Leroy: This player simply has to go!

zaza2Simone Zaza is a nothing centre forward who really should have shown some sort of strong point in his game by now.

ClaretandHugh’s chief analyst Leroy Rosenior – as a former whoehearted front man for the Irons – has delivered a damning verdict on the Italian.

And he declared: “I am just incredibly pleased that David Sullivan made this a loan deal and didn’t rush to make this deal permanent – a very wise move.

Commenting on the Juventus man Leroy added: “Normally you can see something in a player after three or four games but this guy doesn’t appear to have much in his game at all.

“He doesn’t score, doesn’t hold it up, can’t bring players into the game. For me there’s absolutely nothing there.

“Some may say I am judging him too early but honestly you can tell after the number of games he’s played and he’s just not good enough.

“I really can’t see it happening for him with us and I am afraid he will have to go.”

Leroy’s verdict on the game against Middlesborough will appear later on Cand H


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43 comments on “Leroy: This player simply has to go!

  1. Let:s have a poll… it:s good for clicks 😉

  2. Antonio Conte and Massimiliano Allegri know nothing, I mean who are Juventus, what has the Italy national team ever won?

    • Fishy, Cometh, 247 whatever your name is why don’t you just do the decent thing and get back under your rock and stop riding the coat tails of any negative post you ****ing lying pain in the ass

  3. Here he goes again.AnyOldIron appears to act the tw4t.

  4. I enjoyed Anyoldirons English lesson lastnight.What a star he his.An alleged West Ham fan who only comes on a West Ham site to criticise the articles or authors.Another in a long list of idiots amongst our support who come here only to sh1t stir.

  5. Any old Iron why do you bother posting? Do you not get your daily happy pills in time before you switch on your laptop? Or are you just permanently a miserable git?

  6. Zaza is a crock of sh£t,Anyoldiron is just a sack of Sh£t

  7. Returning to the point in question i.e. Rosenior’s comments and invitation:
    I think we persist with Zaza, Slaven , the other coaches and the team playing around him have to help his game , I’ve seen every game he has played , playing firm balls into his feet , with his back to two or so centre backs right up his jacksy , his touch has been poor and the ball has been ” nicked ” off him nearly every time , then we go on the back foot again from a broken down attack . So . . . . play his strengths , let’s have him tight up on the centre backs in those situations , draw them forward so there’s space behind , clever ball over the top or in behind , remember winning goal he scored for Juventus against us earlier ? He totally ” did ” Reece Oxford and he’s England captain ( U21 ? ) Play Zaza’s strengths, keep persisting, if he gets a goal it will change his mentality and wellbeing , when Carroll , Sakho and Ayew are fit if Zaza isn’t top notch he’ll have to drop to the bench then if he doesn’t force his way back – hasta la vista at next window . Simples !!!

    • I agree with Brian, I am not saying he won’t improve but at least put the ball into the spaces so he can run in behind, give him someone like Fletcher that is used to playing that way, see if they can form a relationship. He is not Andy Carroll, he looked good at Sassuolo, he looked good against us when he played, he is being starved of service by an underperforming team. I think many are judging our new signings too quickly, I agree none other than Fernandes, Massuaku in his early matches and Fletcher have done much but the team as a whole has lacked intensity and the grit required to win matches, maybe they will prove the critics wrong or maybe they won’t but we have to accept it takes some longer than others to adapt, Payet and Lanzini have done Zaza no favours so far, if they start creating chances for him we might see a different player COYI !!!

  8. Yeah you make it sound so simples Brian but im really struggling to see how Zaza can turn the corner.For a start his heart needs to be in it.I dont know but i aint so sure it is.

  9. So after 5 games Zaza is ****? But Nobes who can’t control the ball, gives it away and can’t run is fine? Or weetabix ankles who’s sat on his arse for 80 weeks is ok? Zaza might be **** but there are others around him that ain’t much better but you ain’t allowed to say a bad world about them are you 🙂

  10. Noble needs to have some of those old Go Faster Stripes put on him you used to stick on your motor to tart it up a bit Lol

    • Oh & btw i know he is off his game a bit but there is no way i would drop Kouyate.I know the great brains amongst our support think he should be dropped but he needs to be given the chance to get himself back in overdrive.Some fans have some bloody short memories.If anyone deserves a chance to turn his form round it is him.He has been immense for two seasons.

