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Live Hammers transfer debate

Join myself and Geo as we discuss all the transfer dealings following the Europa exit to Astra.

Will Zaza be any good, should Samuelsen go out on loan, do we have too many midfielders and will we be able to offload a very downbeat Enner Valencia.

All this and more discussed is discussed here on the latest video from the boys over at Hammers Chat – give it a listen, its the regular passionate stuff from boys who have Claretand lue running through their bloodstream.

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21 comments on “Live Hammers transfer debate

  1. Valencia ‘downbeat’ — more like ‘deadbeat’ – let’s hope they can ‘out’ before I really do my pieces about the useless t&sspot!

  2. This should be good ?
    Nobody knows yet if Zara has come on loan or not ?
    I take it their all mediums with futureistic visions .??
    And rads needs to make a fitting appointment !
    Has sully kidnapped him and making him an offer he can’t refuse ??
    Better get the Valium and pampers ready ! Lol ??

  3. Yeah, slow down guys. Quantity over quality, give it a few more games yeah? Feghouli still to come back too and he looks to have a spark like Fletcher.

    Fingers crossed for Zaza, IF he has signed that is. He certainly looks like he’s built for the league. Has a great beard. You never know.

    Bilic does know his best 11, but most of them are injured.

  4. Agree with the statement that we haven’t bought a single player that has actually improved the team over last year.
    But chewing the fat over all this doesn’t really achieve anything. We’ve got what we’ve got and it’s time to forget the Astra fiasco and hope With Payet and Lanzini back and another striker we will begin to look more like last year.

    • Well surely that depends on what team we can actually put out Chaz.I didn’t see all of it so if they said when all players available then that’s fair,but if not then every team has injuries & Arthur is an upgrade on anything we had for LB.Feghouli for Moses,Ayew for Valencia & Calleri,Fletcher for Jellylegs & Mankini.We have improved the squad if not the very best starting Xl as it stands right here right now & all these players will be needed & I would rather have these than Song,Moses,Mankini or Jellylegs 🙂

  5. When are they going to get subtitles for Geo.I could understand Hamburger better than I could Geo after the Bournemouth game lol 🙂

  6. Loved the live debate lads.
    Agree with a few points not least that Enner is pony!
    Little worried about the amount of players we have now we are out of Europe, especially as we have so many talented youngsters coming through. Firmly believe Oxford should get his chance in the 1st team this year looked quality every time he has played. He will be off if not. Also Toni Martinez has scored 3 in 2 and got golden boot in pre season why not blood him in a few cup games? Quina also looks a good acquisition just a little lightweight. Burke is very nearly the finished article as proved at Bradford last year.
    On Zaza I think he will show Juventus that they should have took a chance with him. He has fantastic positional awareness and knows where the back of the net is but for Christ sake don’t let him take the penalties!!!
    The future is bright the future is Claret and Blue COYI.

    • I think they did give him a chance , he couldn’t take it , this guy is good but not quite Carling?
      ,its 12.54 am still no official announcement ? Not that I’m waiting up ? Just awake ! Lol.

  7. Good stuff lads I enjoyed that.It beats having to talk to the mrs so thanks

  8. Been waiting all bleedin’ day for lady gaga to sign, can I afford to go to bed tonight?? I guess we have signed enough youngsters to keep us going for the next 5 yrs,

  9. David gold just tweeted dont go to bed,he must sleep on the couch, night night going for some zzzzz zaza zzzzs

  10. You mean no one wants to sit here 24 hrs later still telling Bilic what he should have done last night?? 😉

  11. How long does it take totellsomeone you love them ?
    Maybe Daddy had to have him bed by 10.00,
    I am ok with Bilic now Stan I under stand they have a private tutor for him to explain Left and Right,
    Now we have to explain to some of the players that what ever he tells them do the opposite like a 18 year old daughter,

    • I thought it was only the french that got things back to front ?
      If bacca had come with his Columbian marching powder he would have learned his left from his right ?
      Plus the teams fitness levels would have gone up ,96% ish ,? ( devil smiley ?)

      Old girl offered a new tablet ?? ( Smiley’s everywhere lol.)

  12. Lol I know that 18 year old daughter one bubs.Whatever you tell them never works though.It would be easier to teach Jenks the donkey to fetch the beers from the fridge lol

  13. Just watched it !!
    Total agreement with everything said , but would send Burke out and play oxford, he has shown he can hack it , has his age got anything to do with it ? IMO , no ,Michael Owen comes to mind !!
    28 mill is mind blowing ! Nuts !!
    Its a panic buy ! If he doesn’t click the supporters will let him and Bilic know for sure ?
    Seems a bad buisness deal ! Its a gamble ?
    We all want all our signings to succeed, fingers crossed then ?

  14. Valencia is pony, true. But at least he’s trying to put a shift in unlike that petulant tart Sakho. How much has his dummy throwing cost us so far this season? Did AC throw a wobbly when the Davids said they wanted a new striker? Did Nobes, Antonio, Obiang etc. have baby tantrums when Feghouli and Tore were signed? No, they just worked harder to be given the shirt. For all his crossed hammers posing , Sakho’s behaviour is a disgrace and he should be thrown out of the club.

    By the way, how lazy is Tore?

    • Obiang’s on his way Norfolk they say ? Plus tore and fegouliare attacking not defencive m/f
      We should stone the pair of them then ! After we sign a replacement though ?lol.
      Loads of little Zara’s in beards with high pitched voices ?? ( smiley )

  15. Pony is a bad description for him as he does not have that ability,
    Sak will go when fit and probably before the season starts when the relegation clubs start looking in desperation before the window closes,
    The scary thing is when you read some sites and they show there side for Sunday ( the 4th O )
    Antonio at RB Reid RCH Valencia at CF Novedt and Noble starting in midfield,
    Do there people not watch our matches,are they after a rant from someone like me,
    Antonio should always start as RW if not then Sub
    Noble when fit will get the holding role and we only want 1 other,
    Reid and Valencia need to go
    Yes Reid, I would offer him to the Gooners in a straight swap for Debauchy, we need RB cover they need CH ,his days for us are numbered and it’s time to bring in Burke and Oxford,
    Ginge can cover any other Problems,
    Once Zaza is confirmed Velencia should be shipped out,

  16. You didn’t lend Zara jenks sombraro did you bubs , seem like a Mexican stand off is in progress ? Lol. ( smiley ).

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