Let’s have an end to the excuse finding for failure

sam_allardyce_2093173cI am fully aware I have a reputation as being an anti Sam man – I wish it wasn’t the case but I have always believed in personal responsibility and owning up rather than finding a handy excuse in the event of dismal failure.

After yesterday’s game I waited with huge anticipation that he apologise for our shocking non performance and getting his team selection wrong – notably in the case of Kevin Nolan.

Instead we were told the team’s energy levels were down because of matches against Manchester United last weekend and Saints in midweek.

His explanation quite apart from making the lads sound like a bunch of wimps didn’t bear the closest examination because the same had been true of West Brom who had beaten Swansea and drawn with Burnley.

Thankfully Adrian  came out a little later declaring that the players should always be 100 per cent for every game – nice to hear a bit of honesty and the aforementioned personal responsibility.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s Sam Allardyce or our kids, honesty and a refusal to excuse poor behaviour or performance is unacceptable.

Please, can we have an end to this excuse finding…it’s poor form!


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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

18 comments on “Let’s have an end to the excuse finding for failure

  1. Adrian true hero. BFS is a coward, if things go well is thanks to his “sophisticated brain”, if West Ham loses he finds pathetic excuses and it’s never his fault: poor phisycal condition, injuries, period full of matches, etc. Was West Brom on vacation at this time? I don’t think so…

  2. Careful what you say Hugh,if you make these statements you will be proclaimed by the Sam sycophants to know nothing about football.Just moaning for moanings sake & not having the real interests of West Ham at heart.It seems on here if you question Sam or his managerial abilities you are not just an anti Sam man but also anti West Ham in some blinkered fans eyes 😉

  3. Agreed Hugh,this is why i speak of a man with no humility or grace & certainly no sophistication.The Hull game was a prime example of basking in his own glory.He sets the team up wrong,changes it at half-time to the way it should have been from kick off & then tells the media & watching public how it was his decision to change the formation at half-time that led to the second half performance.He is always willing to take all credit,never willing to take the blame.If he held his hands up to mistakes sometimes im sure people will appreciate him more,but simply he will not do this.His ego doesnt allow it.

  4. As I listened to Brendan Rodgers speaking about his resurgent Liverpool team after the Palace game how I wished Sam A could speak in such terms. Rodgers was able to refer to his team’s “resilience and character”, two qualities that are definitely missing from the Hammers’ team. There are times when you have to get your head down and work your socks off in a game, but I find our team prefers to go into surrender mode when the going gets tough. Please, please, say ‘thank you and goodbye’ to Sam A at the end of this season and replace him with a tough-talking, younger manager who understands the work ethic of the modern game, and sets his team out accordingly. Yours, in deep frustration.

  5. A lot of the injuries he uses as excuses are brought on by his style of play inviting opponents onto the defence meaning they have to put their bodies on the line more often, early season when we were playing more attacking football the few injuries were spread evenly, since Nolan & carroll have been back & the style has become more negative & defensive most of the injuries are in the back four as they were last season.

  6. HUGH you are wasting your time,The man acts like he is a big man,talks like he is a big man,but all he is is a very large man ( ok conkerpot ) ,
    Time to move on to the next game and see if the man is for turning if not then have the 2 Daves got the cojones ( balls to you conkerpot ) to remove our irritation.

  7. got to get rid of he ,s not a premiership manager championship at best no tactics dont know how to set the team up obssessed with nolan leaves better players on the bench so he can put him in, obssessed with long ball and thinks hes good enough to manage barcelona .

  8. The simple fact is that he blames fatigue & tiredness but of the players on view in the last three games only Cresswell,Kouyate,Tomkins & Downing played every minute of the three matches.To trot this excuse out for such an inept performance was total garbage.Im sure that WBA had just as many if not more players who played all three matches in a week.Ok we had a player sent off on wednesday but come on,grow a pair Sam,just for once hold your hands up & take the medicine.

  9. Every manager worth his salt has to have a plan B Whether it is to change a formation or player mid match or to make sure he has enough quality cover when injuries strike or players are not performing.The fact is Sam is picking certain players who are woefully off the pace this season.Nolan and Noble are prime examples.The midfield desperately needs an injection of pace and craft as it is so static at the moment that the pacey front 2 are either getting no service or when they do they are immediately swamped.We can all see it why cant Sam.?

  10. This man who calls himself sophisticated lost any little respect i had for him when he mocked the ‘West Ham Way’ of playing football.Ok maybe we are idealists,craving something that isnt really there or hasnt been for a while.But any sensible decent man would have known what this ideal means to the fans of our club.He would have bitten his tongue & realized there was a line he didnt need to cross.But no,his big mouth,ego & need to be a know-it-all ment he couldnt just leave it alone.I will never have a single feeling of gratitude towards this guy,no matter what he does.He plays the game,does what he has to & picks up his huge wage.When he leaves our club im sure he will again show how classless he is when he finds it impossible to not belittle our club & supporters.I just know it will happen.

  11. Unlike you Hugh, I was not an anti-Sam man at the beginning. I didn’t sign the famous petition because I felt he deserved a chance to lead the new team we had put together.
    But once I saw where he was going with the team when Carroll and Nolan came back, it became obvious that he had reverted to type and was going to continue with those two as his key layers at the expense of the rest, then I changed and have been writing about this since the new year.
    I think now is the time to start up that petition so it is in full swing by season end.

  12. Like every other West Ham fan we are hoping that Sky Sports News will break the news in the morning that we have all been waiting for “West Ham have sacked BFS”. FFS David’s what more do you want to put the players and fans through this season. Get this man out now before we have no more reason to attend games this season. We wont make Europe with this manager in charge so you have nothing to lose.

    • I’m with you John but I suspect the owners don’t want to pay out BFS. I am positive if Allardyce is told to sling his hook he will attempt to sue the club.As Rugby always says he is over paid as it is.

  13. Let us hope at the end of the season the board get rid of this tiresome man

  14. Fatigue again come on SAM give us something new ?

  15. I read in the mail this morning that Sam thinks he can win the fans back over, sorry Sam you will not , you have treated the fans with no respect the only person who knows anything is you , sorry mate you will never win me or friend over.Please Davids get rid

  16. If you take the football side of things out of it i really do find Allardyce a quite loathsome guy.Im not a person to look to the past,but when i think of some of the ‘Gentleman’ managers we have had over the years representing our club,as the man at the helm in the media Allardyce is an embarasment.His crass remarks,lack of respect towards the fans.Incredibly egocentric self-promoting interviews,most the time i cringe.Clearly a manager is employed to get results on the pitch but they are also at the sharp end when representing their club.This guy does us no favours at all.The day i never have to watch another of his interviews in a West Ham tracksuit or tie cant come quick enough for me,for more than just football reasons.

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