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Let’s Discuss: Goalkeepers


In the next episode of our new series Geo sits down with Tom and Danny to discuss the goalkeeping situation at West Ham.

Is Adrian our number one? Should Randolph be sold? Is Joe Hart worth the inflated wages that are widely reported? Should we even be looking to improve that position at all?

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  • JRS says:

    It should be one of the last places we look but yes a good GK can give you 12 points which is huge. But I don’t think Hart is that GK anymore.
    I would give Vorm at shot who is class but behind Lloris if we could work out something with Levy be a lot cheaper fee and salary and think he would prove class keeper when given #1 slot more than EFL etc.
    Or we should have but prob to late now as believ . Chelsea acquired him. But Willy Cab on a free, he ended up be City’s choice when Bravo failed and as always done well for Club and Country and would probably knock out either of ours for #1

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