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Liverpool could be awarded three points

It reads: “In the event of a match being abandoned due to the conduct of one Club or its members or supporters the Board has the power to order that the match is not replayed and to award either one or three points to the Club not at fault.

“It cannot levy a financial penalty due to the conduct of a Club.”

However, due to police influence over the decision to postpone the game, Premier League law states that Manchester United could not be held accountable which is a contradiction against the FA rule book.

If three points are awarded to Liverpool it could materially change the qualification for Europe with Liverpool leapfrogging West Ham into fifth place pushing the Hammers into seventh place behind Spurs as it stands.

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10 comments on “Liverpool could be awarded three points

  1. The Premier League Handbook, according to Section L.12, dictates that if police involvement influences the decisions to postpone or abandon a game, there will be no forfeit or disqualification and the points will not be automatically awarded to any teams involved.

    This means that Liverpool, despite having no role whatsoever in the protest, will not be awarded the three points. The Premier League confirmed the decision on their website.

    Manchester United supporters were responsible for the delay to kickoff and the subsequent postponement and while they will likely be fined, they will not be forced to automatically forfeit the points to Liverpool.

  2. Joke maybe they should deduct 12 points first for the super league farce. All I see in no punishment for the so called big 6 , unjust and favouritism . If that was West Ham in super league I can fairly confidently say we would of had the toughest sanction but the rest who were going to join no punishment whatsoever !

    • Totally agree……. They’ll let it cool off and it is all forgotten with in a couple of weeks.
      To be honest, I’ve lost a bit of faith in the game as it seems that teams like us, are just there to make up the numbers and along with VAR and referee decisions we’re up against it all the time.

  3. Would be bad for us if this happens. Don’t see them dropping a single point for the remainder of their run in.

  4. This guy is wrong.

    ”The Premier League Handbook, according to Section L.12, dictates that if police involvement influences the decisions to postpone or abandon a game, there will be no forfeit or disqualification and the points will not be automatically awarded to any teams involved.”

    Liverpool can NOT be handed the points and neither can Man Utd. in fact talk is underway to arrange the playing at a later date. To start rumours of ‘free points’ is childish and the writer should know better.

  5. Man utd should get points deduction regarding this game due to luck of the the control of the fans getting inside the stadium what the bloody security of that club doing sleeping they cant even control they’re supporter especialy this pandemic the f.a and the premier league they trying to finish the league as early as possible because there’s so many games coming the European championship the African nations cup the Olympics game.deducted that club 15points so at least any club in uk if they cant control their fans should get punished either big or small club so this should get punished

  6. The damage to the Glazers wasn’t financial, though ManU should be fined, it is to their reputation. The worldwide fans waiting to watch the match have had their Sunday entertainment spoiled. No doubt the owners wish they could relocate the club to Cleveland.

  7. Surely a more appropriate sanction would be to make the rescheduled game at Liverpool, or even a neutral ground…?
    While I’m all in favour of sanctions against Liverpool (For past crimes like ; getting English teams kicked out of football in the 80’s, Kenny Dagleish introducing the ‘dive’ into English football, Alan Kennedy’s goal-line save in the League Cup 1981 and not getting sent off and banned for the replay, poor sportsmanship in the 2006 FA Cup final, fans stealing other fans tickets 2007 CL final among 25 other UEFA incidents where Scallys were branded ‘worst behaved in Europe’, getting special dispensation for playing an international player to appear for 3 teams in 12 month period, who was also co-owned by 3rd parties, both contravention of the rules, for which WHU got world record fine, and not forgetting breaking PL rules for starting 7 reserves in PL game, losing to Fulham 2008, leading to Fulham staying up, Sheff Utd down and £25mil. compensation paid by West Ham….. not to mention they are without doubt the most annoying fans on the planet)….. what was my point again???

  8. If the game is not played, the TV bosses (football’s prime source of income) will be livid. They’ll use their powers of persuasion £££££££ to make them play it.

  9. It cannot be that points will be deducted or games awarded. If this was to be, we would soon see anti-fans turning up at games everywhere. Intent on causing trouble for other teams so that their club might benefit. Remember the days of pitch invasions and delayed kick-offs on the last day of the season? Violence and intimidation should never be allowed to succeed to influence sport.

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