Lingard in – Fornals out: West Ham must get this right


There is talk now of offering Jesse Lingard a short term contract as he has been impressing the coaches in training.

But why on earth would West ham take on the burden of a spent Jesse Lingard while letting a club legend like Pablo Fornals leave?

Fact1: Lingard is now almost 31 years old and a long way from the player who resurrected a failing career with a successful stint on loan with the Irons when he was awarded the Premiership player of month,.

Fact2: Lingard has never performed as well before or since his six months at West Ham.

Fact3: He scored 9 goals in 16 games (0.56 per game) at West ham. He scored 20 in 149 (0.15) at Man Utd and 0 in 17 at Notts Forest last year

Fact4: He scored nearly a third of all his Premier League goals whilst on loan with us.

I would be very happy to be proved wrong…but really?

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  • Auslander says:

    Don’t let Pablo leave, he’s a hard working player who has always produced for us!

  • Hammeroo says:

    There’s a big difference in attitude too. Whereas Lingard has treated West Ham with contempt and turning his nose up at us for a better pay cheque at Forest, Fornals has worn his heart on his sleeve for our club and has been a real hero at times. Pablo is also in very good form right now. We should not be selling our Spanish Cockney at all!

  • Dutch Courage says:

    I agree 100% with your sentiments but sadly this will only end badly. The Dinosaur/Lingard love-in will no doubt be restored. Fornals is a great footballer who loves our club but I’m sure he must and will leave for his own good. Over the past year he’s been treated appallingly by Moyes and if interest from Sevilla is true, then surely he’ll be moving on. I thought he had a great game at Bournemouth but once Warde Prowse arrived he was once again immediately dropped to the bench. Of course the hapless Benrahma continues to hold down a starting place.

  • eromittal says:

    As I’ve said before. Lingard short term AT A SENSIBLE PRICE could be a good deal to add depth to the squad.

  • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    If Pablo feels he would like to leave because he is not first choice, we should let him, as you say he is a legend loved by all of us and whatever he chooses much like Rice I would back him because he always gives 100%.

    Lingard is someone who is capable of elite levels so if it’s a short term rolling contract I have no problem with it, we don’t have anyone that plays like he does in the team so he has an ability to change games, we need players that can hold onto the ball and release pressure which he can better than all, he can also slow the game down which helps in transition which should translate into more possession because we will be building from a better platform- all of this assumption does though hinge on him being at that elite level which is tbc.

  • johnham1 says:

    Fornals is a serious talent and another clear example of Moyes’s lack of management skills. We have 2 outstanding technical footballers at the club in Paqueta and Fornals and yet Moyes continually refuses to play them together in a midfield 3. Fornals played very well against Bournemouth and then his cameo at the weekend was exceptional and but for a brilliant save would have put the game out of reach of Chelsea. He is a superb player, person and its an absolute honour to watch him play, I cannot speak for everyone but for me our best midfield 3 is Alvarez, Fornals and Paqueta. We will never see it consistently under Moyes and hence the reason I dislike his philosophy of how to play football. For me Lingard is not someone I have any interest in watching play not like Fornals and Moyes’s focus should be on getting the best out of talented players like Fornals and Cornet, players who are part of the club. From my perspective there is no place in West Ham hearts for Lingard.

  • Jimmy says:

    I don’t like it!! Formals for me

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