London Football Rankings: Where Does West Ham Fit In?

London Football Rankings: Where Does West Ham Fit In?

London is known to be home to several Premier League clubs, which usually leads to mouth watering clashes and London derbies as these teams go head-to-head in the domestic league and other competitions. London is home to 7 teams, namely Chelsea, Tottenham, Brentford, Arsenal, Crystal palace, Fulham and West Ham United. Each of these teams is well known for being great at certain aspects of the game, but they are always hierarchy ranked based on their recent performance. West Ham United is a force to be reckoned with, but just how good are they, and what reputation have they acquired in the past seasons? Let’s take a look.

League Position

West Ham United is led by an experienced coach, David Moyes. They have had a stellar performance in the last season, finishing 7th overall in the premier league table and 4th among the London clubs with 56 points. The team had a great performance with goals from the rejuvenated English midfielder Jesse Lingard who found his best form after making the loan move to West Ham United last season.

This season, the team has dipped in form with injuries and fitness issues of some of the key players. Currently, the Hammers sit in 16th position in the league, having accumulated 23 points from 24 games. That makes them the lowest ranked London team at the moment, with Chelsea and Crystal Palace ranked higher. However, West Ham United still have 14 league games to go. This gives you the perfect opportunity to bet without restrictions from gamstop in the UK as they have plenty of games left to redeem themselves, turn things around and rise through the rankings.

Performance in Europe Competitions

The 2021/2022 season had West Ham United reach the highest stages in European football. The team was on form, scoring goals for fun and defeated some of the biggest clubs in Europe. The team advanced up to the semi-finals after knocking out Spain’s Sevilla in the round of 16 and Olympique Lyonnais of France in the quarter finals. They eventually got knocked out in the semi-finals after losing to the German side Eintracht Frankfurt who eventually went on and won the tournament. That was one of the best European performances in comparison to other London sides who didn’t advance that far last season. Their impressive display helped them finish 7th on the Premier League table, earning them a spot in the upcoming UEFA Conference League, which is set to begin on May 25th.

London Derby

West Ham United has had notable wins over London-based teams, with the most recent derby against Chelsea ending in a 1-1 stalemate. However, the team has also suffered some significant losses lately, including a 3-1 defeat away at Arsenal and a 2-1 defeat at home during the return leg. They went on and lost to Brentford 2-0 but got their revenge on the FA cup when they beat them 1-0 to oust them from the competition.

Despite this, their overall dip in form this season has made them vulnerable, and many fans would argue that they are less of a threat to the other London teams. Nevertheless, there is still hope they will regain their form and pick up momentum as the season progresses.

Final Words

London has always been home to great clubs and a multitude of young talents, which always draws crowds as the teams clash in various competitions. West Ham United has a dedicated fan base and a talented squad, but their recent form has dropped them down the rankings. However, with several games to go in the league and other competitions, we can only hope that they redeem themselves and push for a higher position among its fellow London peers.