      • Tone I agree mate the problems the Captain but your not allowed to question him as he’s one of our own 🙂

        • I couldnt stop laughing just now.The Wetpants moaning about the match thread & the people who use it.Do some of the mugs realise they are no better the rest of the week with their constant f#cking moaning & negativity.Or is it ok for them because they are passionate loool

          • I’ve just been coming back on this site and I keep seeing people saying wetpants, just wanted to know what that refers to?

        • Noble is the problem … Zaza is not the answer to our striker problems bur surely we should be trying to get Sacko fit . If Zaza is worth €25m then so is he …know which one i would rather have .

          • Yeah i remember you,you used to slag us all off & tell us how amazing Allardyce was 😉
            Wetpants is a term of endearment or maybe not for WHTID users who go into overdramatic fits of hysteria & knicker wetting whenever we aint winning 10-0 & spend all their time looking for the worst case scenario about our club.

          • Not you Bubbles was talking to SDIA…

        • Spot on GW … perhaps Noble should dress up as a mascot if we have to have him on the pitch ..ha ha

    • Sorry Tone but it wouldn’t work . I tried on my old rust bucket but the wheels still fell off . !

  11. They are more passionate though Rick! I mean we only go week in week out home and away what do we know compared to someone who watches a stream on their computer by the side of a Norwegian stream or someone who hasn’t set foot in the ground yet? There much more knowledgable about the toxic atmosphere or the lack of noise I may as well not go as my own eyes and ears obviously don’t work 🙂

    • I have cut myself off from their wisdom,insight & negativity. I stopped using the app so i cant make the mistake of going there by acccident pushing the wrong button 😀

      • You can’t have a go at the all new West Ham super snappy family appy Eddie 🙂

        • The app is great GW.I loved using it to get to this site or Hammerschat.I cant handle the swollen heads of some on the other site though.They think they know the A-Z of football.It always feels like they are in competition with each other to sound wiser than the next person.Not all but the few totally put me off going there.

  12. Leroy knows a cr@p striker when he sees one…he played alongside David “Legs Turn To Jelly” Kelly!

  13. When was the last time we did have a prolific striker who scored goals for fun? There have been so many turkeys over our resent history, too many to list & tbh I can’t be arsed to look them up anyway.

  14. Such a shame Ashton was a clever player, and a nice bloke.Could have been a legend.Although I wouldn’t normally judge a player after so few games and as the team aren’t clicking yet,you normally see something, anything, but all I’ve seen is determination, im not sure that’s enough, but if he doesn’t deliver in the next two,which are very winnable (but I’ve heard palace have a decent centre back) then parcel him up ready for Juve return. COYI

  15. AnyOldIron – resurrected himself for the fourth time – and has again been kicked out. If any of you notice him under a new name spouting his painful views e mail me at Claretandhugh@gmail.com.

    Also gentle word in the first place – can we cut out the language. We try to run obscenity free forums so ALL can enjoy. Thanks

    • Apologies Hugh any chance of doing the same with Fish and Chips/ Cometh the Moment/ COYI 247 or whatever his name is nowadays?

      • Cheers Hugh it’s seems like he’s the one who brings the Tourette’s out of me 🙂

      • Well i for one am sick of FishnChips.He has been shown up to be the same troublemaker who comes on using different names for a year or more just to have a go at the regulars.He has a clear agenda because of previous altercations of that there is no doubt..
        But whats the point of banning these fools like him.They only make another account if they are so determined to stir things up on here which he clearly is.

        • Seems like he has disappeared off the system presumably while he sorts out another username. Same with COY1 247…can u find me the absolutely correct format of Cometh the Moment. They may all be the same person of course. If there is any serious Cand H supporter there he wants to help with this write to me the same e mail claretandhugh@gmail.com Cheers lads

        • This was how fish n chips wrote one of his previous aliases Hugh

          July 11, 2016 at 2:04 pm

          • Cheers Tone. Both aliases are out of the system…can I ask you boys to monitor if he returns – easily noticeable. I’ve cleaned out as much as I can but I’m doing stories, talking to contacts, running the FB forum etc and I can’t see everything that goes on. Could do with some ‘eyes’ – let me now if you are up for it

  16. BrianIron53 & AnyOldIron -Well said gents.VERY GOOD & POSITIVE COMMENTS.

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