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Lopetegui demands ambition from West Ham

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West Ham United’s board is facing pressure to demonstrate their ambition from one of the top candidates to replace David Moyes.

That is according to the website Sports Witness who were the first and only people to report that Ruben Amorim had boarded a private jet for a meeting with West Ham. Clearly they have some good contacts and therefore I was intrigued to read their latest rumour which suggested Julen Lopetegui is demanding assurances about the Hammers ambitions.

Lopetegui has been jobless since his departure from Wolverhampton Wanderers last August and is eager to return to coaching next season. With a move to the San Siro no longer on the table, West Ham appears to be a likely destination, with Lopetegui emerging as the candidate who has caught David Sullivans eye.

It’s reported that West Ham has been actively working on his appointment for months, with ‘recurring conversations’ between the two parties.

Having left Wolves due to a disagreement with their board, Lopetegui is keen to understand West Ham’s objectives and the support he would receive to achieve them. He also has offers from other clubs and is cautious not to rush his decision.

Moreover, the prospect of returning to the Premier League, where the financial benefits surpass those of other leagues, is an ‘important incentive’ for him to choose West Ham.

The fact that Lopetegui is seeking assurances about the club’s backing and ambitions is likely a positive sign. While some may have reservations about his defensive style of play, an ambitious manager who challenges the status quo could be preferable over a compliant one, especially given the limited options available.

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  • Zahama says:

    Reminds me a bit of Manuel “We are a big club” Pellegrini

    I must say that I am hoping it is someone else

  • Martin says:

    Fonseca please

  • Merv says:

    Sorry but he is no improvement, if he Sullivan’s preferred choice I would rather keep David Moyes.

  • Ess_Bee says:

    It would be good if he shows ambition, but the only way we will find out is if he gets a contract.
    I personally don’t know enough of him as a coach, so I can’t say he a Moyes Mk II. I will just have to trust my fellow fans. 😎

  • Jerry says:

    Why aren’t we looking a home grown Managers? Surely it makes sense to employ somebody with knowledge of the Premier League. What’s wrong will Potter?

    • Ess_Bee says:

      Let’s face it, there’s very few home grown coaches in the Premiership and Championship. Some clubs think foreigners are the best coaches.
      I’d have nothing against Potter. But would Potter be interested in taking over the Hammers Hot Seat?

  • Billboy says:

    Moyes with a different accent. Same old. Same old.

  • Kip says:

    Forget the management..AMBITION has always been the problem..thsts why we can’t keep hold of players like paqueta…I mean kritensky is a billionaire twice over ..what has he done …? If they want the top four you need 4/5 paquetas ..no use sticking paqueta or any other real quality players nxt to 30 + has beens …quality will follow quality and stay……our bench in the Europe games against leverkusen, was so embarrassing..2 teenage keepers on the bench and 2/3 other kids just to fill it 😂 I mean ffs

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