Lopetegui: A Recipe for European Success?

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West Ham’s decision to appoint Julen Lopetegui was seen in some quarters as a bit of a gamble, but one that could pay off handsomely. Even though his time at Wolves was brief, his ability to turn their season around from relegation candidates to a mid-table finish is undeniable. That is why I believe Lopetegui’s first full season at West Ham could be the springboard for a European return.

Firstly, unlike last season, West Ham won’t be juggling European commitments. This frees up a significant amount of time for training and tactical implementation. Lopetegui can truly imprint his philosophy on the squad without the relentless Thursday-Sunday grind.

Secondly, Lopetegui is known for his man-management skills. He used to host celebratory team meals after clean sheets at Wolves. That kind of positive reinforcement is exactly what West Ham’s leaky defence needs. Couple that with team-building activities that include families, and you’ve got the recipe for a more motivated and cohesive unit.

West Ham’s recent defensive displays have been nothing short of abysmal. Conceding goals like they’re going out of style simply won’t cut it. Lopetegui’s proven focus on clean sheets could be the defensive bedrock West Ham craves.

Let’s not forget his leadership style extends beyond the pitch. Treating the press pack to pizza after a clean sheet shows a genuine desire to foster a positive atmosphere around the entire club. Because let’s face it, West Ham desperately needs a lift after the initial euphoria of the Conference League win fizzled out in 2024.

West Ham might not be guaranteed a European return under Lopetegui, but with a full season to implement his tactics and a renewed focus on team spirit, they have a fighting chance. If Lopetegui can shore up the defence and reignite the passion in the squad, West Ham could be back challenging for European glory sooner rather than later

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  • IronOnHarveyMoon says:

    FFS Simon, please give it a rest. You aren’t a journalist by any stretch of the imagination, or anything that comes close. The more bland crap you spout – the more you make yourself look like an armchair writer with very little knowledge. Not meaning to be blunt, but if C&H keep letting this bland, irrelevant stuff get posted, then I really won’t be here much longer and nor will.Any others….it’s posting an article just for posting somethinga’s sake. Not really what C&H was built on at all!

    • Jacob Miller says:

      If you have nothing good to say best to say nothing. If you don’t like the site don’t visit it. What do you get out of publicly putting someone down, who is doing what they love. Don’t you get dizzy on your moral high ground?

  • Demon says:

    Hahaha.he will bankrupt the club and run.he ain’t as good a manager as to what he thinks he is.

  • Nicko says:

    Who is he putting down? This was a good piece highlighting JLo’s MO.

  • Luke says:

    Good point brought up, though – I won’t miss the Thursday-Sunday nonsense.

  • Clever Trevor says:

    He will be gone at Christmas!

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