Leroy’s verdict: Here’s why it all went wrong


LEROY (1)I’m afraid whichever way I look at it Andy Carroll has to go back to the bench for the game against Everton even should Diafra Sakho remain unavailable.

It’s been said very often already this weekend but it was shown very clearly that there needs to be a major overhaul in the system for AC to become No 1 again and I don’t see it happening.

We have been incredibly successful before Saturday because Sakho’s running pushes the opposition  further and further back and there’s no need to pump balls forward .

That’s because he creates the space  for Payet and Lanzini to run at defenders and create the sort of chances that have brought so many goals this season.

Andy plays with his back to defenders and they know he won’t get in behind them and thus they can – as Watford did – get hold of midfield and stifle our creative players.

It was all shown so clearly at Vicarage Road – neither Payet or Lanzini were at the races and that is the reason why.

People have been saying it’s worrying if we have to rely on one player such as Sakho but every team has one  that’s essential to the system – Sanchez at Arsenal, Aguero at Manchester City and so on. It’s nothing to worry about – it’s just the way it is. We need him back quickly.

However, should he still be out at the weekend then Slav must surely go with Valencia who has the pace to worry defenders. OK he’s not as good technically as Diafra but he would do more of a job than Andy managed I reckon.

Where all this leaves AC I don’t really know and I’m not particularly worried because all that matters to me is the team and the way it performs.

Slaven has to manage that situation and if using AC as an impact sub is what he decides then that’s that. If it doesn’t suit the player and he starts getting agitated well there we are. Andy will have decisions to make.

There’s another possibility and it concerns Antonio. Can he do the type of job needed when Sak’s not around. This weekend isn’t the time to find out but it’s a possibility.

Slav will have thought of that one before me I’m sure and it’s going to be interesting finding out t some stage

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  • sleepswithdafishes says:

    He had to give Andy hs chance, but now I like your idea of antonio taking on the role.

  • bubs says:

    Obi would put Valencia in the role if Sakho is unfit,we need speed and to hold the ball up
    Even Jelavic against his old side might be given ago,
    But Carroll must adapt to the change of style or remain an impact sub,
    But Noble must be looked at as well because playing 4 attacking players leaves Kouyate with to much to do in defence,

  • Michael Miller says:

    Spot on Leroy – I take it all back about you stating the ‘bleeding obvious’!

  • johnboy says:

    Pretty much the view of most I think ,!!!
    It was there for all to see’ ! But you can’t blame carol for all of it as noble moses and lanzini
    Were not defending as they were previously so the midfield has to hold its hands up.
    I personally think Bilic picked the wrong side ? and tactically got it wrong .

    Now he has a better idea going forward !!
    People shouldn’t get to critical as we are building and not established yet, that will take time so let’s move on .

  • AnyOldIron says:

    Sorry Leroy but according to TysonM you should leave the autopsy to the Wetpants

  • Dean C says:

    Big difference Any Old Iron,Leroy knows what he is on about,he was a manager doesnt just believe he knows enough to be a manager like some on Wetpants Till Im Dry 😉

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