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Lingard can now stay with a club that cares for its fans

What does Jesse Lingard do now?

On loan at West Ham, he’s seen his parent club Manchester United attempt to play a role in destroying our national game.

They are a part of a six-club cabal who have conspired to rip the game away from the fans who love it so much.

Unstead they will become part of a godforsaken Super League that will see the likes of United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Spurs (how have they got an invite?!), Man City, and Arsenal (similar to Spurs, how have they wangled that?) play in a closed league with no relegation every midweek.

They intend to keep playing in the Premier League but all the noises seem to suggest that is a non-starter and they could be told to pack their bags, off to the insular Super League where nothing matters, no game is important, and everyone gets plenty of dosh to splash about.

Lingard will go back to United in the summer, however briefly, and he will find himself at a club that has, appropriately given its nickname, climbed into bed with the devil, quite willingly too.

United will be richer than they have ever been. Questions must be asked about whether they will be allowed to buy players from the PL and sell to the PL.

Maybe that will be outlawed too, and maybe Jesse will find himself stuck with a club that cares not for the traditions of this great game.

Maybe this is what we needed to get the deal d0ne. Perhaps he stands up and refuses to toe the line, instead begging to come back to a proper football club, one that cares about the supporters, one that hasn’t put greed and broadcasting deals and war chests above everything else.

We weren’t invited. I’d like to think we’d have said no anyway. Lingard, hopefully, does the same, and ends up back in east London next season, though god only knows what kind of Premier League we’ll be playing in.

If he doesn’t, if United don’t allow him to, you can only feel for the lad. Stay with us, Jesse. We know what this game means to people. United, clearly, don’t.

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About Dave Langton

A journalist with 10 years' experience of working on National newspapers, now chief reporter covering the club that I've loved since I was a boy. Upton Park remains the greatest football stadium ever built.

8 comments on “Lingard can now stay with a club that cares for its fans

  1. united richer than theyve ever been ? How many millions are they in debt ?Quite a bit i believe. And i think thats being kind.

    • It’s not really Man It’s in debt it’s there owner who needs to keep up payments .It’s like a mortgage You do not own anything until all monies owed are payed in full ..It’s like borrowing from Peter to pay Paul . Man Utd need to review the decision and not go into the New League before it’s to late .They signed an agreement with the Football League and if they break it could be removed from the League and placed into the Lowest possible position in None League and unable to play in FA Cup or any Competition.They could also have all records removed from the Premiership after all Ferguson and the players have done . .Then who is going to pay the players who have contracts for the next few years ,It can only mean Bankruptcy knocking on the door at Old Trafford

  2. We were invited I thought, in the last incarnation at least. I remember West Ham, Everton and Southampton were invited but we turned it down.

  3. What I can’t understand is what happens if a player doesn’t want to play in this competition. If all the exclusions and sanctions are applied (not being allowed to play for their country or in domestic cups, not allowed to transfer back into the Prem etc), I can see many players not wanting to go with their clubs. Younger internationals especially wont want to sacrifice their future with their national teams. Will this league end up full of aged big names having a last pay day? What will happen to players that dont want to go?

    • Off to court we go mooro66uk. Wall to wall Judge Rinder on the telly. Many lives on hold again.
      I think if these teams want to get together and play with themselves – carry on. Probably a series of films to go with the TV coverage. Carry On Up the Arsenal. Carry On Scousers. Carry On Cowboys. Carry On Harry.
      We should stay where we are giving an example to all football people at all levels worldwide.

  4. Frankly, I don’t care about the European Super League. Let them do it – but kick them out of the Premier League. Ultimately members of the ESL will make money but lose respect.
    Players who want to be a part of the Super League should beware as they will never play for their national sides again.
    The Premier League may be poorer for while in terms of talent – but new heroes will emerge. And, perhaps money won’t be the be all and end all and the competition more open, more exciting.
    And West Ham – please don’t go anywhere near the ESL at any price. Football belongs to people; let’s keep it that way.

  5. So does this mean we will get Lingard for free now ? Surely any player that wants to stay in the Prem should be able to cancel their contract due to misrepresentation.

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