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London Stadium survey results revealed

The results from the London Stadium survey are in with 4,410 match going supporters filling it in – we are able to publish today a true reflection of West Ham fan’s updated perception of the London Stadium, one year on from the last survey and 20 months after moving in.

The supporter survey was promoted by several West Ham websites, blogs and social media channels led by ClaretandHugh and WestHamTilliDie.com.

The board won’t like these results which suggest a significant worsening of attitudes towards the London Stadium by supporters in the past 12 months.

After twenty months in the London Stadium do you believe that the move was a good idea?

Yes 22%
No 55%
Not sure 23%

West Ham’s Official Poll before the move showed that 85% backed the move, 10% wanted more information and 5% were against the move to Stratford. These latest results show a majority now think the move was a bad idea.

When will the London stadium feel like our proper home?

It does already 6%
2-5 seasons 29%
6-10 seasons 16%
+10 seasons 8%
It never will 41%

If you are a season ticket holder do you plan to renew for next season?

Already have 13%
Yes 26%
No 13%
Not sure 15%
Not a season ticket holder 27%
On the waiting list 6%

This indicates that around 66% of those filling out the survey claim they are season ticket holders which account for 2,850 supporters.

This means 550 (19%) say they have already renewed their season tickets, 1,142 (40%) plan to renew before the 1st June deadline, 502 (18%) say they will get up their season ticket at the end of this season, 656 (23%) are undecided at the moment

With 52,000 season ticket holders that means as many 9,360 will give up their seats if their survey answers are true.

If you are a season ticket holder have you ever used ticket exchange functionality for matches you can’t make?

I never miss a game 18%
Yes sometimes 18%
Yes, every time I can’t go 7%
I prefer to sell it myself or forward to a friend or family 33%
Not worth it financially 18%
I prefer to leave my seat empty 6%

What is your view on the general matchday atmosphere at the London Stadium in terms of volume and support for the team?

Excellent 3%
Good 24%
Average 48%
Poor 25%

What is your view on the quality of stewarding and security taking into account the last game you attended at the London Stadium?

Excellent 1%
Good 10%
Average 34%
Poor 55%

What is your view on the quality, choice and price of food and drink within the London Stadium?

Excellent 1%
Good 12%
Average 42%
Poor 45%

What is your experience of the London Stadium sightlines and views of the pitch from your seat?

Excellent 13%
Good 35%
Average 28%
Poor 24%

What is your experience of travelling to and from the London Stadium taking into account walking, public transport or car?

Excellent 10%
Good 27%
Average 29%
Poor 34%

How do you rate your general match day experience at the London Stadium?

Excellent 3%
Good 25%
Average 43%
Poor 29%

West Ham have been criticised by some for not paying enough in the contribution to the transformation costs and running costs. Do you think West Ham should pay more?

Yes 46%
No 36%
Don’t know 18%.

Do you think West Ham will become a regular top six club within the next five years as a result of the move to the London Stadium?

Yes 3%
No 86%
Not sure 11%

Do you think West Ham will kick on to the next level and become a top four team within ten years as a result of the move to the London Stadium?

Yes 4%
No 83%
Not sure 13%

Do you think the West Ham board are doing a good job?

Excellent 1%
Good 4%
Average 26%
Poor 69%

How well does West Ham value you as a supporter and listen to fans concerns?

Excellent 1%
Good 5%
Average 30%
Poor 64%

Full results of this survey can be found HERE

These results together with 1,750 additional comments were sent to David Sullivan, David Gold and Karren Brady this morning.

A copy of the additional comments can be read HERE

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About Sean Whetstone

I am Season Ticket Holder in West stand lower at the London Stadium and before that, I used to stand in the Sir Trevor Brooking Lower Row R seat 159 in the Boleyn Ground and in the Eighties I stood on the terraces of the old South Bank. I am a presenter on the West Ham Podcast called MooreThanJustaPodcast.co.uk. A Blogger on WestHamTillIdie.com a member of the West Ham Supporters Advisory Board (SAB), Founder of a Youtube channel called Mr West Ham Football at http://www.youtube.com/MrWestHamFootball, I am also the associate editor here at Claret and Hugh. Life Long singer of bubbles! Come on you Irons! Follow me at @Westhamfootball on twitter

9 comments on “London Stadium survey results revealed

  1. These results together with 1,750 additional comments were sent to David Sullivan, David Gold and Karren Brady this morning.

    ……..where they swiftly filed them in the bin and patted each other on the back for doing a truly wonderful job.

