up & down though just to come on hear.I hate whisky anyway.I want the pizza hut ad instead πŸ˜€

  9. ahah… yes Ty… I would be Matte McFly inside a DeLorean… wearing nike shoes, sleeveless duvet and jeans… lol

  10. You have psychological issues Matte,lol:D Yep im Jamesons as well Ty.Doing my swede in as well,haha,’a copper is an ancient, has yadayadayada’.Been on here all week for me.Need a change asap,maybe a chewing gum ad with Hippo sounds on it πŸ˜€

  11. ahah.. I agree Rads, after 4 years of Sam’s crap, maybe I need an electroshock therapy…lol

  12. That’s the joy of living in Spain don’t get any adverts,just quite time trying to work out what’s happened to Matte,
    Don’t care weather it’s Klopp or Bilic or any of the top 5 just pick one and go and get him and stop looking for something that’s not there,
    There’s no one cheap if you want the best,you knew you were going to get shot of BFS
    You should have had a plan 2 months ago,now give us some faith and get them signed

  13. You are lucky bubs, I Like Spain, Valencia is really a nice place, good food, sea&sun. I was there some years ago and three times in Barcelona, another wonderful city… πŸ˜‰

  14. I don’t even think it’s money in terms of wages to a new manager that’s holding us back.
    It is simply the competition from bigger clubs who can offer a better team and Champions League football. Most managers would go for them first before considering West Ham.

  15. Correct H,if the hippo was the 13th highest paid manager in the world then im sure we are offering the new manager a good pay day πŸ˜‰

  16. You’ve all forgotten the most important thing. It doesn’t depend on what we want. It depends on what Klopp wants, and as of this moment, the only clear comment we have had from him is, he intends to take a six month break.
    I don’t think we could get a better replacement and have thought so from the moment this whole rumour mill started. I just don’t see it happening.

  17. Here we go again get over it canchaz he is gone he was not up to it,my dog would be a better replacement,
    Do you go outside and take in that big world around you,fresh air open your mind to change
    Feel happy forget boring,forget defensive,for get respect the point,we will not get relegated
    Matte just found out BFS is only 20 minutes away it was on the news Hippo seen on beach
    At first they thought it was a beached whale but then relised it was a hippo on a pedlo
    Lads how can we help canchaz or is it to late is he on the way to Kevin’s hospital ?

  18. Canchaz is just one of lifes cautious blokes.He doesnt want to get too excited too soon.He is pacing himself πŸ˜€

  19. Well, apparently we are ready to throw a lot of money at Emery or Bielsa to lure them to West Ham. Looks like the board are trying hard at least.
    With Klopp there simply isn’t much we can do if he really wants this break or wants to wait for a bigger club. We cannot hit him on the head, drag him to East London and force him to sign a contract in a rat-infested basement in Hackney, can we ?
    As long as we get someone in who can take this club forward and bring some positive vibes and inspiration to East London we will surely survive without Klopp, as nice as it would be to have him though…

  20. I think your Klopp dream will have to wait H.Maybe in four years time πŸ˜‰

  21. H is that where they are keeping Kevin Hackney,those are his pets by the way not just common Hackney rats,
    Don’t worry H you have tried hard but Klopp is going on his Hols and I don’t blame him,

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