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Listen to West Ham v Astra Giurgiu LIVE

Listen to the BBC audio commentary LIVE

Kick off at 7.45 Come on you Irons

Ok, the teams have been announced and here they are!

West Ham United: Adrian, Cresswell, Kouyate, Zarate, Noble (c), O’Brien, Collins, Ogbonna, Payet, Valencia, Oxford
Subs: Spiegel, Nolan, Jarvis, Maiga, Poyet, Burke, Samuelsen

Astra: Lung, Alves, Seto, Enache, Budescu, Morais, Boldrin, Gaman, Teixeira, Quieros, De Amorim
Subs: Gavrilas, Florea, Oros, Lovin, Dandea, Alves, Stan

We were one out with our predicted team, Joey O’Brien getting the shout at right back rather than Reece Burke.

The teams are out and go through the picture posing routine!

As the teams are read out a certain Dimitri Payet’s name gets a huge roar such is the excitement and anticipation surrounding the player.

We are playing a diamond formation with Reece Oxford holding, Noble and Kouyate right and left with Payet at the tip behind Valencia and Zarate.

5: It’s been a quiet start but the Irons enjoying plenty of possession, Cresswell’s ball up the line finds Valencia just offside

12: Corner to the Hammers after a quick break by Zarate – cleared.

14: Quick break into the  box but Valencia’s back header finds nobody

16: Valencia breaks tries to dig out a delivery but bundled out for corner – Zarate drives in a shot from Payet’s flag kick and deflected for another corner, comes to nothing.

21: First serious Astra attack sees De Amorim put in Teixeira whose shot hits side netting.

GOAL: 23 Payet delivers and Valenica’s downward  header is unstoppable.


29: O’Brien picks up a yellow for foul on Seto

31: Astra corner – comfortable catch for Adrian

35: O’Brien injury and Reece Burke finally makes it into right back spot 🙂

35: Valencia down injured and set to be stretchered off – Maiga coming on

There’s some very serious looks around Valencia and medical team out there – looks a little worrying.

39: Collins heads wide from well delivered free kick from Payet

42: Keeper palms away an Ogbonna effort for a corner from another near post ball from Payet – great save from Lung

45. Ogbonna and Zarate prominent as Irons win another corner. Astra hanging on – Payet corner brings stunning save from Lung off  Zarate.

Half Time Irons 1-0.

SUMMARY: We have been  in total control but the Valencia injury has thrown a shadow over things. This is a very different West Ham and Payet is the main man. Most of our good stuff is coming off him and Zarate looks a major beneficiary. Lung in the Astra goal has kept his team alive but there has to be more goals for us surely.

47: Zarate tries to get Payet in but Frenchman can’t get a shot away as defenders crowd in

49: Long range rising shot from Zarate clears bar

50: IRONS GOAL Zarate – always enterprising keeps going and going into the box and slides past keeper. Well deserved. Fine individual goal.


62: Budescu shocking tackle on Payet but a minute later Collins gets a second yellow for a challenge on the Romanian and and sees RED  – our third sending off in five games.

63: Astra corner low and flat and Noble clears at near post off the line

68: Ogbonna gets forward to slam in an effort which the impressive Lung holds onto

71: ASTRA GOAL: Boldrin crashes in shot from 25 yards which finds the net via the crossbar

76: Matt Jarvis is on for Zarate and the Romanians bring on  Florea replaces De Amorim.

77: Maiga bounds forward and fires in an effort which is well wide

78: Romanian tails are up since the sending off and they are pouring forward but Ogbonna defends well from Bolderin to concede a corner

82: ASTRA GOAL: Ogbonna own goal as ball comes in from the left – DISASTROUS little touch which carries ball beyond Adrian.

84: We’re at the other end for a corner after Reece Oxford shot deflected wide

All the Hammers problems go back to the 62nd minute and Collins sending off. Astra have been after them sinceand one of the team’s most experienced players the villain of the piece.

88: Dimitri Payet named man of the match

90: Payet goes down on edge of box – perhaps too easily and picks up a yellow

90: Slaven says something out of turn and over comes the Swiss ref and the boss is sent to the stands – our fourth sending off in five games!

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61 comments on “Listen to West Ham v Astra Giurgiu LIVE

  1. Pleased to see Oxford in the starting line up, it seems that Bilic is having faith in the 16yo. though pity that JOB is starting instead of Jenks(probably still lacking match fitness)


  2. Seems the dodgy source was pretty much bang on the nose then,lol,COYI!!!!!

  3. hrm…says either due to contractual reasons or technical difficults – the programme is unavailable.

  4. using uk vpn to listen though, last bbc london radio coverage didn’t make it UK only though.

  5. Hope we can get a comfortable victory with 3-4 goals margin, so we can rest the best for Arsanal!!


  6. We will be lucky to get one or two,lol,this bunch aint crap like the andorrans & maltesers & we didnt exactly pound them two into submission did we 😀


  8. Lol,top man Payet.Im trying to sneak on here while working.This visit i made was a good one,had a goal.Well done Enner!!! COYI!!!

