Liverpool told to buy Bowen

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Former Liverpool striker John Aldridge has suggested that West Ham’s Jarrod Bowen would be an ideal replacement for Mo Salah, should the Egyptian star leave this summer.

Discussing potential changes at Liverpool, Aldridge mentioned, “Do we need a new striker? I presume, and it’s just my assumption, that the club might have to part ways with Mohamed Salah for financial reasons. If that happens, my choice would be Jarrod Bowen.” He continued, “Bowen has really stood out among the available players. Of course, that’s if we can pry him away from West Ham.”

He further added, “We’d have to check if he’s available, but generally, everyone has their price. Players like Bowen or even Ollie Watkins are the kind of forwards we should consider if Salah leaves. Though Watkins might be hard to secure since Aston Villa are likely to qualify for the Champions League and will want to retain their players.”

Bowen’s potential to fit into Liverpool’s setup has been evident for some time. Jurgen Klopp has been an admirer of the former Hull City player, even declaring Bowen as his ‘favourite player’ outside of his squad as recently as December 2023.

Bowen’s recent performances underline his suitability. The 27-year-old has had an impressive season, scoring a personal best of 16 goals in the Premier League and surpassing 20 goals across all competitions. Additionally, Bowen has consistently performed well against Liverpool, scoring in each of their three encounters this season.

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  • Jamie says:

    If we sold Bowen..we mite has well sell the lot …he is the glue to our club

  • Spencer Parry says:

    Never gonna happen

  • Jeeps says:

    No chance.
    The family is west ham thru and thru.
    Ask Dani!!!!

    • DerekJohnson says:

      West Ham are a mid table team and will always be the owners are to tight to pay for real decent players.Players that are really good aren’t going to play for Westham.

  • Hammeroo says:

    Somebody should tell Aldridge and Liverpool that it’s not just West Ham they would have to prise Bowen away from. It’s also his partner and father-in-law, Dani and Danny, who are West Ham through and through.

  • Sissons64 says:

    If it’s a massive bid Sullivan will sell him.

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