Leroy: ‘We are going to become absolutely massive’

LEROY (1)I don’t doubt that the Cheif Kouyate deal was done days ago but as Hugh pointed out in an earlier article the announcement just before the Chelsea game is a master stroke.

Kouyate is an absolutely top player who could in previous years have been linked and played for the likes of Chelsea or Arsenal so that shows you exactly where we are – the growing and emerging force of London football.

Kouyate_3191406He, Payet and Lanzini are all buying into a vision which saw the owners reach for the stars – they are likely to give us the moon as well if we go on at this rate.

I have no doubt they will eventually push the OS limit to 66,000 to become the biggest club in the capital and with more players coming in this summer we are going to be massive – there’s no question about that …absolutely massive.

Everybody is buying into the dream and make no mistake the shock waves are being felt across the capital and beyond. I can remember no better times in my experience as a player and fan.

Since joining ClaretandHugh I have also become one of the club’s outreach workers in the local community and there is an amazing amount of grass roots work going on as people become more and more involved. The club has got absolutely everything right – from the bottom up!

So we are off to Stamford Bridge with everything going brilliantly and I believe a draw is on the cards – probably a 1-1 which would be fantastic.

Both teams have amazing recent records and Chelsea appear to play better when the pressure is off so it will be a challenge.

There’s no need for us to list the virtues of the Hammers team – we know them so well – and were we to manage the ‘double’ over them it would be fantastic but I think a draw is more likely.

Cheik will have a big job on his first appearance after the new deal in pushing Fabregas back as far as possible because that bloke can really pick out a pass and hurt teams.

I hope and believe Slav will go with Sakho up front with Payet and Lanzini in behind. Sakho is the man and should now be match fit and ready to  hurt Chelsea big time.

I can’t wait but I say the same before every game involving the Irons this season.



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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

17 comments on “Leroy: ‘We are going to become absolutely massive’

  1. Yep,definitely go with Sakho to start & AC to come off the bench to beat the Chelski defence up later in the game.Would take a draw if I’m honest.Still going to be a tough game no matter where Chelski are in their season.On their day they can still turn it on 😉

  2. One of your buds on Wets is asking after you p45.What’s to know what you have done wrong this time,lol

  3. Yes, it’s time For Sakho and behind Payet + Lanzini. Midfield: Noble, Kouyate and Obiang.

  4. It’s is a weird,weird place.So now you need to apologize to people because you have different opinions on players who have left the club.Are they for real on there.By the way Sam.I concure,that man is a tw#t,ha ha

  5. Haha,there are some top lads on there to be fair Tone.Trouble is that if you say something on there that if you said in a pub would be forgotten in minutes it turns into an all week autopsy with some of them,lol 😀

  6. The ref does us again no contact not in the area another home town verdict
    Keown and mungo thought it was so great when they scored the pen I thought these people were pundits not Westham haters
    Never mind another week no defeat but that’s because Chelski were so bad we were just lucky again,
    I think it’s great we are ****ing so many times off we are no longer everyone’s second team they hate us and that makes feel great,
    Well played every player on that pitch you done us proud
    Well done officials you played 9 minutes of extra time gave a pen that never was hope you got plenty in your brown envelope ENJOY

    • Haha,bet that envelope is full of Russian roubles from Abramovich Bubs.Stinking decision,outside the box.I just knew something like that would happen as we got into the last 10 minutes.Seems so predictable at the supposed Big Clubs.Give the ref a sniff of a chance to give them something & they do.It’s sh*t 😉

  7. First goal 3 minutes into extra time so predictable,
    Slav goes on the attack brilliant hit the wood work 16th time this year,
    Carroll scores and we take charge
    Along comes the ref and the officials again,it’s every week now terrible terrible decision and the we play 10 minutes so Chelski get the chance of a win
    I am turning into a moaning twot and hate it but then I turn the TV on and the 2 twots on BBC must hate us so muck Mungo and Keown had the biggest smiles on there faces instead of screaming about bad decisions
    Just out of order they are supposed to be neutral pundits giving a real view of ex players

  8. Haha,the majority of pundits are twots.At least Harry is busy at Derby & Jordan so we don’t get his rubbish in the media at the moment.He has had us relegated & finishing in the top 4 so far this season,lol:-D

  9. Not really,innocent party for a change,haha.Just fed up of all the drama on there mate.All gets a bit too heavy for me sometimes,lol 😀

    • I saw that you dared to question the special one

      • Haha,oh that is all done & dusted.Sorted out.But you know how it is.Once you do that you have the pack of hounds on your back.Can’t be assed with it mate.I have had a bad week at the Wetpants office,lol 😀

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