Lingard impressing at Rush Green


Lingard impressing at Rush Green

Sky News have reported that Jesse Lingard has been impressing everyone in training as he attempts to make an impact at Rush Green.

As CandH reported yesterday, there is a possibility that David Moyes could offer the now free agent a short term contract with the club.

If the 30 year old continues to impress the coaching staff, they may well offer a “Bosman” to him

Even though he enjoyed a very productive spell with us whilst on loan in 2021, the fact that he snubbed us for Nottingham Forest may not make him particularly popular with some of the fanbase.

However, David Moyes appears to know how to get the best from one of his favourite players so the move could be on adding much needed depth  to the squad,

His move to Forest was not a happy one, his form tailed off, and in 20 games he only scored two goals.

Perhaps wearing the claret and blue again may ignite his career ?

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  • lokfaen says:

    Not trying to be difficult, but bosman (aka Bosman ruling) states a player can enter pre-contract with 6 months or less remaining on current contract. Lingard would be a free transfer if he joins 🙂 this is why players often get sold when they only have 1 year remaining and wont sign a extension.

    If he impresses, I would sign him. Its more bodies in our attack ad the season wears on

  • johnham1 says:

    Will you stop did you not see how he played for forest last season. Never heard such absolute rubbish in my life. Under no circumstances should we sign him based on his performances and the way he treated the club last season. Moyes is opening a huge can of worms because he is not good enough.

  • Bupie says:

    Lingard in place of Benrahma would make such a massive difference, at least ten more goals/assists per season !

  • exsoulie says:

    No way,if DM not happy with Bennys consistency then sign somebody better,not a £100k p/w player who did nothing at Forest.Maybe JL is determined to find out who pinched his Rolex.

  • hammerpete6 says:

    I agree with John on this, I can’t believe we are discussing this bloke at the end of the window for the second year running. He had 6/7 decent games for us over two years ago, only trying to impress Man U, then dangled us for weeks before ducking. For pity’s sake just recruit some promising young blood and leave these has-beens alone Moyes

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