  9. Thats Valencia shagged then.Time for the cheque book to come out for this well needed extra striker 😉

  10. ZARATE GOAL~~~

  11. Get in there Mauro!!! Great stuff 😉

  12. Every time Zarate plays it’s more proof Sam let his bias lead him to making a terrible mistake with him.

  13. WTF…another red card…..

  14. Zarate,you little beauty.I so want him to do well to stuff it up the Sammerettes who hate him & rattle on about him being crap & he was a bad egg at qpr because it suits their agenda to prove allardyce right.Ram it up their butts Mauro.Back to work for me,haha

  15. What we need more than anything now, is for Maiga to finish off his much improved play with a good goal

  16. Bilic is showing us why we need Ogbonna, as two of them get sent off in consecutive games.

  17. Is there some sort of conspiracy going on to stop us progressing. Having got into the competition via the fair play system, suddenly ( according to the refs, we are the dirtiest team in these qualifiers but all our opponents are clean as whistles

  18. Arghhh,nother player sent off.Damn,whats going on.Not such a good visit for me this time,lol,its a stich up 😀

  19. Only this week Collins told us all how we had to stop making silly mistakes and getting sent off
    Kettle black
    Never mind we get to see Oxford play in his best position

  20. 2-1 NOW…not great…

  21. Not good,away goal,sh*t 🙁

  22. Is it the usual “West Ham Way” to get us all entertained all these years?

  23. 2-2…sigh

  24. All the good news start to this match has now become bad news…Valencia stretchered off, Collins a red card and an away goal against us.
    Means we either find a way to score another goal, or we’re faced with putting our No: 1 squad out for the replay

  25. Ahhhh,ffs.Oh well,concentrate on the prem then 😉

  26. For ****s sake, only we could more or less dominate a match, and have everything go wrong and end up ****ing ourselves over. Absolutely ridiculous. Premiership team going on League 2

  27. Well, if the intent was to ‘red card’ us out of this competition, then they have succeeded perfectly

  28. Slav didnt last long managing us before getting hoofed into the stands then,lol

  29. Should have the whole team and squad in the stands soon,
    Wet pants are going to love this,

  30. Dicksy will be giving them a good talking to this week saying ” wtf lads?, I never got where I am playing like that” 🙂

  31. Who will rid me of this Welsh rarebit? 😡

  32. Yup that was great, really great. We have our football club back alright. Comedy gold

  33. Oh well,just have to win over there next week.If we dont thats life.I will leave the wetpants to be a pool of p*ss on the floor.Bunch of fickle morons!! 😉

  34. Ref was a joke tbh, he completely lost control of the game after ginge’s first card.

    Comfortable at 2-0 but going down to 10 cost us dearly. Gonna have to take another strong team to the away leg if we want to progress but at this point im not sure its worth it with arsenal 3 days later.

  35. Oh & lovegroover as well.Another miserable b*stard.Go to wetpants if you want to slag the team!!

  36. Yup that was great, really great. We have our football club back alright. Comedy gold
    So you dont consider ‘we have our football club back alright,comedy goal’ as not a miserable,negative comment?

    • Nope not at all just a comment. If that’s negative then would you like me to pick out all the negative comments in this thread?

      • Changed your name have you? Seems like the same moaning,wise guy who used to come here under a different name judging by your comments.

        • I think you’ll find I haven’t moaned for years. I quite understood what the Allardyce years were about as opposed to all the other whiners I could point out. Thanks for your input though

  37. Cant see anything miserable at all in that comment Razor.Well not if youre a manic depressant anyway,lol

  38. Went to the match lads,we played well till Collins got sent off.Bloody ref was a bit rotten.Their first goal was a rocket,second one,the own goal,**** happens.I aint too down hearted though.We played well till we went down to 10 men.Keep the faith,dont go all wetpants boys,lol 😉

  39. I never lose the faith Tyson,those its difficult to keep it sometimes,lol

  40. This Europa qualification is b*****ks. A complete waste of effort, time and very costly in terms of injuries and fatigue. For the first time in my life I wouldn’t care if we got knocked out and concentrate on the PL. COYI.

  41. I went tonight,we played some tasty stuff before the sending off.Collins,what a plonker Rodney,lol,Oxford is going to be the dogs imo.Looks the real deal.Well like the looks of him.Astra had nothing really until we went down to 10.Got a feeling in my water we can still beat them in romania,got to remain positive i guess 😀

    • Wasn’t it Collins who recently made statements that we have to be careful not to be succored into tackles that attract a card in the Europa League competition??

  42. What a surprise,Gobyac making f*cking stupid comments on wetpants with reference to hippo & nolegs.Christ he is boring!!!

    • Lmao,you should know by now the geezer only goes on sites to make ****ing stupid comments about Allardyce & Nolan or to try to stir sh*t.Everyone on sites knows it trust me!

  43. I said Collins was a liability.
    They knew to go down as soon as they were near him.
    The most experienced player in team and he does that.
    Get rid.
    Along with O’Brien

  44. Team for next Thursday.





    Would rather see Cullen and Obiang in place off Jarvis and Nolan.

  45. Team for Sunday




    Subs Spiegel

  46. Unlucky you Southern slags,you should have opted out of the competition and gave it to team who would at least tried. I’m glad we didn’t qualify for the piece of **** competition as it’s not worth the grief. I reckon Burnley would have given it a better go then you lot. Still think you’re on par with the mighty Everton? Not even close you slimy cockney bástards.

    • Ooh such bitterness and angst ! That is almost hysteria ! I had to laugh though your animosity towards us is bordering on homicidal . I do agree though with the season we have coming up it might be in our best interests to be eliminated from this comp.. There you go and I never abused you once just expressed an opinion. Hope you calm down enough to enjoy your football again.

    • Well done Paxo,wise words blue nose.Evertonian fans should be proud of having someone like you representing them.

    • Haters are always gonna hate – especially people like you. Clearly you have significant issues to resolve, so I’d advise talking to someone urgently.

      Don’t leave it too late


  47. Wow paco. That is not nice.I’m an Aussie and take exception to your derogatory comments.Below the belt and not warranted.Shame Shame.

  48. Yeah Paxos a real keyboard hero,hidden in his darkened room tapping away crap to opposing fans,then going to tell his Benefit St mates on his own forums what a big man he is by slagging off opposing fans on their sites.What a f*cking coward!!

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