    • Unfortunately for Gollivan football finances moved ahead at light speed after they took over. Therefor any possible advantage envisioned was negated mainly due to not being able to attract outside investment. I remember Gollivans first presser when they appealed for very wealthy West Ham fans to come in with them as a United financial Corp, or similar. Sullivan appealed to Fernandes, but he declined the offer, since then I’ve heard next to nothing of a concerted effort to bring in a real benefactor, sadly lots of similar sized clubs have done and now we have been pushed back even further behind from where they started from.
      Conclusion, fair to middling team. Big loyal fan base, big stadium with good facilities..

      Personal opinion of L S, as I now live north of London (70 miles). It is really easy to travel to the stadium via train into Stratford Int’l. Ive been a Claret member for years, so only get to a handful of live games per season, the atmosphere in and around the LS is not what I grew up with but as long as I’m watching the Irons I enjoy match day win, lose, or draw.

  2. it may be a survey of 4410 people but the large majority of those that use these sites are those with an axe to grind i drink in a pub with a large west ham contingent people who go to games not scarves who say the ground is crap the view is crap and i will never go to the london stadium my memory was they never went to upton park either and almost all of use like our new home plenty of room in the general aeras more than any other ground i have been to and i have visited most in my 54 years as a fan never been anywhere with more toilets i think the survey is slanted away from the majority because of the people who took part in it
    as i have said before from my first game versus Everton in 1964 to the last v man u i have loved going to upton park i remember arse and basket st (locals name for t he old queens road market) the old queens pub the stewed ell stall outside ,the shanghie chinkey,kens,the oil shop on the coner of selsdon rd,the bobby moore shop the tereced houses in priory road knocked down to build when the east stand real memories ol the old ground. I dont want some 20 25 year old from romford or hornchurch or basildon to tell me of the crap ground we have moved to people who canot rember the old west stand they never stood on the north bank repelling invaders ,they never whitnessed ron greenwood invent the near post cross against citie was they there when the general (old fans name for bobby moore) picked up a knocked out reffs whistle blew it to stop the game so he could get attention did they see us smash 8 past sunderland or when brian deer hit 5 in18 mins against west brom on good friday did they see prehaps the best atmosphere ever at upton park our come back against einetract frankfurt
    So a note to all the “Real west ham fans”dont try to tell me about west hams rich history i know i was there for a lot it
    and you can be part of the next chapter we have moved house

    • 52% of those filled out the survey were over 45 year old and over 70% were over 35 years old so not many 20-25-year-olds completing the survey. In my experience, it is us old codgers that are the real moaners

  3. Yeah my first game in 1964 too. Lost 2-1 to Sheffield Wed. I don’t like the new ground & I am not a 20-25 year old from anywhere – unfortunately 🤣🤣🤣 But I could just about stomach the move if it had led to the advances on the pitch that were promised. I accept that most fans with half a brain took the stuff about CL in 5 years whatever with a pinch of salt. But I don’t think we should have been expected to see the poor recruitment over the last two years & the decline of the football team from top half to relegation possibles. In the end the facilities, trip to the ground & most of the other stuff i could put up with if I thought I was going there to watch my side give anybody in the league & decent game & end up in the top half. That’ll do me. Last season could be covered up with stuff about ‘new ground syndrome’ but TWO SEASONS of utter rubbish? I can deal with moving house but not when I move in & find somebody has nicked all my stuff & replaced it with the contents of the local tip.

  4. Remember all that and more but still don’t like the new stadium. It’s all about opinions. Because the majority don’t agree with yours doesn’t make everybody wrong and you right. I also drink in a West Ham pub and the majority don’t like the new stadium. Like i say, it’s all opinions.

  5. Yep that’s about right. The bottom line is we aren’t going back!

    But the move to the LS is still relevant to how we view the owners in my opinion. At the moment – time may prove me wrong-it looks like a commercial failure. There is no sign it is bringing the expected increase in revenues. The owners made it the key to their strategy- I remember Sullivan using something close to those exact words. So either our owners were deliberately dishonest with the fans or they made a big financial miscalculation. I am for now giving them the benefit of the doubt & saying it was the second of these. But even that doesn’t make it a lot better. They took a risk on something they knew would upset a lot of the true West Ham fan base – I don’t remember them
    saying ‘This is all a big gamble but we hope you will all come along for the ride’. Or did I miss that press release?

  6. One is a billionaire and the other is fast approaching that status. Obviously they haven’t made many financial miscalculations.

  7. Obviously not but unfortunately they are only human- so not infallible. Fact remains the revenues from LS have not (yet) provided the riches that were predicted. And I don’t remember them suggesting we would have to be very patient because it would be years before we saw the benefit. Either they realised what they were predicting was wrong or they believed it was correct & miscalculated.

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